The Book I Wrote Became the Bible
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The Book I Wrote Became the Bible

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내가 쓴 책이 성서가 되었다
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Synopsis The Book I Wrote Became the Bible

I wrote a book based on the memories of my previous life.

“Oh, my lord. Please save your humble and sinful servant.”

“I, as the princess of the empire, have committed an unforgivable sin. I beg for your mercy. Please…”

“Our god desires it! It’s a holy temple, you foolish heretics!”

“Never again war! Never again war!”

…But something seems strange.

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  1. Hated Author KR says:

    Korean writers are really assholes

    … I know that they write novels to make money, but if you write a novel that has religious elements, then make it something of your imagination and don’t mix it with religion in the real world…

    And I don’t know if the Korean people there believe in God…

  2. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    If this novel is known by many Muslims, the writer will face many problems, like how like how Salman Rushdie, Author of ‘Satanic Verses’ Stabbed in New York.

    He uses dark elves as a substitute for Arab Muslims in the desert and using the name Muhammad as a character of MC’s follower and gender bending it to women.

  3. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This is a really frustrating novel for me.

    There are some parts that are good and some parts that is honestly disgusting.

    The parts where it was only purely fantasy religion where good, like using his skill to create miracles and such.


    I will spoil one thing that happens in this novel and you decide if you want to continue with the novel:
    In the christian bible, The tax collector Levi who will eventually become the apostle Matthew was gender bent in this novel. Here “she” was still called Levi, but change to Mata instead of Matthew. Presumbly also this gender bent Matthew is supposed to be part of the MC’s harem.

    I screamed in anger with this one because this joke of an author actually dared to pervert Matthew the Evangelist like how low can you go?

    I will still continue to read this novel in the future because honestly the parts where there are no blatant plagiarism were good. Like I’m looking forward to this “holy war” between the fantasy religions.

    But honestly if you got angry by the small spoiler that I said. Its better of you dont read it because there are honestly worse parts.

  4. In fact, this novel is quite entertaining if you are not concerned with religious in personal life. Of course, there are still two particularly annoying things in this book: the love of many heroines for the protagonist from the first sight closer to the 50th chapters (I suppose the god he created messes with people’s perception) for such a stupid reason as “he is devilishly handsome” (huh, the son of God is “devilishly” handsome… Okay, in the novel, heroines call him resembling the god of beauty), and also the fact that misunderstandings move the plot. And no, it’s not the supporting characters who misunderstand the main character – they all understand correctly (because the lie that millions believe becomes the truth), it’s the protagonist who doesn’t understand what’s going on, guided by the logic of a healthy person. He is undoubtedly an idiot, but the logic that you can’t actually become a god just by writing a book is definitely there.

  5. after reading all the comments I wasn’t in the mood because this was about real religion, even though there were some interesting novels that I had read that were related to the Islamic religion, I immediately threw them away, because in my country there is a saying “if your religion is insulted and you just keep quiet, then change it.” clothe you in the shroud.”

  6. yeah like @Arcus 101 say this make me uncomfortable,angry and kills the mood to read another novel

  7. @Hasan Barghouth
    I agree with you
    this novel is too bad to read, many things are not useful to read
    the author/writer is like an old man who is often consumed by fake news/hoax
    I know that Koreans feel great about themselves but this so bad

    I don’t even want to give 1, this is suck
    only crazy person read this sh*t

  8. milky violet says:

    Honestly it’s so easy to create your own religion.

    To start off with, start off with a creator god. Then explain how he built the earth and it’s intelligent life, and then etc I’m too lazy to continue writing this.

  9. Ken Ken says:

    This is heresy, somebody call The Inquisition.

  10. @Poison tester
    This is not the first Korean novel that I have seen that offends Islam. It is not enough for them to distort the image of Islam in the media, so they began to offend it in fictional novels.

    Perhaps it bothers them that Islam is the fastest spreading religion in the world today, so they are trying to fight it in this childish way.

    For you, it may be just two words that are not repeated because you are not a Muslim, but I, as a Muslim, do not tolerate these two words. I would rather be insulted than insulted by my religion.

  11. Reafan says:

    Best novel…. For atheis like majority of korean people, no wonder…..

  12. Insufferable says:

    I am raised Catholic and this is still poison to me. Christian or Islam I think this is very inappropriate still.

  13. Dropped at around ch 30 when MC suddenly pull out a new power that was never foreshadowed, out of absolutely nowhere. Also, by ch 30 there are roughly around 20 women introduced, which is alarmingly high. Aside from MC and his dad, it seems the rest of the population is female. Guess we should add men to the endangered species list.


  14. This novel is an ok read if you find the premise of misunderstood as a god fun (which I sort of enjoy). But I am pretty sure that will grow old fast.

    I read ch18, bracing myself for the discrimination like what ‘Poison Tester’ mentioned. It turns out to be less than I thought. It was like, 2 sentences about Islam is heretics and never mentioned again (as far as I’ve read). Obviously, still not ok for this to have been written, but since it was only 2 sentences it is easy to ignore (and hopefully never mentioned again)

    Other than that, huge issues with the cast compromised of mainly girls who fall for the MC for nonsensical reasons, which is a big red flag for a bad harem novel. There is no merit to this novel other than the somewhat interesting premise of being mistaken as alter Jesus. It’s fun until it isn’t.


  15. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    That is not even mentioning that it seems he is considered God in that world and that’s just…yeah….very uncomfortable. If it was just some fantasy religion instead of a real one, I would’ve been fine with it but this… yeah no.

  16. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Please don’t think that just because it’s has the Bible that Christians may like it. Personally I don’t like it if there’s anything about disparaging other religions in here, so I won’t read it, honestly the impression I got of this novel from the comments make me very uncomfortable instead. So thanks for that poison testers.

  17. This novel basically carries the comedy trope of misinterpretation that draws humor from a character failing to properly interpret the meaning of a sentence from the MC, instead interpreting it in a literal or unexpected way. The MC named Luca, possesor of child North Grand Duke, he made books like the Bible to sell and get money, which was then misunderstood by many people. One of his followers was a guild leader who was helped by MC and thought MC was god, then built a church without MC knowing (of course he eventually found out, because her church became the main religion in her kingdom). Other kingdoms that have their own churches do not remain silent and conflict occurs. One of his followers who was originally a apostle of the god Chaos also became his follower after a misunderstanding, then misunderstood the MC’s words, went to another kingdom and formed a Priest group from prostitution. The original protagonist also becomes a paladin of the MC’s new religious church which changes the original story. Overall, some readers may find the novel funny, others may not, and some feel offended. The writing of the characters is also too one-dimensional and they believe too easily and follow the MC’s words easily.

  18. Eshya says:

    This is poison. Too much religions distortions are included in this isekai novels world building. I really don’t recommend it

  19. Poison tester says:

    Just read it, my review is subjective because I am moeslim, maybe it will be good if you are Christian? But for sure this novel have zero tolerance to another religion.

    Tbh, the novel is readable and I was enjoyed it until chapters 18

  20. Poison tester says:

    Ah, wrong click..

    Synopsis: MC reincarnated into Deux Ex Machina Game(but the game became A Real World), MC wrote(copy and modif) a bible because most popular books in this world is about God. So, he thought something like bible will be popular and make money for him. But, the book was too popular until it be one of biggest religion in the world and everyone who knew he wrote the bible(MC hiding his identity as the bible writer) misunderstood him as God incarnation(he have gift similar like miracle).

    Review: -100/10 (offensive word to another religion)
    1. Ch 18 destroy my mood. The writer called islam as heresy.
    2. Sensitive content (The book wrote by mc literally a copy of bible, and the mc implied as jesus.)

    Im sorry with my bad English

  21. Insufferable says:

    Poison tester died of too much poison before he wrote his review… rest in only good novels paradise

  22. Big Blackclock says:

    @Poison Tester

    Reason where?

  23. @Poison tester
    Is it too much poison ??

  24. Poison Tester says:

    Note: the review is subjective.
    Last reading: chapters 18
    Review: -100/10 (

  25. Insufferable says:

    He probably wrote the greatest hemtai of all time.

    No wonder he’s worshipped so much

  26. Poison Tester says:

    Hmm.. I don’t like religion thing in the fiction novel. Anyways lets taste it first because a good reader never judge the book by its cover.

  27. Zzz says:

    If i am not back in 3 days hold my funeral

  28. says:

    Aight I passed since in just 2 chapters there are already mention of joining an academy 🗿.

  29. Newbro says:

    Is it like the writer in the fantasy world?

  30. says:

    Oh hell nah fanatics heroines? I like it and I am going in since I like obsession, but not Irl, of course. Also, please, I beg it’s not too much of a poison, I beg.

  31. Aaaa Ambaatukammm says:

    looks like i went too fast

  32. All Night says:

    Synopsis reads like regret, but no tag. Anyway new obsession novel. let’s go!

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