Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman
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Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman

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아카데미 관통 창술사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman

You can go home only if you save the world in the game that is about to be destroyed by the final boss.


[…] penetrated.]

The skill selected as a perk is strange.

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  1. News about this one, till 260+ chapters in Pandamtl so… Noble will not release it anymore for sure, as it’s 18+

  2. Mila says:

    please update

  3. The pacing of the story is very slow so it gave me a really bored and flat feeling when reading this as I kept trying to go through this novel which leads me to drop cus of my patience has run out. Don’t get me wrong it feels very interesting on the first part or section of this novel’s storyline. As the story progress, now it feels more like the type of slice-of-life web novel rather than what you all might expected to get out of it from the get-go. So far nothing worth mentioning like major event in the main plot where the — at least seemingly— big and major villains that could contribute to the change, progression, building, and development of the plot, characters, and the world happened throughout the course of the story. Tho, I can’t really deny that the world building is very intriguing to say the least. So with my humble opinion, I would lile to say that I agree with what the others that have dived to this novel stated already. For me myself, it gets very boring.

  4. IM says:

    this novel is very interesting
    please update noble-sama

  5. [Last Read: Chapter 43]

  6. Extra Extra says:

    Good read.

    Hoping to see more updates in the future.

  7. I really enjoyed it, too bad it only has 50 chapters

  8. Do you have “Became an Academy Spearman”?

    No, we got “Became an Academy Penetrated Spearman”

    -S. He

  9. Sbn says:

    The background setting of the game sounds like genshin except for the traditional rpg MC. Gacha characters with unique passives like reduced gold, move faster, reduced ascension mats,… weapon refine system up to 5, character lvl up and ascencion, farming xp domains with daily limit that can be bypassed with premium currency,…

    The game setting is borderline a straight ripoff (why ripoff genshin?? Its not even good), but the story is decent.

  10. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a fun story. Standard academy setting, but interesting that it is a gacha game MC transmigrates to. Side characters are well developed. There are some more game elements than normal, like everyone has unique skills, HP explained by Regeneration power, bandits all wear color coded hoods that can be easily used to exchange for bounties.

  11. I real love @Insufferable skill tree it reminded my why I adore System novels.

  12. Khuê says:

    This Penetration skill will help MC conceive all women of all races.  In 1 single time, 100% will win

  13. Khuê says:

    This Penetration skill will help him conceive females of all races,…

  14. Ok, I’ve read everything and gotta say, the pacing is really slow. It feels more like a slice-of-life, which is not my jam. Such a shame because the harem tag in this is quite good, as in there are actual male side characters that are important, and most female don’t fall for the MC that easily (except that Yeonhwa girl)


    -Refreshing MC. Did not hide his powers for BS reasons, does not immediately try to solve problems by himself and instead actively recruit allies

    -not braindead harem cast (except for one Yeonhwa, who is kinda shallow. Falls for MC because be complemented her???)

    – Males aside from MC actually exist

    – So far no generic face slapping troupe


    -Really slow pacing (in 50 ch, nothing major happened yet. No villains defeated or anything)

    – Side characters are kinda tropey (Pamela is a timid person, keeps stuttering and apoloizing every single dialogue. Cute in first few chapter, gets old really quickly when the novel is dialogue heavy. Yeonhwa keeps going ‘Ohohoho’ as well)

  15. Mr Dee says:

    honestly, it’s good enough for me. for those who concerned, it’s not poisonous

  16. RealEason says:

    wtf did i just read like 6 comments above…

  17. Skytossed says:

    @Mythical Djinn
    What a needlessly negative and judgemental comment.

  18. Jajaja says:

    Holy sht a male side character? In a harem academy novel? Havent seen one in ages

  19. I’ve only read till ch 40, but I have great news. THERE IS A MALE SIDE CHARACTER THAT ARE ACTUALLY NOT JUST A BACKGROUND PROP!!! Already this novel is loads better. I would say pretty decent.

    Also, I love how the MC did not hide his power with BS reasons. He draws out aggro from the class instead so that people pay attention to him and make recruiting characters easier. Smart.

  20. Clovis says:

    I judged it too fast. It’s quite good, and i like the characters. Please continue updating.

  21. Average fanatsy harem mc reviewer above me folks lol.

  22. Insufferable says:

    This is surprisingly great.

    MC keeps a concept but executes it properly and not excessively. He is unlike other MC’s that are weak. He is sufficiently strong and not low key at all.

    The heroines are awesome as well, Pomela reminds me of Kobeni. And the others are really well written and pleasant to read too.

    The plot isn’t anything to be impressed with since this is a cliche academy novel in the first place so I mostly judge it from the point of view of how entertaining it can be despite being cliche. Its done well.

  23. TheSinglesLord says:

    That one guy above me is truly the epitome of why system novel is good

  24. Zero says:

    @Insufrible: Words of a wise

  25. Insufferable says:

    Shamelessness is the mother of humor.

    Mostly… Corny humor

  26. says:

    ^Bet this is going to get deleted also wtf this is guy is kinda shameless to write that and I kinda respect that tbh lol, but anyway I am going to pass since its the the same cliché crap most of the time plus really don’t like academy anymore and I am getting sick of it to be honest after few years of reading korean academy novels.

  27. Insufferable says:

    Innuendo skills:

    Deflower-Rank SS: Make plants younger and delay their aging, effectively deflowering them.

    Mating Press- Rank SSS: creates a subspace called “press room” and traps everyone inside until they reconcile and become friends— or mates.

    Fellatio- Rank A: is a digital panel that records the ratio of your friends to your enemies. Thus the word Fella+ Ratio.

    Jerking- Rank B: Vibrates your weapons vigorously, adding damage to your attacks.

    Master Bait- Rank EX: wraps you in an aura of a master as a bluff. Baiting your enemies that you are far stronger than you actually are.

  28. iAmhereinfreeNovels says:

    I got bait

  29. Redom Redom says:

    “penetrating” hehe 😏

  30. Zero says:

    The academy is back

  31. After “Became an Academy Spearman” no there is “Became an Academy Penetrating Spearman” lol

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