Beat the Boss Mob chapter 75

75 - Four Steps, Truly

75 – Four Steps, Truly

Run. Until my heart bursts.

“… A disgusting bastard.”


“I will kill you.”

Why do you say that? Why am i

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“I trusted you. I followed you! I thought that only you could understand me, a place where I could reach after everything was over! Just for fun?! Was it to play with?! Crazy bastard!”

He trusted me. He valued me more than anyone else. Yu-hee, yes, it must have been Yu-hee.

It was such a beautiful play, it must have been everything I never wanted to lose.

“You son of a b*tch! Don’t talk like that! I will definitely kill you I will erase you from the world!”

When that person gritted their teeth in order to save me, my people and the world.

I poured death upon him. Anger and hatred were poured over and over again without end.

“I hate you, master of the tower. Leon, I hate you.”

When I said that, how much your heart must have hurt.

Even though it was torn and cracked and blood was pouring out of it.

You were just laughing in front of me without showing a hint of pain in the end.

“For staying a son of a b*tch until the end.”

Yes. He remained the one who loved me until the end.

A selfish person. I, I didn’t want that

All I wanted was to spend a day with you.


In one place, another Enlil slowly stopped her steps.

It was a very beautiful place not too long ago. A place I never wanted to lose.

If you fail to destroy the tower and the end of the world comes.

A place where I wished I could end my life while sharing warmth here with that person.

But now, there is no place. There are no more memories or beauty accumulated there.

Because I erased everything myself. Because it was thoroughly destroyed, leaving nothing behind.


It hurts. It hurts so much, I can’t breathe.

“hahahaha. Black.”

My breathing quickens. No matter how much you hold on to it, it can’t get better.

The pain of being unable to do anything about it. This pain is unbearable.

I tried to pat my chest, but it was no use.

“Rion. Leone.”

You were only me. Was only looking at me

I don’t even know what to say or do to you.

Look down at your hands. Yes, this is the hand With this hand, he killed the person he loved.

He stabbed me in the heart, and continued again and again after that. They stabbed him and stabbed him again and again.

The texture is still vivid. That terrifying feeling piercing through the torso, cutting through the flesh and organs.


It must have been so painful, it must have hurt so much. Why didn’t you even show up?

I wonder if you were even afraid that I might harbor even the slightest hesitation.

I wonder if I hated you to the end and wanted to live without thinking of you again.

Enlil, looking at his hand, slowly raised his head and looked around.

The wasteland. Where not a single blade of grass remains. Ruins with no hope left.

It was the first place I gave up my heart. It was a place that taught me what comfort is.

It was a precious sanctuary where I was filled with the heart that cared for myself and intoxicated with the warmth.

That place no longer exists. Enlil himself, no one else, destroyed them all. The grass where we sat together, the wind that we smiled together, everything that was fragrant.


Then, as if remembering something, Enlil hurriedly took a step.

I found one. In such a broken place, there was still a hope that bloomed.

A wild flower that is nothing, really meaningless. That’s all.

Nevertheless, I wanted to believe that it was hope. I wished at least one of them would remain in this broken place.

But when she was all different, she only had a flower that had already withered.



Enlil sat down in his seat and stared blankly at it.

The only hope left, the memories of barely living are all gone.

Now there is nothing left. No beautiful memories come to mind.

He broke everything himself. The only thing left now is her own two hands that had trampled on this place and ovulated his body.

“Ahh… Ahhh-“

It seems that there is a fire inside the body. It’s too hot. It hurts so much.

No matter how much I beat, scratch, and tear my chest, this pain won’t go away.

I want to cry. I want to cry, but the tears don’t even come out.

What comes out instead of crying is just a choked sigh.

I can’t do anything. I just want to die

I don’t know what to do. It hurts so much, I just want to die like this.

Yes. Let’s die let’s die Then it will be convenient. You can forget everything

You never know. Maybe I can meet him when I die. Yes he will be able to meet.

Let’s meet him and ask for his forgiveness. I’m sorry for hurting you so much did it wrong

And let’s get angry. Are you saying that you did too much for me? That I was suffering too.

That’s right. That’s right. Just die you’ll have to die It will be easier when you die. Therefore-


Seria, who had been chasing this place, grabbed the sword in Enlil’s hand.

“Sister Enlil. Sister, no! No!”

“Let go. Let go. Please, please let go.”

“I will never let you go. Are you crazy?! Why are you trying to die! You can’t die!”

Can’t die? Why? Because you’re a warrior? To save the world?

You’ve done that. The person I love gave my life for it.

It’s over now. Then there is nothing more for me to do, right?

I want to die. It’s okay to die There’s nothing to do, but there’s nothing to do.

“Let me die. Kill me It hurts, it hurts so much I can’t stand it.”

“I knew this and tried not to say anything! Brother really!!”

The sword reaching right up to the neck is dangerous.

If you come a little closer, there will surely be a red bloodline drawn on Enlil’s neck.

No matter how Seria is, it is impossible to stop the desperate Enlil.

At this point, something really big happened. It shouldn’t be like this.

I was saying this to stop something like this, but didn’t the situation only get worse!

I hate Leon. He hates him so much as it gets better It’s a lie.

Nothing is getting better. What are you going to do with this, you?

The person you so desperately wanted to save is trying to die himself.

“Please, please… saintess. Let me die….”

“Absolutely not! No, no no Enlil! Please!!”

What should I do? What do we do? Seria’s head spins.

Then I suddenly remembered something the man had said.

“Not yet! Not yet! There is only one left! Brother Leone, Leone has one more left! What I told you to see! So not before then!”

Will it work? Have to go through If this doesn’t work, it’s a really big deal.

I prayed and prayed to the god I worshiped. At least, he even prayed to Chaos.

Please save this sister. Wasn’t it supposed to be this hard?

No matter what the cost, please give me the strength to stop this person.

Did that prayer work? Or did a miracle happen?

Seria confirmed that her sword, which was barely touching her, was gradually moving away.

Little by little, the strength drains from Enlil’s hands.

“What is that… Please speak.”

“It’s literally! There is something Brother Leone, he told Sister Enlil to see!”


“Look at that. If you say you’ll die after seeing that, I won’t stop you! So please!”

Of course this is a lie. If she said she would die after seeing that, Seria was going to stop her again.

But no matter how she said that, Enlil didn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

So she lied again. A saintess shouldn’t be like this. She feels weird



She finally got back to this place. Academy, I thought I would never come again.

It’s a similar reason for not going back to her hometown. Because he remembers

She went to the room where she was staying and Enlil went inside her.

“The second drawer under the desk. I said there.”

What the hell is inside this? And the person I hate, the man I miss so much.

What kind of pain did he bring himself back like this this time?

When you open the drawer, you see several items first. Enlil put his hand into it.

And after a while. A white envelope was held in her hand.

My heart is beating. What is this that he left behind?

I suddenly feel like I don’t want to see it. But you have to see.

That way Seria won’t stop herself from dying any more, so she has to do that.


Two trembling hands, shaking eyes. Enlil opened the letter.

It wasn’t long. True to Leon, the contents written inside were extremely concise.

Enlil carefully read the contents. I looked at each letter, letter by letter, clearly and distinctly.

After reading everything at last, she stared blankly at it for a while—


I finally sat down.

“Huh… black….”

Crying that I wanted to cry so much but couldn’t.

The tears I wanted to shed but couldn’t.

It was as if I had been given permission and was finally able to detonate it.

“You can call me selfish. It’s okay even if you’re a bad guy. Because it’s true.”

“Still alive, Enlil. When I think of you in another world, so that I can imagine you, who overcame everything, laughing and spending time beside others. For me, do it.”

“My heart for you was sincere. I will remember forever my warrior.”

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