A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Reckless Aristocrat
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A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Reckless Aristocrat

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망나니 귀족에 빙의한 우울증 검도 선수
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Reckless Aristocrat

Happiness to me was like a lie overlaid with fantasies.

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  1. MarkP says:

    The author wrote a few SS chapters, but there are no plans to continue main plot so far. The author still seems depressed and suicidal or something

  2. Sephir says:

    I remember being utterly blow minded by the start with the godess, chill there are people who suffer way more than him everywhere in the world, was a put off for me

  3. LimitedTime614 says:

    Where’s the other chapters?! It’s been awhile since it’s updated damnit!!! I love this story. It talks about something so good that it makes me question many things. One of them would be “Would depression that killed them linger to those who regained their memories of they’re past life that it woul lead them a path commiting suicide if they experienced an pov of unbearable loss in their current one?”
    This story answered that possibility and I don’t see this scenario being far from reality. I hope Raiden can find peace with himself in the chapters that I’m hoping to be released at some point this year.
    From the MC’s reasons for trying to find happiness to the character’s personalities. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. Ran Shinon Ran Shinon says:

    just reading the synopsis and i can feel the sadness already.

  5. lul says:

    The differences in these reviews is very interesting. I’ll just err on the side of caution and skip. I don’t typically like depressed MC stories if it isn’t cleared up early on.

  6. Silent Resolution says:

    Oh and this is my top favorite novel now, after Omniscience Reader as my top favorite before– personal preference, dont judge me. I will wait for this author to write again!

    1. No one is judging you. Everyone can read whatever they like.

  7. Silent Resolution says:

    Really recommended indeed, with a note for depression cuz we can relate at least to some extent and live with it. You normal people should just avoid this cause this deep shit is uncomfortable for those who dont enjoy negativity. Oh i just scroll up and top comment already said it hurt his brain lol

    (I dont agree on comment who said it make you feel like beating the mc for being sad, I would say I want to beat you instead. And I might be joking as well)

  8. TheBoredOne says:

    Damn one of the best novels I’ve read (for me)
    You guys should definitely try it out.

  9. Bocchan says:

    Is this novel in hiatus or got axed?

  10. LimitedTime614 says:

    Imagine this novel with a song like a Arcade by Duncan Lawrence and this becomes even more depressing

  11. It’s kind of story with MC who you will feel so sad that you want to beat him to stop being sad but you still feel he is sad and that makes you so sad that you just can’t handle it and blame MC for being too sad overall sad fking. Novel

  12. EmmA says:

    The protagonist is very sad, but also very strong. He’s trying to be happy despite everything, I hope he is.

    I really like this story, it’s very different from others I’ve read.

    Please, more capheters.

  13. webo wobo webo wobo says:

    Here is a short summary of the first few chapters…
    Our MC is a world-class swordsman from the real world who has a number of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, etc.) stemming from the emotional and physical abuse of his father who pushes him to become the best. This continues until he is beaten in a competition, and following admonishment from his father, he realizes that his father doesn’t really love him, and subsequently commits suicide. He is then shuttled into a book that he has read in the past by a Goddess who has taken pity on him and wants to reincarnate him as the Hero of said book. Things go awry and he ends up reincarnating as the young Duke, Raiden (Leiden?), who seems to be your typical arrogant young master but is secretly a depressed sad boy like the MC.
    The story covers the MC’s attempt to search for happiness in this new world, and an attempt to more or less improve Raiden’s terrible reputation. It’s kind of shit not going to lie. The world isn’t really built up all that well, we don’t get all that great a sense of the power scale, and the characters a pretty bland. The completed tag is also kind of false. The novel isn’t really over, from chapter 105 it seems like the author is taking a break or something due to schooling (the MTL isn’t really clear), and so the novel just sort of ends on a bit of an odd place, where the MC is in sort of a limbo position, (a bit more spoilers up ahead) having just gotten over a mental breakdown and attempted suicide (I’m not really sure how he managed to get past both those things within such a short amount of time, he is still somewhat depressed by the end of it but it’s like one or two orders higher than his default depressed state. Impressive considering how during his breakdown he managed to completely override his SSS-rank skill which makes him immune to mental abnormalities.).

  14. PissFetishizer says:

    Bro.. just stop being sad.

  15. Hm? Why is the novel status say completed I thought the story isn’t even finished yet so shouldn’t it be on hiatus instead?

  16. puta madre says:

    You can go on and cry about it @Manoj lmao

  17. Alive says:

    Honestly, it was interesting.
    It’s a shame Violet wasn’t revealed, though.

  18. Phantom says:

    The main character is literally so depressed that his system broke down

  19. Eshya says:

    I’m crying. I don’t know but, i can relate to the feeling of the MC

  20. Manoj says:

    Author must be a gloomy guy, depressing as hell.. it becomes annoying.

  21. (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠)⁠ノ says:

    the discord link is expired

  22. asda says:

    for me its bad, the novel contain so many drama and Mc negitve thinking that makes my brain hurt. the title should be” a depressed person possesing a depressed noble” there is no positive energy at all. to be honest the ex villian novel is more make sense for me than this novel.

  23. Rexion says:

    I need more mc professor academy

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