Another World Escape Ninja chapter 99

Another World Escape Ninja 99

99 – Episode 99. Annihilating Everything for Real (6)

Well, of course, I’m watching all the ninjas’ actions.

“This building is certain.”

“Get ready.”

Ninjas hiding in inconspicuous places put on their hoods. It’s impressive how they simultaneously put them on with the same gesture, as if it was an agreement.

The place our ninjas are aiming for is the Yakuzas’ stronghold. I wanted to use the lost ability, Ninja-Radar, to see how many Yakuzas there are, but of course, it was impossible.

Even if they’re Yakuzas, they won’t be a match for our numbers, but I can’t help but worry.

If those ninjas, whom I have devoted six whole months to nurturing, die, it will tear me apart.

The person who killed those ninjas will be torn apart physically.

Ah, is this what it feels like to have a father’s heart, thinking about his children? It feels like the awakening of the paternal love that had been lazily scratching its belly like a lazy sloth.

It’s not overprotection. It simply means that I am concerned about the ninjas to this extent. They are fighting hard, so I won’t suddenly barge in and kill all the enemies.

Trials and growth are also important points in ninja training. I cannot prevent power-up events or awakening events that occur during battles.

I decided that the only time I would step forward is when I need to stop an “unconventional strong opponent” or “hidden boss appearance”.

There is nothing to gain from our ninjas fighting against such guys. The power gap is too large, and it only leads to a total annihilation ending, not a special event.

It’s like the sudden appearance of a hardcore player crushing the hopes of lively newbies.

If someone appears who can easily defeat all the ninjas in the village, I will secretly intervene to maintain the balance of power.

Anyway, I didn’t want to stay in a village with facilities that were worse than a countryside for another 6 months, so I had no choice but to protect and monitor the ninjas in this way.

But most importantly, there was Heidi.


Unable to hide her uneasiness, Heidi looks around in every direction.

The parasite, Zanda-Lucan, attached to her soul, as usual, did not even flinch, but no one knew what would happen once the battle began.

I could take advantage of the chaos to ambush the ninjas in the village, or there was a possibility of Heidi losing control and going berserk.

So, all I could do was calmly observe each of Heidi’s actions.

The prepared ninjas moved slowly using shadow clones.

Heidi, Hook, Choker, and Occulius, who still had a lot to learn, moved almost like turtles at the back, but even so, it was evident that the surroundings were becoming restless.

If an ordinary person glanced around here, they would notice within 5 seconds. Fortunately, no one seemed to be interested in this area.

It can’t be helped since they are participants in a special selection.


Lunox kicks down the door of the Yakuzo Clan headquarters. Along with the ninjas following behind, I also enter and step inside Orpheus.


Bigbangdaengyi used his magic wand to darken the headquarters. I wonder if he kept fiddling around in Yongjugol to use that technique.

“What’s wrong?”


The Yakuza members were startled by the sudden darkness, but the ninjas quickly took them down with their swords.

They call it the Yakuza Reset.

Long-range with swords, close-range with ninjas. The ninjas moved diligently just as they learned from me.

The ninjas swiftly cleared the first floor and quickly finished off the Yakuza on the second floor, successfully rescuing the hostage who was being held captive.

And in the midst of all that, they even recruited the Yongjugol ninjas. Those little bastards have grown up.

Or so I thought for a moment.

But then I felt a huge and serious problem.

“Why is that?”

Orphe silently moved his lips to convey his thoughts. I did the same to respond.

“These bastards aren’t using ‘Wajabeot’.”

All the Yongjugol ninjas did at the Yakuza Clan headquarters was mutter a few words like ‘Nin-nin’.

Even Rounox used his signature line when delivering the finishing blow.

Did they forget my teaching?

Orphe’s words make sense, but ‘Wajabeot’ is not a phrase used only when encountering a formidable enemy. It’s used when you feel like you’re going to die or when you’re dealing a critical blow, or when you want to confuse the enemy.


I suddenly asked why they weren’t using it, but I guess I’ll have to observe for now.

At that moment, I sensed the presence of two individuals.

From Noble mtl dot com

It wasn’t just two people, but two mana users. They were walking straight towards the main headquarters of the Yakuzar Clan.

Could they be variables?

“Wait a moment.”

Not long after, Lunox perked up his ears. This guy also has sharp senses.

“I can hear footsteps.”

Upon Lunox’s words, the ninjas cautiously descended towards the still dark first floor.



It didn’t take long for the clash between the intruders and the ninjas to begin.

“You bastards!”


Lunox swiftly took down one with a surprise attack, while Maximos killed another when the other ninjas drew their attention.

According to Maximos’ analysis, the intruders were knights affiliated with the Night Rabbit Knights.

Although it was a surprise attack, Lunox and Maximos quickly dealt with knights who scored three points on the rank table. It’s our pride in Yongjugo.

Anyway, I’m curious about what to do from now on.

Since we’ve encountered them directly and confirmed their misdeeds, it’s definite that we have to kill them according to Yongjugo’s rules. After dealing with the Horned Eel Gang, we’ll have to face the Avocado Transport Union and the Night Rabbit Knights.

Should I take a day off and rest, then lure them towards the Horned Eel Gang’s base for a fight?

In my opinion, if all the knights are at the same level as the ones we just killed, we might be able to win without any casualties if we ambush them.

Well, it’s impossible to deal with the Night Rabbit Knights today, so I hope to calmly think about it before morning.

“Are we going to attack the Moon Rabbit Knights?”

Was it not a crazy idea?!

The honey jam development began with the incomprehensible nonverbal communication between Lunox and Maximos.

These guys seem to have gained momentum from killing each other so fiercely.

Actually, it’s good. Come to think of it, there was no possibility that the Moon Rabbit Knights would stay quiet until tomorrow morning. They might have gone out briefly in the early morning, brought hostages, and enjoyed themselves until tomorrow morning.

Yes, we should strike before the opponent of the surprise attack prepares or feels suspicious.

One additional point for all members of Yongjugol. However, because of the minus 100 points for not saying ‘wajabeot’… it’s more like a deduction.

The Yongjugol ninjas who quickly made their way to the Moon Rabbit Knights headquarters crossed the fence and crossed the garden.

Ninjas who divided into four directions to subdue the guards… One of them made a fatal mistake.

“Intruder! We have an intruder!”

The footsteps of the ninja who approached the enemy to cut their throat with a repair knife were louder than expected.

With a sound of “wooong!”, the barrier was activated in the headquarters of the knights.

Although Big Bang Ddeng-i quickly deactivated the barrier, the quiet surprise attack was already a thing of the past.

Maximos took the lead and set a good example. He woke up the confused ninjas who were in a panic because of the mistake that caused a deduction of nearly 50 points and was the first to enter.

“What are you doing! Let’s move quickly too!”

The ninjas hurriedly broke the window and entered the headquarters.

Bastards, we have to work hard. If we keep getting deductions like this, we’ll all be disqualified as ninjas.

Orpheus entered the headquarters along with Ddeng-i by climbing through the broken window.

Orpheus’s breathing became faster as it became difficult to maintain the illusionary shadow.

“Should I give artificial respiration?”

“Why artificial respiration when I’m not drowning?”

“Just shut up.”

“You want a kiss?”

“You’re crazy.”

If you can’t handle it properly, then get out. Anyway, I reached out a helping hand.

“Damn it…!”

Hook was sweating profusely as he blocked the obese samurai’s sword.

Near Hook, six ninjas were dodging the attacks of a tall samurai, and they all seemed busy trying to save their own lives.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the belly of the obese samurai.

Did he gain so much weight from eating hundreds of apple pies like the man I saw in the bee yokai hive?

If he’s a knight, he must have trained like crazy, so why doesn’t the fat go away? Is it because he’s actually a pregnant woman who cut her hair short or something like that?

“Arrogant, cowardly, bastard, fatso, you, huff, will, die.”

A deep voice. Definitely a man.

Speaking of which, if things continue like this, Hook might be in serious trouble.

I quickly threw a wrench at the obese samurai’s back.

Normally, I shouldn’t help, but Hook is my friend with physical disabilities, so I thought it would be okay to help him once.

It was an unavoidable choice to resolve the tilted battlefield situation and to act politically correct.


With the samurai’s scream, a gust of wind spread around.

By now, it’s a cloud of fat, or rather, a pig otaku cloud.


Hook aimed for an opening and kicked the bastard’s throat, knocking him down. He then mounted his body and mercilessly stabbed his face with the hook hand.

It’s truly satisfying to see him covered in blood… I wonder if I should kill him more cleanly.

“Phew, that was close. Thanks.”


Hook, who had skillfully avoided the samurai’s sword at close range, expressed his gratitude to the dwarf ninja who was dodging their attacks and joined the ninjas.

“Thanks for throwing me the repair sword!”

“What are you talking about!”

That’s settled.

He left the room and entered the corridor. This place was a real mess.

“Who are you guys? Assassins?”

“Go ask Jade in hell!”

“This bastard!”

The ninjas and samurais were entangled in a fight like a bondage play by the Bondage Master.

But these bastards, they won’t give in until the end?

It’s a little unsettling???????????

Anyway, the balance is restored. Should I just watch?

“Black Bull,”

I thought to myself.

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