Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman chapter 11

11.Valendia (11)

11. Valendia (11)

Sasha gave a smirk.

“Ugh~ Oppa~ Is that bothering you? Oppa is a man too~.”

Of course not.

In the first place, if you don’t care about a woman’s breasts, that’s not a man.

But he doesn’t reveal it openly.

“Because it’s open like that, so it catches my eyes. So why is it open like that? I think it will draw a lot of men’s attention.”

“Whoops, of course you’re aiming for that~.”

“Are you aiming?”

“There are very few traders who are women like me. Most of my business partners are men.”


“If men are the opponents~.”

Tok Tok Sasha tapped her chest with her hands and smiled mischievously at her.

“If you do a small service like this, it will go smoothly.”

“I see. It’s a technique using a man’s mind, right?”

“Yes! Exactly! Did it work for you too? Does it bother you too much?”

There will be many opportunities to meet Sasha in the future.

At that time, there will be times when the gaze is moved to her breasts inadvertently.

It was very obvious that it would be very embarrassing if it was discovered.

So, in order to prepare for such an embarrassing situation, I write down the numbers now.

Go confidently and shamelessly from the beginning.

He looked at Sasha’s chest and said.

“It definitely draws attention.”

“Hooh~ Oppa is like that too? It’s surprising~.”

“There is no man who hates breasts.”

“You’re really interesting. Yesterday, you didn’t seem interested in women at all.”

“That must be your mistake.”

You’re spouting the most shameless words right now.

“I don’t think there’s a man who can’t take his eyes off a pretty woman like you showing her breasts.”

Speaking so brazenly, next time you look at her chest bone, Sasha will point it out loud….

[Praise resistance has been penetrated.]


What did you penetrate?

“I, really~ Oppa is also really~.”

Sasha waved her hand away, blushing slightly.

It wasn’t that he was acting, but that he was genuinely shy.

She didn’t lie even though she went out brazenly.

But it’s praise resistance penetration.

I didn’t write it like last time because I was conscious of it.

No, but.

‘I thought it would be nice if my shameless praise would be eaten by Sasha. Is that why?’

As her trader, Sasha must have been in charge of countless transactions.

She must have heard word of mouth from many of her business partners along the way.

In fact, Sasha’s appearance is quite substantial, so she heard compliments from many people saying that she was pretty or attractive, and she must have made her deal by spilling those words every time.

So it was obvious that I wouldn’t budge at her moderate praise or the sound of her mouth.

‘Is there such a thing as praise resistance?’

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Unable to control the twitching of the corners of her mouth, Sasha got up from her couch.

“I won’t give you much for saying that. Oh, would you like some more cookies?”


“Please wait, I’ll bring it.”

Sasha left her office for a while.

Sasha is a playful and difficult trader even in the game.

Sasha couldn’t even properly control her facial expression in response to my praise and she hesitated.

Just like a child being praised for the first time.

A new piercing muzzle series that I accidentally discovered.

This is….

‘I bet it could be very useful?’

It’s not enough for me to defeat the final boss, the Demon King of Chaos, by myself.

So, you have to create a party and nurture me as well as the party members to strengthen your strength.

Since this is reality, there will be no such thing as a limit on the number of people in a party, so nurturing other characters, not just fixed members, can help.

In the first place, since we have to defeat the legendary demon lord of chaos, any force will gladly fight together.

At that time, if many characters have high powers, there will be a chance.

In order to do that, you first need to build some friendship with the gachasan characters you want to raise.

There are various characters in Lukedia Phantasm.

In other words, there are characters with various personalities, and among them there are characters who are very difficult to get along with, even though their personalities are not sh*t.

Characters who go their own way, disbelief in humans, troublemakers, or creators with a little madness.

Among the characters I want as fixed members, there are those who are stubborn and those who roam here and there for their own fun.

However, if you use the penetration skill like you did with Sasha.

‘I’ll be able to make a party by getting to know each other more easily and quickly.’

At least it won’t make you feel bad.

While I was delighted with the unexpected use of the new penetrating skill, Sasha came back.

“Cookies are here, oppa.”

“Thank you. But I could have called the staff instead of going there myself?”

“Yeah~ For some reason, I feel like bringing it myself!”


On the same day, a new method of penetrating muzzle technique was not introduced.

I got the request right after I left Cats.

Since I already had enough equipment and capital, I didn’t need to request any more requests or catch bandits, but since I had to test new equipment, I chose a stronger opponent than the bandits and started the quest.

That opponent is the Stone Orc.

An orc with hard gray skin like stone.



[You have penetrated the Stone Orc.]

As a result, thanks to the new equipment, my movements are much sharper than usual.

Stone Orc’s movement was slower than that of a bandit, but it was much easier to catch than I expected.

However, it was difficult to find a way to check the performance of a weapon or the power of critical damage.

Since it has a penetration skill, a single stabbing is no different from a fatal blow.

It was difficult to ascertain whether this was applied well as it pierced through the body beyond a critical hit.

However, after dealing with Stone Orcs a few more times, I came up with a method.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to swing the spear at the place where the wound was made beforehand?’

Critical hits usually come when you aim for an opening or attack a weak point.

If that’s the case, you can create weaknesses in advance.

First of all, if it doesn’t penetrate, I’ll throw a spear and make a wound on the Stone Orc’s forearm.

I swung the spear toward the wound.

Then, surprisingly, the moment the wound was cut, the spear cut through the stone orc’s skin and muscle with such ease.

Stone Orc’s arm flew off when he fully swung it.

Just looking at it made for a more brutal sight than just piercing through.

After that, I tried it several times, and the Stone Orc’s arm flew off about once in five times.

When it didn’t fly, it cut through skin and muscle.

In other words, the fact that the arm flew away was a phenomenon that occurred because a critical hit had been activated.

‘In case of a critical hit, there is no notification sound. No, rather, it was on that side.’

Penetration was, as expected, an unconditional fatal blow.

It bothers me if I keep listening to the notification that a notification sound comes out every time it is penetrated.

If there’s even a critical hit, it’ll be even more annoying.

After checking the equipment once, I took out the Stone Orc’s magic stone and put the Stone Orc’s corpse in the inventory.

The corpse of the monster was treated as a material, so I could put it in as much as I wanted.

After that, I returned to Valendia, received a refund for the magic stone from Dacy, and stopped by Sasha to ask if she also handles monster corpses.

“The corpse of a monster? Well, our firm has a department that dismantles it. But what kind of monster is it? Oh, please don’t take it out of here! I’ll guide you to the dismantling department’s warehouse!”

Following Sasha, I took out the body of a Stone Orc from the dismantling department’s warehouse.

“This is it.”

Sasha’s mouth dropped open as she took out the corpses of the stone orcs she hunted.

“Oh, brother, this is…”

“Why is that? Stone oaks aren’t rare?”

“It’s not uncommon. But to bring it whole like this…! Oppa, ho, is it possible to put in any number of monster corpses, no matter how big they are?”

“From my point of view, a monster’s corpse is treated as a material, unlike a weapon. So I’m sure it will fit.”

“Huup! Ahhh! Jackpot… This is jackpot!”

Sasha jumped up and up her arms.


Jumping around is cute, but why is it like this?

“Because! Oppa’s ability is literally a mass of possibilities!”

Gold dwelled in Sasha’s sparkling eyes.

“Right now, it’s just a stone orc that sells just fine… But if you need a large-scale transport team because of the size problem, or if it’s a monster, you can move it right away! Besides, it’s a subspace ability, so you don’t have to worry about decaying the corpse! “

Ha ha ha ha Sasha let out her hot breath.

“There is a high chance that rare materials will come out of a huge monster. However, it takes time to transport it, so even if the dismantling team accompanies the subjugation!

It is not a place with professional facilities, so there is a risk of damage to precious materials because it is constantly exposed to room temperature! But if you have an older brother, that can be solved!”

“I see. By the way, how do you usually get the materials for such huge monsters?”

“It’s almost a battle of speed. Put the desired material into the subspace ring as quickly as possible. Give up on areas that have rotted or spoiled over time.”

After that, Sasha secretly looked at me every day with her lantern-gold glittering eyes and asked me if I would like to get a job at a trading company.

As she continued to spend her time refusing Sasha’s scouting offer, 10 days passed before she knew it.

The day has come for her to depart for the academy.

“Haa, I mean, oppa is too much. He said he was cute too~ He refused my offer every day when he said he was pretty! After all, it was all a lie, right?”

In front of the Cats Company Sasha playfully said in front of the carriage operated by the Cats Company.

And I always spoke boldly and confidently to such jokes.

“I’ve already signed a contract, so there’s no need to accept the offer. And I mean everything that you’re cute and pretty.”

[Praise resistance has been penetrated.]

“…Sir! Really~ oppa too! He said he already knew! Of course it was a joke, a joke~.”

Sasha shakes her hand, twitching the corners of her mouth.

Seeing the expression on his face as he frolics, it seems as if he keeps making scouting proposals in order to be praised by me on purpose.

‘No, is it really like that?’

It makes me happy to see my favorite characters happy no matter what.

“Boss! Shihan Lee! Let’s go!”

The coachman looked at me and Sasha and gave her a signal.

“Then let’s go.

“Yes yes~ take the academy entrance exam well, oppa~ I will hire you even if you fail, so come and see with one heart!”

“I won’t fall, but thank you for your words. We’ll meet again.”



The carriage moves with a click.

With Sasha’s arrangement, I set off for Lucidia Academy on a carriage with cushions that even nobles love.

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