A Wild Man Has Entered the Academy
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A Wild Man Has Entered the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Wild Man Has Entered the Academy

Usually when you read a novel, it starts in the city, but I fell into the forest.

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  1. Reader says:


  2. Thank god i didn’t drop this novel cuz MC only say “f*ck/sival” Like a pokemon saying their name everytime they speak.

    It revealed later that why he can only say “f*ck” Is because his faith stat is abysmaly low(cuz he always swear at the sky/god for dropping him in the forest of chaos). Later on he can speak normally when his faith stat go up.

    Also he’s not stupid like everyone believe, he still remember plot of the original game and he use his wild man identity to cause “accident” To prevent future tragedy. (E.g accidentally destroy stuff that contain devil magic seal). Well, most of the accident is because his curiosity tho.

    As for the characters.
    The professors is very likeable, they feels like a guardian to the MC, they didn’t discriminate just because MC coming from the wild. Well, except for one professor.

    The Heroines feels like big sister next door who care and teach MC about some common sense. But after they fall in love wwith him they start teaching some weird stuff to him tho lol.

  3. Su 183 says:

    YAY new chapters

    Now if you just update
    I became swordsman genius in pretty girls game

    It would be perfect new year’s eve

    1. H H H H says:

      I believe that that novel has been dropped or discontinued

  4. CeilingFan says:

    I’m at the latest atm chapt 170

    My boii shivar doing side quest finally some refershing events might happen, getting tired on romcom only lately

    1. CeilingFan says:

      Thank past me for writing a comment

  5. this is one of those novels that seemed so forced to me… that anyone can spot it.. and author created a great job creating annoying characters…
    tbh it’s over hyped..

    1. cant agree more

    2. Busy Poo says:

      Y’all go read Reverend insanity, that’d suite you more

  6. Zehr says:

    Yaay update thank you

  7. IM14 says:

    Please update noble-sama 🙏

  8. IME says:

    ppl really blame harem tag for bad story, but when they find harem tag with good story…………..

  9. Pikussa says:

    İf you like dumb mc read it.

  10. EiOs Vaca says:

    Necesito maaaaaas

  11. Manchester Black says:

    The synopsis is nonsense. But everyone reviews it well. I’ll try it.

    1. King PJ King PJ says:

      That synopsis is abundant by korean’s standards don’t complain lol.

  12. Zzz says:

    Btw this is much better than poorly done copies of previously hit novels

  13. Zzz says:

    @Sephir idk i feel like it is very plausible if the mentioned savage is very handsome and strong. Also its been a while since i read this but iirc they didnt fall in love out of nowhere and stick to mc like no tomorrow.

  14. Sephir says:

    Feels like noble is trolling me

  15. Su 183 says:

    60 chapters in one go i didn’t even sleep
    Easily top 10 in this website or at least top 15

  16. Sephir says:

    I’m too broke to make donations af

  17. Yuki says:

    @Sephir Maybe someone makes a direct donation and asks for this novel to be updated. “The Engagement Was Broken Off, and I Became a Munchkin” is also a new novel in this website, fewer than 100 followers but gets updates. Generally, those that are frequently updated, are very popular, have hundreds or thousand of likes. (i.e. I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With, I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy, Incompatible Interspecies Wives etc)

  18. Caïssa says:

    Academy assholes -. –

  19. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapters 51 to 60
    Lmao, Mc is just being mindlessly going about his day. He gets flirted with by girls but doesn’t think about it too much xDD

    He also beats ass some punks up xD

  20. Sephir says:

    This novel got updated
    it’s asking for a roast!
    For the people reviewing about the great mighty harem and fmcs what heckee
    how did a guy who can’t speak get a harem of 4 girls (from a review)
    How did they get to love a primitive man who shout duck (from a review) and is jumping like a monkey in front of candies(from a review)
    /without knowing the guy/

    No offense but who would in their right mind fall in love in the lapse of probably weeks or a month with an unknown savage looking guy in a forest in the midst of nowhere and on top of that take him to an academy?? I’m probably harsh and there’s probably explanations but i’m roasting it so that I don’t see people asking updates or noble(don’t think he’ll see the message///noble I’m scared of you and I’m weak please no bully)

    Anyways long review roasting

  21. Busy Poo says:

    Good novel. Keeps me engaged. I approve.

  22. EternalCactusOfEuthymiasAmericanShotgunsFor299Mora says:

    Great another academy to pulverise my remaining Braincell

  23. Extra Extra says:

    Oddly refreshing setup to an Academy novel. I liked reading this one.

    -Screws loose OP MC that needs constant supervision
    -Likeable heroines (3 so far, with the cover girl being a likely 4th)
    -Likeable characters in general
    -Pacing is on the slower side, as some have already mentioned
    -Some elements likely inspired by God of War Ragnarok (if you’ve played the game, you’ll probably catch them)

    Hoping this gets more updates in the future.

  24. Zzz says:

    This is quite good, it is closer to slice of life in 50 chapters that exists rn tho
    Chill and fun, dont get too annoyed by mc saying only f*ck! It changes later and they explain the reason with a fun development too.
    Pacing is a bit slow tho

    Quick rating up to 50 chapters
    Mtl quality : 7.5/10 ( decent but there are confusing bits)
    Character design 8.8/10 ( they feel alive but i am cutting points because its been ages i last read a novel without 2d characters and all)
    Story : 7.5/10 ( premise is interesting but not much happened so far, just some introductions and small developments)
    Pacing : 6/10 ( kinda slow )
    Overall : 7.5/10

  25. Ferrum says:

    Other name: Parlov in academy

  26. [Last Read: chapter 20]
    [Rate: 8/10]
    [Dropped because I got bored. The only problem is mc can seems to speak but he was just beginning to learn the language and from what I saw in other comments, he is cursed. So after seeing that I am bored and I will drop or for now put it on hold. Anyways it’s not that bad. You can read it for time pass atleast. That depends on how many academy stuff u have read. If you have read too many, you might just drop it in the starting chapters.]

  27. Luckyzero says:

    I just can’t accept that part….

  28. Luckyzero says:

    I actually have no prob reading this type of novel where the pace is slow and full of interaction that you can just skip, Anyway, It’s just my type of MC nowadays is the smart and clever type… Ummm probably because I’m watching classroom of the elite

    So base on the review, I probably won’t read this…

    Even the dense jeto can act like blind even if his dense, why can’t this rational MC who have many monologue that acts like a Tarzan can’t simply just pretend that his voiceless or deaf If he have prob understanding language

  29. I agree with rob z, the characters are generic af and they act one dimensionally like the rest of the academy novels in this site. It doesn’t help that the pacing is slow 🫤

  30. rob z rob z says:

    I do not understand the positive reviews of this novel. It’s premised on a stupid gimmick that an 8 year old might appreciate, and goes downhill from there.

    The characterization of the MC is inherently inconsistent. In his mind he has complex and rational thoughts, but then acts basically like an animal (jumping after candies that are thrown at him like a dog), fully fostering the idea that he is some kind of uneducated barbarian. And even giving credence to the idea of a language “debuff”, just shut the hell up and communicate with gestures (which if any of you have travelled to a foreign country where you don’t know the language, does work to some extent), which he does not even attempt to do when meeting the FMCs or first coming to school. It’s not even something you can relate to the classic story of Tarzan, because Tarzan was raised in the jungle and developed that way. The MC was not – he was a fully educated and normal human being before being brought into this world where he lived in the maze for 3 years.

    The story itself is also painfully slow in development – I found myself skipping large chunks and not missing anything. The characters are no more well developed than any of dozens of novels on the site. And, quite frankly, it’s boring as sh!t – I would take your generic academy novel over this any day of the week.

  31. Sephir says:

    a good novel is something that does not only focus on the main character but the world building aswell
    example lotm made a great world building showing us what you could call the not so happy side of the world which makes us not only interested but immersed aswell
    if you want to insert some racist things or whatever make it believable atleast the consequences should look like what we humans truly are slavery still exists but in a more sophisticated way likewise for racism
    altough i shouldnt hope for much

  32. I did not mean to add that “Yeah” at the end lmao. Anyways since I’m writing this comment I will expand the idea of Becoming the Bathroom Ghost at the Academy.

    There are 5 super powers in the world. 2 empires that hate each other, and 3 kingdoms that also hate each other. Since this is an idea, you can create your own head-canon of these kingdom names.

    Then the races include all fantasy races and species, and all real life races and species.

  33. I didn’t like becoming writer in a fantasy world mainly because I can’t suspend my disbelief at the fact that a f*cking book has suddenly changed the disposition towards a race everyone has hated for generations.

    Wow! If that was so easy maybe we could… alright too political but yeah i hated it mainly because I just couldn’t believe it.

    Somehow I find killing a god and becoming a god more believable than fixing racism. Which I find pretty funny. Yeah

  34. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    MC transmigrates into an Academy game. Problem is he is stuck in the cursed maze forest that he is unable to exit near the Academy and he is forced to survive for more than 3 years before the start of the game. He is forced to have a berserker health regen barbarian build, and even has a speech debuff from surviving in the wild. Story starts when he encounters the female game protag and her friend in the prologue of the game and goes to the Academy.

    It’s a fun story, some decent comedy. Cover girl is a side character that hasn’t had much development yet. Other characters have good development. MC is OP, but still has room to grow. There is more focus on his chara development as he recovers from his 3+ years of primitive lifestyle rather than his strength.

  35. I’d say it is one of the best novels I’ve had in a while. The harem members are actually interesting, and not a carboard waifu. The romance is slow, but I like it that way because it makes more sense. Also, male side characters exists, so that’s a plus in my book.

    P.S that fight scene between Hector and Berserker MC is dope AF


  36. Des says:


    Sorry dude, but I had a stroke reading your comment. 😭

  37. kk77 says:

    i dunno bout ltr on but some of u r rly overhyping it at 50 ch. its not sm mastrpiece. if ur into Tarzan learning to b human at academy ull enjoy it, but if u hate the idea (& i kinda do) it’s v. v. annoying. its a bit whimsical but not rly funny. at least not to me

    bt even with that i still red all chs, so shudnt listn to ppl complaining abt academy novels either. it was intresting enoughj to add to my list (tentatively)

    also small spoiler bcz this rly bothered me trying to read n almost droppd it — mc didnt compltly lose language jus frm being alone fr 3 yrs & cant lern it no mattr what, which made no sens; he is actually cursed to not speak, but slowly gets a littl bettr with plot prgressn

  38. Sephir says:

    i’m gonna roast this novel sorry academies novels are killing me
    first with all the blood that he bled or just his scent he would’ve been eaten by whatever
    second sleep in a cave ?? caves are usually the homes of animals
    last i’m eating so much academy poison that i’m actually using my brain to understand which makes me understand the irrationality of the situation
    just turn off ur brain if u try to read this only readed 3 or 4 chaps it could become better later maybe

  39. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Sounds good enough from the reviews, I’ll check it out later when I have time

  40. ali dd ali dd says:

    I have read 17 chapters so far, and really, I have read many novels on this site, and I can list them as one of the best novels I have read so far. It is true that the academy exists, but it does not really affect the level of the story. The beginning is the hero who was transferred from his room to a forest, and then he starts hunting and raises his strength level And then he finds one of the characters discovering that he cannot communicate. From here begins the strange and interesting story. I think everyone should give it a chance to notice. There are no really stupid characters.

  41. Sephir says:

    noble stop torturing us, i’m having an overdose of academy novels

  42. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    keep bringing academy, don’t pay any attention to those

  43. No yandere? No obsession? No regret? :<

  44. Poison Tester says:

    Another academy stuff. Pass

  45. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    The novel was written by the same author as a novel entitled “How to live as a writer in a fantasy world” that was just completed a couple of weeks ago. Despite being relatively new, this novel has managed to garner an impressive number of likes on Novelpedia, with over 10,000 likes. There is no doubt that the author is a talented storyteller, and he has gained a lot of fans from his previous novel. One of author strengths of his previous novel lies in its well-developed characters. In this novel, he/she also has created a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities, motivations, and struggles. In this novel, until the recent chapter, we have been introduced to four heroines.

    Quick plot:
    An unknown game character is possessed by the MC in a forest, early chapter will tell the story how MC survive. Then MC meet 2 heroines and bring him back to civilization. Novel possess an element of mystery and funny humour. Like the previous novel, the romance element is also slow. Oh yeah, because MC can’t talk their languange and only can speak “f*ck”, many mistake him as wild man with no intelligence.

    Character A: Thank you for helping me
    MC: f*ck
    Character A: o_o
    Character B: I will help you
    MCs: f*ck
    Character A: o_O

  46. Ryuu says:

    Jony oil enter the academy but he went mad and run away to psychiatric hospital but when he arrived at the hospital he found a name called psychiatric academy!

    So he ran away again and become a criminal to go into prison. When he arrived at the prison he asked the police what is the prison called he said proudly prison academy.

  47. Kirill Popov says:

    The beginning is different, but mostly an ordinary Academy.

  48. Wikka says:

    I miss ‘Surviving as Barbarian’
    but i can’t request since mine of ‘The Sub-Protagonist is Retiring has been granted.
    I’ll griefing here instead

  49. Reafan says:

    @Jony ali , Well… Academy was most popular tag on KR novel nowdays ,

  50. Zero says:

    Oh we didn’t go back to the academy 😳

  51. Insufferable says:

    The cover has successfully attracted my attention.

  52. jony oli jony oli says:

    Academy ……


    Please noble-sama stop if I see one more academy novel I’ll go mad! Do you want to have my internment in a psychiatric hospital on your conscience?

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