The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen chapter 58

58 - What is Your Ideal Type? -1-

58 – What is Your Ideal Type? -1-

“You son of a b*tch! Right there!!!”


“Right there!”

Another peaceful day in the young lady’s room.

The young lady was playing hide and seek with Gomtang, her dog.

A month had passed since the bear cub arrived, but there was no sign of them becoming friends. They growled at each other.

The bear cub, with chocolate smeared all over its mouth, was jumping on the bed like crazy, while the lady reached out her hand diligently, trying to catch the bear cub.

The bear cub snatched the chocolate that was prepared as a snack.

The lady stared at the bear cub with a lost expression.

“You little troublemaker! Get it quickly!”

The lady cursed fiercely, exerting all her strength to catch the bear cub. When she tried to catch it, it would jump off the bed and land on the floor, and when she gave up, it would climb back on the bed and wag its tail.

Perhaps inheriting it from the person who had picked it up, even the teasing was top-notch.

“You little troublemaker! Give it to me!”


The bear cub was insulting the lady.

Like the Turkish man who sold sticky ice cream in a past life, it repeatedly asked, “Should I catch it? Can’t catch it?” in front of the lady, it made me angry just by watching.

-Heh… Heh…

The bear cub breathed heavily.

Having brutally abused its skinny body for a month and turned it into meat, the bear cub, whose animal enlargement was successful, sat hesitantly on the floor with its clumsy body.

The lady pointed her finger at the bear cub.

“Ricardo won’t do it! Let’s put soybean paste on him!”

The lady spat out harsh words in front of her pet dog. I covered the bear cub’s ears and said to the lady.

“What a lovely bear cub, you want to put soybean paste on him. The bear cub is hurt by hearing that.”

“Whether it’s a bear cub or anything else, it’s annoying!”

The lady’s eyes were filled with genuine anger.

Looking at the bear cub scratching its head with a fierce gaze that seemed to turn it into bear broth if teased a little more, the lady spoke.

I, acting as the oblivious bear cub, tried to ease the lady’s anger and took out a chocolate from my pocket.

The lady looked at the chocolate in her hand and said with a stern look.

“No way I’ll settle for just one!”

While negotiating like this, the lady’s greedy honesty, I pretended to be defeated and took out two chocolates from my pocket.

Since I picked them up, I have to take responsibility.

When the two chocolates were nestled in the angry lady’s hands, she smiled brightly and raised her thumb.


‘Why is she complimenting him there?’

I’m the one who picked them up. The lady, who praised in an unexpected place, tapped the bedside with a smirk and said.

“Meat! Come here!”



Gomtang naturally climbed onto the bed, wagging his tail, and placed the stolen chocolate next to the lady.

“Well done!”

The lady affectionately petted Gomtang. Gomtang and the lady exchanged expressions like swindlers who had tricked a fool.

Seeing the wicked smiles of the two, a thought crossed his mind.

“Are they deceiving each other…?”

Swoosh. The lady took jerky from her pocket and fed Gomtang one piece at a time.

“That pig.”

A sense of betrayal crept in.

It was on par with teasing the butler, thinking he’s the owner of that dog.

“Sigh… fooled again.”

The lady, with a hand on her throbbing forehead, spoke solemnly to me.

“Being deceived is your fault.”

“…That’s true.”

The lady was someone who conveyed the truth of life.

A month passed after the final exams.

A month that brought a new family, a month when Mihail was punched.

During that time, people came to the academy, and the lady had tears in her eyes when she saw the clean arms. It was a memorable month that passed us by.

-Thank goodness… really… thank goodness!

-This is the power of the universal ointment.

-Tsk… don’t try to deceive me!

We didn’t live busy lives for a month.

There was nothing to do, and we didn’t want to do anything.

If you have money, spend it—such is the truth of life. Retirement funds and such would be handled by the future me, so for a month, the lady and I enjoyed the life of unemployed.

We must have paid off all the debts. I’ve lived frugally, and the empty wallet must understand a bit of mischief.

With the reluctance of an unemployed person, I threw myself towards the lady’s lap as she sat on the bed.


It was a bit firm, but the pleasant sensation of the thigh was felt on the back of the head. The lady’s knee pillow was undoubtedly a contender for the strongest in the world.

Two years ago, the young lady’s legs were softer and more plump than they are now, but her legs, which she couldn’t walk on, were endlessly frail.

I hesitated awkwardly, fearing that my weight might burden the delicate legs of the frail lady, and I lay down, supporting my head with determination.

Because the lady’s legs are delicate.

“It’s so frail… there’s nothing but bones.”

Before seeing the lady’s bitter expression, I hid my face beneath the vast expanse of my chest. I didn’t want to show the lady my despondency.

Someday, I vowed to myself that I would uplift the lady. I looked at my bandaged palm.

“The touch of rehabilitation.”

It is the only method available to me at the moment.

I have hope, but there’s a certain unease about the uncertain ability.

I don’t even know how much damage my body will endure.

Because I can’t be sure that I can cure the lady.

While I entertained bitter thoughts, the lady, who became a makeshift pillow, looked at me with a puffy expression.

“It’s heavy.”

“I have nothing on my mind, so it’s light.”

“You have more than me…!”

“I’m a commoner, so my head is light.”

Despite the lady’s attempt to clear my head with a look of profit, she had to give up due to my stubborn insistence on maintaining my position.

Though the lady in the lower half of her body couldn’t feel, it seemed she didn’t like lying on her thighs.

I buried my face in the lady’s skirt width, chuckling softly.

“Just a little longer.”


“I’ll just lie here for a bit longer.”

The lady sighed deeply and focused on her chocolate.

A month had passed.

It was a time of leisure, but quite a lot happened.

[Mikhail, the pride of the swordsmanship department. Awakens the Auro!]

An article about Mikhail awakening the Auro appeared on the front page of the newspaper, and the rewards for what happened that day made the empire buzz with excitement.

I wasn’t envious.

Because I didn’t want to become famous.

I didn’t want to go to the capital, and going to the capital just to receive a minor reward wasn’t efficient.

I didn’t want to travel to a distant place just to receive small commendations, the academy chancellor, and a handshake, even if they paid a lot of money.

I’d rather go leaf viewing with the lady during that time.

As I looked at the lady, who had chocolate on her lips, I thought to myself.

“Come to think of it, we haven’t gone leaf viewing.”

I had completely forgotten about it due to Mikhail’s work and the new family member known as Gomtang.

From Noble mtl dot com

The leaves have fallen beautifully this year.

I turned my head and looked out the window. The leaves were falling, but luckily, there seemed to be enough scenery left to go leaf viewing.

I stood up and looked at the lady.

“Eat a lot and grow up healthy…”

The lady who fed jerky to Gomtang without knowing her wicked intention. Gomtang, happily eating the jerky, turned over his stomach and lay down on the bed.


Suddenly calling out to her, the lady flinched.

The lady spoke to me in an awkward voice.

“I didn’t give you anything!”

The lady quickly hid the jerky behind her back. Although I saw the sticking out packaging of the jerky, I pretended not to know and cautiously asked while looking out the window.

“Can you spare some time today?”

“Time? I’m busy.”

The lady claimed to be busy in a mocking tone. I couldn’t help but laugh at the lady’s twiddling expression.

“I also need to take a nap today.”

“Cockroaches will come out.”

“No, it’s fine. He eats all of them.”


I nodded my head slightly at Gomtang’s remarkable appetite to eat everything.

“He does a good job catching them indeed.”

“Yeah. That’s why I can take a nap.”

“Come on, just give me some time for today.”

Pointing outside to the sunny window, I said to the lady.

“It’s perfect for hiking today.”



The lady gazed out of the window for a while.

When the Hamel Mountains, filled with red and yellow leaves, came into her sight, the lady’s eyes widened.


She was honest with her emotions.

“Why? You can go out, feel the wind, and eat delicious food.”

“I don’t want to. It’ll be tough for Riccardo if we go all the way up there.”

I showed her my right forearm, with a small smile on my face, as a display of appreciation for the considerate thoughtfulness of the lady who cared for her butler.

The white flesh of my arm was exposed.

There were scattered dark scars, but now it was a normal sight, no longer painful or tainted by black magic.

The lady poked my arm with her finger.

“Are you fully healed?”



It had been a month since I showed my arm to the lady, but she still worried about it.

The lady, who still applied ointment and bandages to my perfectly fine arm, did not believe my words. She had her reservations, given her past experiences.

I tried to assure her not to worry by applying a little pressure to my forearm, making it sturdy, but the lady, who poked her fingertips into my arm, expressed concern and spoke to me.

“It still seems painful.”

“I’m fully healed.”

“Riccardo is a liar. I can’t trust him.”

I couldn’t help but feel guilty in many ways.

After a brief moment of hesitation, I lifted the resistant lady in my embrace, gently refusing her.

Ignoring the opinions of the master was the way of the Butler.

Looking at the struggling lady, I spoke.

“Let’s go. Let’s see the autumn leaves.”

The lady looked at me and asked.

“Do we have a lot of money?”

I answered the lady with a reassuring look.

“Hiking is free.”


The lady smiled brightly.

It seemed like I had received permission.

Before leaving, the young lady spoke with a small smile.

“Then let’s have a drink!”


“I’ve never tried it… Let’s drink. Alcohol!”

The young lady pulled at my coat with a mischievous laugh.


It was my first time drinking here…

I was afraid that the young lady, who seemed unfamiliar with alcohol, might get drunk, but I couldn’t resist her sunny smile and replied.

“Alright, just one bottle.”


I expressed my concern to the young lady.

“By the way, I’m a heavy drinker, you know?”

“A heavy drinker?”

“I’m really good at it.”


The young lady confidently replied, shoulders back.

“I’m a heavy drinker too!”

I had a bad feeling about this.

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