Beat the Boss Mob chapter 74

74 - Four Steps, Truly

74 – Four Steps, Truly

The time has come. I can’t back down any longer. Before it’s too late, you must know the truth.

“Sister Enlil.”

So Seria took one deep breath before approaching Enlil.

“Let’s talk for a minute.”

“Do it.”

“Not here. Sit down for a bit.”

Then Enlil made a face asking if he had to do that.

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She said that all she does is sit blankly and stare at the sky anyway.

Seria nodded and let out her saliva once more, then parted her lips again.

“Sit down, Sister Enlil. I have something to say.”

“You could just do it there.”

“Sit down. It’s not that simple.”

Seria’s stern tone is completely different from usual. At that, Enlil also looks a little flustered.

After looking at the saintess for a while, Enlil finally put her butt in front of her carefully.

“What do you mean?”



“… I know.”

“Yes? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“I know that too. That fact.”

At first she didn’t understand what Seria was talking about. She

She says she knows, but what does she know?

Just as Enlil tilts her head and is about to ask what exactly she is talking about.

“… For a moment.”

Her foreboding foreboding passes through her chest.

“Knowing, what is it?”

No way. Probably not yes, it won’t How could that person do that-

“The Master of the Tower.”



“… Ah.”

A sigh flows from Enlil’s lips.

She stared blankly at Seria, then jumped up from her seat.

“I don’t want to hear it. Go there.”

“Listen. Sister Enlil, you must listen.”

“No. Won’t you listen Do not. Never do it.”

“I will.”

“Saint. Now i….”

“Do you think you do it because you want to be me?”

A stern tone at first glance, a rebuking voice at another glance.

At that murmur, Enlil had to wait for Seria’s words while she stood still.

“I don’t want to do it either. I hate it. I don’t want to! Why should I! However. However!-“

Ha ha ha—.

Seria, who was breathing hard, bit her lip and continued her words.

“For those who remain. For those who left. That’s what I’m doing right now.”


Enlil looked at her, pondered for a moment, then quietly sat down in her seat.

While trying to control her trembling body, she managed to catch her trembling heart.

“I just found out about that, so… Sister Enlil. It was before you climbed the tower for the last time.”



“I would have told you. It’ll be the same unless you do something about mana overheating.”

“Keugh! Kut!”

“And feet. The left foot always goes out at the crucial moment. I don’t know when dealing with monsters who don’t have much intelligence, but when fighting more intelligent ones, that can be a problem.”

Are you fighting the owner of the tower, or are you listening to the instructor’s advice?

At first, it was thought to be a trick of the owner of the tower. He couldn’t help but think so.

But the opponent knew too much. It is definitely Leon.

If you look at his aura that he directly revealed at the end, it was a clear fact.

“What the heck, what the heck, why are you in that place….”

Have you cheated? Have you ever played with us?

The owner of the tower is clearly an evil being. Chaos itself It can be enough.

But those eyes make no sense to say that.

Is that really from someone playing with people?

If so, do you mean looking into someone’s eyes and seeing the other side?

“You seem to want to know, right? What is the situation?”

“That means… Kyaaak!”

“Before that, finish it first. A hero who couldn’t defeat the boss should be beaten.”

After that, Seria was only able to be released after being thoroughly rolled by Leone for a while.

“It is a curse.”

And the moment those words came out of his mouth, her expression went awry.

“It’s not a lie, it’s real. I am the owner of the tower, but I am forced to do this, not because I wanted to. Oh, don’t say the easygoing things about whether it could have been done by suppressing the tower. It is not a prophecy that the world will perish if this tower is left, it is reality.”


Leon’s words were a series of shocks. A mess from which you can’t get out.

For the tower to collapse, the owner of the tower must fall.

But it’s not just about being knocked down, it’s only possible through a real battle with a hero.

It is impossible for oneself to die. It is also not acceptable for others to sympathize and kill.

Only what can truly be called a battle, overflowing with murderous intent, will put an end to it.

For that reason, Enlil was saved and sent down. He raised her to be stronger because he was also her hat.

To make a warrior who will kill himself someday. To elicit anger at the decisive moment.

“… Brother Leon.”

Hearing all of her words, Seria put all her heart into it, and she spat out a word.

“Can I hit you?”

How can you be so cruel? If so, without any lies, while being sincere to each other.

Isn’t he trying to get her to kill herself after all? Even breaking hearts.

Enlil is a good man. A pure soul There’s no way she can stand it.

Even if she does what Leon wants, she will be ruined later.

“How could you? How the hell….”

“Otherwise the world will perish. Ceria. I do not want Enlil to die.”

At that moment, Seria realized. Oh, that man loves her too.

Because I love you, I really love you so much. I have no choice but to do this.

She must have been in conflict like crazy in the fateful time that was right in front of her nose….

“… Still, Sister Enlil won’t last.”

“I will hold on. Will make it last somehow I want the end where only one dies.”

“From the point of view of the sisters, everyone will die, but only the brother will die, but it will be the same!”

“I’m sorry, Seria. I will never see someone I love die because of me. I’d rather die and save the one I love. I don’t need her choice, her heart, everything. ‘Cause I’m a bad guy anyway There’s nothing wrong with being the bad guy, right?”

I will never let Enlil die. A flash of light exploded in Leon’s eyes as he said that.

It’s not a lie. That’s aspiration, no. More than that. Maybe it’s madness.

“… What can I do?”

There weren’t many options. In any case, it was all done by Leon.

I want to dry it, but I can’t. I wish I could turn it back, but I can’t.

If so, shouldn’t we think of the following in a way that is beneficial to everyone?

“It’s a simple job, but it’s also a difficult one.”

“Just hearing that makes my heart suffocate already.”

You can just say it’s difficult. Why should I say that?

Seria clicked her tongue inside and waited for Leon’s next words.


“Wait, wait. No. I will not. No, I can’t.”


“Are you crazy? Now, now, tell me that?”


“I don’t like it. Brother do it What you started, you should finish.”


“No! I won’t even die! Why would you do something like that?! No, I do not want. I hate it!”

After her scream, Seria took a step further and pushed her chest forward.

She meant that she couldn’t do it herself, so if she had any complaints, just kill her.

“… Why would you not?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? Why are you asking me to tell you? You can do it Even if it’s not right away, I’m not going to be able to tell you anyway! But why….”

“Because I don’t know the situation. After my death, what state will Enlil be? Whether he is in a tolerable condition or not. I don’t know that, so I can’t say right away.”

Seria bit her lip at Leon’s words that pierced her.

But she soon discovered another reason.

“Yes, yes! Then write a letter If Sister Enlil is really having a hard time, can’t I just ask her to look at it!? I’ll just go there. Therefore….”

“Help me. Seria.”

“I… Please….”

“Beside Enlil, please stay with me. As a saint. As a warrior. Please.”

Leone bows her head in silence. She longs for

There was nothing Seria could do in front of her.

Just grabbing her head over her heartbreaking fate to the point where this f*cking sucks.

My God. Why are you giving me such an ordeal?

Seria, who was screaming inwardly, finally made up her mind.

“… Bad people. Who is not the owner of the tower?”

“Sorry. Please understand I was locked up here for 100 years.”

“That’s why I’m helping you. Poor brother.”

It’s very difficult to be a saint. Seria grumbled so much.


“The story ends here.”


“Lion, the owner of the tower… I wanted to die. Not just for liberation, but for Sister Enlil and for everyone in this world. He said he would have to sacrifice himself.”


“Of course I know that Sister Enlil will suffer, but she still says she’s better than dead….”


Enlil, who hadn’t even listened to Seria’s words, kicked her seat and stood up.

“Sister Enlil? Why are you suddenly… Eh, Sister Enlil?! Where are you going! Sister!—”

The words of the saintess did not reach Enlil’s ears.

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