I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy
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I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy

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아카데미 맹인 검객이 되었다, I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy

[Legendary] -Experience

gain increased by 500%
-Weak spot detection skill level increased by 300%
-Critical damage increased by 300%
-Doesn’t block the wearer’s field of vision

…In fact, he can see clearly.

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  1. 0marcio says:

    Muito foda 👌😎

  2. Twin_196 says:

    Sad to admit but the novel have been dropped.

  3. Fallen Angel says:

    I think this is a quite interesting novel in terms of plot, not too complicated and not too simple. Also I like MC because he always acts calmly in every situation and solves it. Personally I give a 9/10 rating for this novel.

  4. Yuki says:

    The quality of this novel has dropped dramatically, I hope Noble Other novels than this one. When the MC became so much Garry Stu, many plot Hole, and the story became a messy harem, I stop read it.

    1. Yuki says:

      *update other novel

    2. simplethrone says:

      What do you mean so much Gary Stu? It’s normal and should always be like this. People praised the goddamn Demon Limited Hunter. What the problem in this is the pacing and recent story arc that felt like fillers.

  5. Cero says:

    Hubo coito en el último cap, curioso

  6. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Are we there yet?, is there progress? Where is it?


  7. rob z rob z says:

    I am glad to see a couple people realizing based on the latest update that this novel actually sucks (although it was obvious earlier). This is a generic, shounen level, fantasy world, unresolved harem novel. The only qualities that save it from utter trash are that it does not succumb to the the “I must hide my powers” because “reasons” trope, and the mtl is pretty good. 4/10 at best, and highly overrated based on some of the comments below.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      To correct, I mean the more recent updates, not specifically the October 14 update.

    2. It was above average in the beginning but when the story turned into a disgraceful harem story, I couldn’t read any more

      1. Cero says:

        This novel is boring to me :(.

    3. bruh says:

      It’s fun to read and I read to have fun. 90% of the novels here are exactly the same thing you described. Hell, some are worse cause they’re pretentious and tiring to read. This novel is silly and chaotic rather than that. I’d rather not ride a high horse and just have fun. In the first place, I’m not expecting to read something deep in a machine translation site.

    4. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      I stopped reading it when he faked his death and the girls went crazy. From then on I didn’t like how the author developed it

  8. The regressor girl who loved the MC in their previous round was unhappy about a scar MC had. So she takes it upon herself to kill the guy who gave the MC the scar, resulting in her having the scar instead. Yet she completely ignores the possibility that the fight MC had with that guy being a crucial experience for his growth. She is destined to die, and she knows she needs strong allies, but she actively blocks his experience because of a single scar? She doesn’t even think that the MC wouldn’t want her to have the scar. It’s common sense, no? Her actions doesn’t invoke even the slightest feelings of love for me. I cannot comprehend why she would just steal someone else’s experience like that. They are studying in a school designed to raise talents to fight against monsters and other threads, she is a damn fool if she thinks MC won’t have a scar on his body. Hell, if the experience she robbed was indeed crucial, and it resulted in his death, will she then be happy about him not having a single scar? He is bound to have scars and wounds, as a result of growth and experience as a being raised to fight against supernatural creatures and threats.

  9. IME says:

    can you update zeto’s brother blind archer noble?

  10. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Sigh… I lost interest in this novel by chapter 200, as the author decided to make all the characters obsessed…

  11. Wolfwood says:

    “Urethra Collector”… Lorena Bobbit reincarnated into the novel?

  12. Pham Thuan Pham Thuan says:

    Yeah, I feel like all of the heroines have became one clingy and obessive girl with different name. They all the same.

  13. Wow my interest in this novel almost plundered to the ground after reading chapter 191 – 200 where the heroines became obsessive

  14. Eshya says:

    This novel need romance and yandere tag. other than that 9/10 overall

  15. Amunmu says:

    Sniff sniff dos semanas sin caps nuevos

  16. D says:

    This is so good.
    All of it needs to be translated.

  17. Jeferson says:

    아카데미 시한부 망나니는 구하고 싶다,..it’s better than most!,, while not a masterpiece it’s pretty decent.

  18. Tian says:

    @gladiator_02 everyone misunderstands and he never says so, in fact the regressor in the novel never saw him without the blindfold until after he died so no one can tell on him

  19. Can someone who read answer? Does he tell he’s not blind or will they misunderstand the whole novel?

  20. Is says:

    Theatrical regression please

  21. A novel disappeared…what a shame I was planning on reading it.

  22. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Mc be like:”I have confession to make… I’m not blind.”
    “No sh*t! Wait, not blind?”

  23. Sephir says:

    u’ll get bored of immersion novels someday, only coming back to this site to laugh a sec or two at titles comments aswell cuz i need to see these updates idk an obession probably

  24. OnlyTruth says:

    Sigh you suckers
    This type of novel is great for casual read
    Not for immersion

  25. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Remember Surviving at Academy and Demon Limited Hunter, where they spent whole arc to reveal and develop one character? Lucky for you here is no story, no pecky char development, and anoying world building. It’s not like these are main points of evaluation, right?… Right?

    Just some stupid time killer, no more no less. Through Urethra Sword and mc being Jesus(?) is the most legendary mtl shenanigans out here.

  26. Abs says:

    Let’s go 20 new chap, arigoto 🙏🏼😄

  27. Rommel says:

    @Tian No, thanks bro knowing the real meaning of urethra, I felt quite cringy reading that the soul of his teacher would reside in his urethra

  28. Tian says:

    luckily in the last few chapters I don’t remember reading urethra but maybe I’ll get used to it haha

  29. Tian says:

    @Rommel Urethra later translates as “iodine” and by context refers to a sword used by the protagonist, which has the soul of his teacher, sorry if I made you spoiler.

  30. Rommel says:

    Please can someone tell me what the author meant if mc get “urethra” he will get stronger…
    Specifically what is the real meaning of “urethra” here?

  31. zero says:

    @simplerhrone me too. I am here for the same reason. So I was thinking why the hell in corean fantasi novel you shold choose betwin a mc with a harem or a mc that don’t have any interest in women.

  32. simplethrone says:

    It’s kinda funny that some people are complaining about how in the harem fantasy novel korean MC’s are doing what they should do in harem fantasy novel, meanwhile I’m here because I’m tired of reading novels with korean MC that have no harem or even a woman love interest at all and is kinda have you asking whether they’re gay or eunuch, because all the people they have intimate relationship with are the boys.

    Top of my mind is “The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Live” and “Trash of The Count Family”. Now listen to me, they’re still what you counted as good, but try to read their 50th lesser incarnation works, and you’ll swear there as you swear here too.

  33. I would’ve liked it even more if he was actually blind but I guess not being blind is okay.

  34. Backbonez says:

    Guy wakes up in game world and slowly becomes too overpowered with a fake blindness Eyepatch that. Piercez reason. He also has the chad energy so girls are slowly obsessed and love him so much.
    Seriously great casual read.

  35. Biggus says:

    Try not to add Possessive, Obsession, or yandere tags to a novel challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

  36. I liked this novel, I advise you to read it

  37. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    It’s good, I recommend it!

  38. Novel lover says:

    Please update I need more chapters I will wait 1 month to see if it gets updated

  39. Caïssa says:

    Need more update abt this one

  40. Update when? (┬┬﹏┬┬)

  41. LuxX says:

    Interesting, more please!

  42. Dera says:

    Maravilhoso. Recomendo bastante.

  43. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    This novel is actually quite good if you’ve read so many novels already or should I say you have read so many shitty novels that a mediocre and predictable novel feels like an oasis

    Although I quite agree with Rone I’m already tired with MC always relying on hidden Items all the time to grow It’s fine If It’s few and the mc just kinda master them….

    Because I have read more annoying type of growth like the mc is in distress so he suddenly get an artifact that have no foreshadowing at all, mc is a genius so he always suddenly awaken when he is about to get beaten up, or worst if the plot armor is so thick that mc awaken some kind of op skill for no reason even when that skill have no relation to his background/life , talent/skill or artifact/equipment

  44. OnlyTruth says:

    Translate Duke legendary prodigy
    Its a very good novel Novel or at least it has its own hype

  45. The Extra The Extra says:

    Really enjoying this one. Caen is hilarious.

  46. TWO says:

    OMG YESSS. Someone who actually realise this shit. It gets tiring reading the same thing over and over again. Like where’s the diversity? And why does every female that come across the MC falls for him? Why is it that every female character is like the damsel I distress for the MC to be a knight in shining armour for? I get that it’s because these types of novels are more targeted towards male readers, but it sure gets exhausting.

  47. Vose says:

    when is the update

  48. Aether says:

    You know lately, the only problem I found with korean novel is that all the characters with whom the MC interact are only female.

    I think the trend started with the villain wants to live where you would wonder if the MC is the only male in that world and that trend is still going on to this day.

    And I wanted a break now. i wished this one will be different but no if the game in which the MC has trapped has female as its protagonist then sorry I drop my hope right there. For sure, there will be no male lead as a side character who will be shown in this story ever.

  49. Rone says:

    Disability my ass, he’s perfectly fine as long as he got the ‘cheat equipment’. And what’s wrong with those hidden pieces that comes out like kryptonite already? I’m bored of these troupe, just, at least give the mc some effort smh

  50. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    MC with disability, I like it

  51. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    What urethra are you guys talking about?

  52. Dawid Staniszewski says:

    Anyone who read more then one chapter
    Will he somehow lose his eyesight?
    Cuz in first chapter is stated that he is just blindfolded but he can still see normally XD

  53. Ryuu says:

    If there is a blind swordman there should be deafness thief and mute magician I guess. I can see the story like a thief alarm the security and a magician can’t speak spell. So if there was a novel of them how do these two become strong like a blind swordman?

  54. Faker says:

    Great novel, recommended it.

  55. PissFetishizer says:

    urethra time!!

  56. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    The urethra parts keeps catching me off guard.

  57. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Though it’s hard to call it a synopsis when it is just a single skill description accompanied by a single sentence.

    1. it’s actually one of the few bad korean synopsis that is the only thing u need to know

  58. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well, quite the honest synopsis we have here.

  59. I’ll give you a cookie🍪 if you tell me if this is worth reading or nah

  60. Bellmond says:

    Sheesh stop raising flags and tell them yourself

  61. time to do my job tell my family i love them

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