The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen
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The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen

Read full chapter The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen, Light Novel The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen english, LN The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen, The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen Online, read The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen at Noble Machine translations.
13년간 모신 악녀가 쓰러졌다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen

The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen

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  1. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    since “how to live as an academy extea villain” is in hiatus, would this one get updated every 10 days instead?

  2. I didn’t read the whole novel but I don’t really like the novel I see that the mc already returned the favour for the fmc when he saved her life from black magic yet he still like a glue next to her yet the people say it’s good can someone write spoiler why because I hate mc like this

  3. Joko says:

    Finally take 70 chapter for Hanna to fall in love with MC and unexpectedly our lady approve her to be with MC too. I thought she will have monopoly problem. Now, just curious how author handle ori FML. Will author make her fall in love with MC and let hero have NTR experience, because she the one have many misunderstanding with MC, create frenemy relationship

    1. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

      Spoiler alert btw haha. But yeah looking forward to future chapters

    2. Memomo says:

      who said the fmc approves of anything lol.. it would be against her character if she accepted that.. if she does approve then the author will make a reason for it or prepare for it before hand

  4. RealEason says:

    thank you noble and the person who requested the update 🙏🙏

  5. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    if you ask me what happiness is? it’s when they update something you requested on the same day

  6. Ean says:

    Good reading 10/10 if compared to the others novels of this site full of poison.

  7. Must read, the first changing villainess which is good 10/10, we need more update

  8. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This is a good read.

    I enjoy the interactions between the MC and Olivia (FML) the most

    I’ve read til ch60 (latest as of writing). I started skeptical, but ended in a good mood.

    Looking forward for more.

  9. Buckget22 says:

    Masterpiece of a novel 🥰🥰🥰

  10. IME says:

    YOOOOOOOOO I’M ON CH 60, THIS IS FIRE, it’s been a long time since I found a damn 10/10 novelpia.

    The characters development in this story really fun to read.

    MC’s childhood was bad but our Olivia saved him, and MC became a good man after following Olivia for 13 years.

    and then the story start….

    you all have to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the author really did a good job on this.


  11. Memomo says:

    this is such a joy ride.. super refreshing to read.. prepare your insulin injections before u hop in becuz of the overdose of sweetness.. this novel is the type to tickle the good emotions while also being entertaining enough.. love it

  12. Jahe Manis says:

    Enjoy reading up to 50 chapter, how FML realize and regret her mistake then starting caring more toward MC. Well after that the story is very easy to predict. This novel will end the same as Noble Lady who falls in love with the perfect butler. Why perfect? MC is basically handsome, strongest and good at everything. FML has moved on from her crush and hates ori ML, starts caring and likes MC. Still not madly in love and obsessed like when toward ori MC. It is not possible to end the harem with MC which only cares on FML and FML who have possessive nature. There are other heroines such as Hanna, Junior MC who admire MC and FML ori who are tsundere to MC, but they have no chance.

  13. I love this novel. A 10/10. Also know as 5 stars. It’s a bit silly and entertaining. Not really a badass feeling but it’s just silly and enjoyable. Like the MC was reincarnated as a street rat but was rescued/ sponsored by the LM. Although some people will call the MC a simp, wouldn’t you? Have you ever faced loneliness, hunger, scorn. Of course he treasures her. Really a fun read

    1. She deserves it and mc is a simp, a big simp. He already repayed her favor, he should have killed mikail to drive the story

      1. IME says:

        i see, you have a personal grudge over “simp” man, dont you?

  14. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 60.

    The author takes it slow, at time the story is a slice of life. It has brief bouts of action, Mc shows his stuff and has a thoroughly developed personality and it shows his views on the world through action.

    I like the story, I think everyone else has said anything that needs to be said.

  15. TheDiir says:

    Worthy, very worthy of being a popular work.

    The unconventional writing makes the character development feel really good. I am impressed that the author can make something ordinary so unique like this. It’s ordinary but unique and highly worth a try

  16. Schadenfreude says:

    Imagine being loyal and people started calling you simp, shows how low IQ people have here nowadays.

    1. Memomo says:

      if loyalty means to accept being abused then he’s “loyal”

      1. Im think MC just treat every character nicely just because he is their creator. He don’t really need to power up og MC and his party but still did even tho he have power himself.
        And i don’t really think they relationship is abusive, since they are in master servant relationship before and there is no indication for that pre-downfall of villaness. MC also said that she also save him before so maybe this is his way to pay her back

  17. Last read ch. 50

    Its so good, since many already write a review, i am skipping it.


  18. My fav dialogue from this novel
    Ch 46
    “Do you have sister?”
    “No, i am an orphan”
    “That is good”

  19. Phantom says:

    Honestly the MC and FL feel more like siblings. I hope they have a good relationship but don’t become lovers.

  20. Zorrow says:

    This novel is an acquired taste for sure! But it is well worth it with especially certain moments having that low budget k-drama kind of feel.

    …. .- -. -. .- / -… . .. -. –. / –. .- -. –. … – .- / .– .- … / … — / -.-. ..- – .

  21. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    I don’t know why but there’s chapter here that really made you emotional or it’s just me cause damn just thinking their situation is making me shed tears but it’s a good read for me I would read it if it gets updated

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      you’re not alone damn it, I haven’t met the onion ninjas for a long time

    2. You are not alone my friend

  22. Sephir says:

    Actually decent, altough I wouldn’t read it if it gets updated 6/10, may not be readable for some people tho

  23. This is pretty good. When it first started i was really annoyed by the characters, the heroine being a disgusting obsessive stalker and mc being her simp but the more i read the more the characters become more likeable.

    There is no main plot. It’s a slice of life starring Mc and the villainess. Not an academy plot either because the villainess is already exiled. There is a chance where they can return so academy arc is posssible.

    Mc is Op. But he has slight problems due to the events happened before the story starts. Still stronger than most though. His personality is funny and not the type to be pushed around easily and considered to be crazy. He is too loyal to the villainess which made me annoyed at the start because she was super ungrateful but rather than being redeemed, her character started to seem likeable and cute.

    There is a system. Mc can see others’s affections and levels and he sometimes gets quests. And interstingly the system also sometimes appears in front of some key characters and show them the events that would happen if Mc doesn’t intervene

    Here’s my final thoughts: Please update it as soon as it gets 10 new chapters like you do the other popular works! Thanks!

  24. Pog says:

    It’s pretty good, 8/10. I like the usage of the IF endings/perspectives and things seem reasonably paced–it’s 50 chapters in and the villainess is still crippled & hated, but mc’s steadily working on improving their situation bit by bit.

    Usually in novels like these, particularly where mc is a butler-type character, the villainess has some serious illness and mc goes off searching in the mountains for like 5 chapters, finds some miracle herb or whatever, and boom illness = cured. Affection +999 and the story fades into becoming a typical sugary romance plot with no substance thereafter.

  25. rob z rob z says:

    Memomo’s review is pretty solid. Please note that for this novel you have to grind through the first 5-8 chapters, which quite frankly suck, and I wouldn’t blame a reader for saying “poison” if you just read those. But it gets much, much better once you get past that initial setup.

    Basic premise is MC is transported to an alternate world (think its a novel world) where he becomes the butler of the villainess. Unlike many novels of the genre, she is just a damn villainess who becomes obsessed with a male “protagonist” (I put in quotes because it is not all that clear he is really a good guy) and becomes dag nasty evil about it (of course tormenting the commoner girl who is supposed to become the heroine and hook up with the male protagonist). Unfortunately, yes, the MC is a simp for the villainess, because she saved him when he was a street urchin just fighting to survive. Notably, the villainess didn’t start out all evil and twisted, she just fell due to her obsession with the male protagonist who did not reciprocate her feelings.

    So villainess is basically abandoned by her family after she is expelled from the academy for messing with black magic to try and mind screw the male protagonist (becoming crippled and unable to walk in the process), living alone with the butler in their (running down) mansion. MC nevertheless stays by her side (taking a leave of absence from the academy) out of duty / loyalty (and maybe stronger feelings?) Problem is she is fined 1 million gold pieces for the black magic stuff, so MC has to try to make money so they don’t lose everything. He ends up getting together with a female character who is mistreated by her family and destined to die in the novel and helps her, and through that connection ends up saving the mansion – and the plot moves forward from there.

    Notably, MC trained himself and used knowledge of the book to become a badass – he can basically wipe the floor with any of the good guy characters / academy students. There are also flashbacks to the academy life that show how he helped the male protagonist / heroine grow (basically the system gave him “quests” that would result in improving the other characters).

    Over the course of these chapters, you see the villainess slowly reform and become a better person. And since a commenter below already spoiled it, yes, one of the steps in that growth is that she realizes MC saved her during the black magic episode, which caused him to be horribly injured / tainted, with his right arm decaying and losing functionality. She of course feels horribly guilty and is determined to be better and do what she can for him.

    So, to answer the question as to why this is so popular with Korean readers and maybe not getting the best reviews here – this is a LOVE DRAMA. Take out the fantasy setting, and this would be the kind of drama you would see on Korean TV. Most of the characters are somehow romantically interested across each other or fall in and out of love with each other, and the various escapades all are really subplots of driving that drama forward. So if romantic drama is your cup of tea, you will like this one (once you get past those initial chapters).

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Also, if you want to see the main image frogless, its here (just delete the spaces):
      n o v e l p i a . c o m /novel/225334

      And yes, those are some enormous mammaries.

      1. reiiii says:

        Ah yes, it is huge and Thank you for showing me the path🙏

  26. madeforthiscommentonly says:

    MC Status window

  27. Puta madre says:

    The frog deffo helped me to survive NNN bro…

  28. Cero says:

    I liked that they didn’t give the villainess one of those tragic past. She was a 3rd class villainess and that’s It.

    1. Memomo says:

      exactly man.. no dog bullsh*t past with difficult circumstances.. just pure trashy character finally opening her eyes.. usually regret happens after the mc dumbing such characters but luckily the mc didn’t since he’s a simp so it’s kind of fresh

  29. IME says:

    this novel got 1.5 million views for just 50 chapters on novelpia and got a high rating even though it’s a new novel,

    but when noble uploaded this on his site, everyone hated this after reading it

    so I’m curious what’s the difference between Korean ppl and our site ppl?

    1. IME says:

      even “How to live as an academy villain” not got that views after 50 chapter

    2. they have not experienced Japanese dogwater novels alongside with Chinese waterdog, they are weak.

      1. Kaniya says:

        Agree …they are dull

      2. Sephir says:

        nahh, you don’t know these titles i had to go through, miss su came back after her husband left her, i became the heavenly dao ass, 100 % drop rate i became unstoppable, 70 years after sweeping the bosses asses i became a martial god, my hidden class is necromancer heavenly king which gets clapped by a common class cuz i want to play strategic, inverse dao of pikachu pets and whatever

  30. Luis says:

    (Hasta el capítulo 15) Si soportas los primeros capítulos de la villana es una novela buena y entretenida, el MC es difícil de entender, parece un Simp y en otras parece un “padre” para la villana, aunque me gusta su personalidad (es bastante divertido en algunas ocasiones)

  31. Simping is not tolerated. Only simp for white haired girls, I already hate this novel.

    1. Memomo says:

      she’s white haired tho

  32. Memomo says:

    this is a good novel and fun to read.. don’t worry there’s no poison (except for the mc being a simp)
    the villianess starts out as a true villianess.. not an angel driven by bad circumstances or anything like that.. but trashy self centered girl.. but she’ll have character growth later and become a likeable person.. the side characters are decent except 1 or 2 brainless idiots but the mc deals with them on the spot
    The novel may look annoying at the beginning (it’s necessary for the story tho) but later it turns into a fun read.. the interactions between characters is fun
    overall I’d give it (8/10) and would recommend it if you can tolerate the somehow annoying intial chapters

    1. Memomo says:

      some people hate this because they can’t tolerate a villainess who is actually a villainess.. but that’s why this novel is good.. it shows how the villainess gradually changes into a better person and how she behaves after knowing her mistakes

      1. Luis says:

        Concuerdo, es una verdadera villana y tuvo el final que se buscó (Gracias al MC no murió cómo en la historia original), aún tiene algunas actitudes egoístas, pero se nota que trata de cambiar.

  33. I skimmed through the chapters where the villainess learns the secrets of the main character, and what can I say… This book sincerely annoys me. It’s just complete nonsense. The girl feels regret because the guy sacrificed himself for her? A piece of schizophrenic nonsense. It reminded me so much of my own relationship, where I was silent and did everything for my girlfriend, that the villainess’s reaction of regret only causes irritation for me. She feels regret? Laughable. People don’t feel regret. As far as I can tell from my experience, the girl will just nod in approval like “well done, I appreciate your efforts. Now disappear. You chose to do this for me, I didn’t force you. Why should I be grateful to you for this?” I think I understand the idea behind the book, but this idea deeply annoys me. The girl learns too late about what the main character did for her and now she will definitely thank him… Ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha-ha. If only people really treated those who try for them so well.

    1. Memomo says:

      ok bro.. I see life treated you harshly

    2. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      Thanks mate for review, i feel the same this novel so annoying that i can’t even express

    3. Kiên says:

      Bro you good?

      1. … To be honest, not really. But I don’t lose faith in the better and one day my life might change for the better.

  34. Symphony says:

    just screenshot the title and use google search by image and copy the title to search.

  35. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Starting 1 or 2 chapter, all i feel is irritation towards mc and villainess. I am not going to continue until someone gives the full review

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      reading your comment, all i feel is fear towards the poison. i am not going to read a chapter until someone gives the full review

  36. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    “Ugh! 🐸Frogs, the spawn of the swamps, should disappear forever”

  37. Insufferable says:

    I searched the novels korean name and saw the “unprotected”, “frog-less” cover pic and might I say from a culturally critical standpoint; those were huge milkers.

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      What is the name 😉 its for me it’s for a friend

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        just go to the novelpia ranking and it is second in the top 100

  38. Cero says:

    Kill the frog 🤬.

  39. Frog Hunter says:

    Guys, anyone know where I can find frogs to hunt?

  40. Lmao what is that cover

  41. Yuu says:

    The frog ruined this

  42. Cero says:

    The villainess whom I Had served for 13 years has fallen

  43. Wiee says:

    what is the frog doing

  44. Pikussa says:

    What da Hell frog☠️

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