The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen chapter 59

59 - What is Your Ideal Type? -2-

59 – What is Your Ideal Type Like? -2-

Alcohol clouds a person’s judgment.

Sometimes it turns people into dogs.

Sometimes it leads to reckless actions under the influence, and conversely, it gives the courage to say things one wouldn’t normally say.

Near the summit of the picturesque Hamel Mountains.

Sitting on a blanket and feeling the cool breeze, I looked at the young lady in the sidecar.

“Hmm… Huh~”

The young lady, enjoying the outing, had a smile on her face.

With a bottle of alcohol in one hand and chocolate in the other, she watched the bubbling hot pot soup and said.



“He’s trying to die.”


A low-quality stamina beef soup, gasping for breath with two legs more than a human. I thought it was wrong to pull a sled in the coming winter.

I spoke while holding the lady sitting on the rickshaw in a princess hug.

“I gained weight, that’s why.”

“Oh…would it taste good if I eat it?”

I tightly sealed my mouth at the lady’s sincere question.

On the mat, there were various types of food.

Fruits like apples and grapes.

Kimchi rolls, the menu that comes to mind when thinking of a picnic, and hot soup. The lady, looking at the well-made lunch box made with limited cooking skills, opened her slightly round eyes and looked at the kimchi rolls in the lunch box and said,

“…This is strange.”

The lady poked the kimchi rolls.

She even smelled the lunch box in case it had gone bad, but all there was was the savory smell of sesame oil.

What is strange about this?

I tried one, but it just tasted like ordinary kimchi rolls with nothing special, yet the lady’s expression was not very good.

The lady poked the kimchi rolls again with chopsticks.

“There’s too much filling in this.”

Looking at the vegetables in the kimchi rolls, the lady complained, and now I could understand why the lady had made a chubby expression.

The kimchi rolls were filled with ingredients that the lady disliked. Spinach, carrots, pickled radishes, cucumbers. The most important meat was thinner than a pencil and was in the kimchi rolls.

It was a food that the lady, who liked meat, would dislike.

With a disappointed expression, the lady took out the contents of the kimchi rolls. She called spinach a devil’s plant and threw it on the ground, saying cucumber was a disease of the world.

“Being a picky eater is bad.”

“Eating it will kill you.”

“You won’t die. Restricting yourself to only healthy vegetables for picky eating can actually make you less healthy.”

The lady glared at me with a chubby expression.

“Feed it to him.”

Pointing to the stamina beef soup resting under the shade of a tree, the lady was worried that he might turn into a pig instead of a dog.

I raised my head and replied to the lady.

“If you don’t eat it, you won’t drink tonight.”

“Where are you getting that from!”

“Here I am.”

I flashed a sly smile, presenting the gurgling bottle of liquor to the lady. In response, she clenched her fist, threw the chopsticks she held in her hand.

I effortlessly dodged, wearing a haughty expression.

“It’s slow because I don’t eat vegetables.”


She hated vegetables.

She craved alcohol.

The lady stood at the crossroads of choices.

I kindly offered her a chance.


Tears welled up in her eyes as she enjoyed the taste of the lunchbox.


The sun was setting.

The lady, who had dozed off on my lap in the cool breeze, breathed evenly, using my knee as a pillow.

As the gentle wind ruffled her hair, she wrinkled her brow and called out to her cat, ‘Ugh… Ricardo Paris is trying to devour me… Save me.’

In a playful moment, I covered her face with her fluttering hair.

Swish. She flipped her hair back.

With her hand in the air, she said, “Uh-uh-uh-uh… a swarm of flies is coming…! aaah!”

Thrashing about, she woke up with a start.

Round and round.

Seeing my mischievous smile, she clenched her fist and said to me with a helpless expression.

“Ricardo destroyed Dreamland.”

“I am the Demon King.”

“… Unfair!”

She plucked grass and threw it at me.

Under the Hamel Mountains, a night view began to emerge.

Compared to the night scenes I had seen in Seoul in my past life, it was somewhat plain. However, the stars in the night sky and the lights in the village created a modest spectacle.

I gently placed a cold bottle of liquor on the lady’s cheek as she dozed off.


The young lady blinked her eyes, glancing around with a drop of saliva trailing down her chin, seemingly taken aback.

I cautiously addressed her, “Miss, are you not going to drink?”


Shaking off drowsiness, the lady looked at the bottle with excitement in her eyes. I brought a chair I had prepared, seated her, and theatrically spun the whiskey bottle I bought on the way in front of her.

“Hamel 12-year-old. Apple-distilled spirit.”

Her pupils followed the moving bottle. Clenching her fists and exhaling a puff of air through her nose, she said, “I don’t know what it is, but it seems delicious!”

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“I bought it for one gold at the market.”


Her interest waned instantly.

“It’s a lie. I bought it at a high price. It’s Olivia’s first drink; we can’t have something cheap, right?”

“hehehe… Is that so?”

She shyly chuckled.

I folded the mat and lit a small fire, creating a cozy atmosphere. The lady extended her hands toward the warm fire. It wasn’t the glamorous social scene filled with ornate chandeliers; instead, it was a simple yet unique ambiance that seemed to appeal to her.

I should come here more often.

Let’s skip the winter because it’s cold.

I thought about coming again in the approaching spring.

The lady anticipated it.

A calm atmosphere.

Drinking alcohol for the first time as an adult.

And a handsome man like me.

This isn’t right.


The lady, engaging in an escapade after a long time, couldn’t hide the excited glimmer in her eyes, like that of a girl.

Drinking was forbidden at the academy, and she couldn’t experience such things due to her injured leg.

As if confirming my thoughts, she clenched and unclenched her fist while exhaling through her nose. I smiled subtly, capturing the lady’s joyful expression.

“But, Ricardo.”

The young lady looked around.

She carefully surveyed her surroundings, consisting only of chairs and trees.

She tilted her head and spoke to me.

“No snacks?”


“Yeah. Don’t you need snacks when drinking alcohol? I read that in a book.”


Scratching the back of my head awkwardly, I was met with a pouting expression as the young lady said,

“It’s okay! There’s leftover kimbap from earlier!”

“That was all eaten by Gomtang.”

I displayed the empty lunchbox cleanly and offered an awkward smile.

The young lady, with an angry gaze, looked at Gomtang lying on the floor.

Pointing at Gomtang, she asked me,

“This one?”


“It looks delicious.”

To the young lady, Gomtang still seemed like emergency rations.

I chuckled softly, pulled out a large side dish container from the rear of the car, and showed it to her.

A treasure trove of appetizers, filled with bright red meat and sausages.

It was the young lady’s snack warehouse.

In my previous life, I had wanted to try glamping, but I died young. A dream unfulfilled. A bit late, but I was fulfilling my childhood fantasy.

I placed a grill on the bonfire and looked at the young lady. It was the first time she looked at me with admiration.

“Ricardo, you’re cool!”

I nodded in response to the expected compliment.



The meat was slowly cooking.

We poured drinks into each other’s glasses.

As the young lady, unfamiliar with alcohol, furrowed her eyebrows and asked if she should pour more, I considered her tolerance and filled only half of her cup.

The young lady furrowed her brow as she looked at the half-filled glass.


She looked at me with a disappointed expression. She would say that I’m being too precious about it, but I just shrugged with a subtle smile in response.

“For now, just try this. It might not suit your taste.”


The young lady let out a deep sigh and stared at the glass. With a wrinkled brow, she sniffed the aroma of the golden whiskey, as if searching for the truth.

She looked at me as if she had received a spoiled drink.

“This smells strange. It tickles my nose… I feel like I’ll die if I drink it.”

“Well, that’s how alcohol is.”



When I had my first drink, I was surprised by the smell. So, I could understand the surprised look on the young lady’s face.

The strong scent of alcohol mixed with fruit. It seemed like a pleasant smell, but there was a feeling that it shouldn’t be consumed.

I was curious about the expression the young lady, who would experience drinking alcohol that she had only seen in a laboratory, would make.

I cautiously extended the glass towards the hesitant young lady.

“Cheers. Shall we?”


The young lady awkwardly held the glass.

She didn’t know what “cheers” meant.

I carefully brought my glass closer to hers, which she held absently.

As our glasses clinked, a clear sound echoed, “Cheers.”

“This is called a toast.”

“Why do we do this?”


Even I wasn’t sure.

I spat out a plausible explanation to the young lady, who was burning with curiosity.

“Maybe it’s to ward off evil spirits?”

“You don’t know either?”


With a meaninglessness reason, the young lady giggled brightly and extended her glass.

“Let’s do it again. One more time!”


“You didn’t do it properly!”


With a small smile, I cautiously handed her the cup.

The lady laughed cheerfully, took the cup, and said with a bright smile, “For world domination!”

“hahahahaha! What is that?”

“My dream.”

The lady, who still hadn’t given up on her ambitions.

She was an extraordinary lady with great ambitions.

*Gulp* After taking a sip, the lady wrinkled her brow.

“Eww!!! It tastes terrible!”

Laughter burst out.

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