Academy Pure Love Prison Guard
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Academy Pure Love Prison Guard

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아카데미 순애파 교도관
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Pure Love Prison Guard

Possession stories are a form of N*TR.

My mindset hasn’t changed even after becoming possessed.”

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  1. Luis says:

    Tal vez es por la traducción o porque faltaban partes del capítulo sentí que estaba leyendo un borrador más que una novela (partes inconclusas o carentes de sentido), le daría un 4/10 sólo porque la historia parecía interesante

  2. Novel reviewer says:

    Smut: 29, 85, 86, 119, 138,

    1. That’s the best novel review here.

  3. read til 105, meh at best. full of plot holes that even if you read it brain dead, still hurts your head. key characters cease to exist for the plot to work. cool concept for a novel but the author focuses way too much on the character relationships and the poor world building just trash the whole novel.

  4. Reafan says:

    Almost Poison in early story because some JP cliche and to much monologue , average in 20 chp+ average, not good

  5. Munu says:

    I quite like it so far, MC always thinks one should pair up or marry their partner like he sees in the game, but when he does that, the women assume that he likes you, for those who don’t like the genre this market misunderstanding I I recommend just skipping it, but for those who like it, please read the author’s writing, it’s quite good and the MC isn’t weak, it’s completely worth reading for me.

    1. Hehe says:

      thanks for the comment, I’ll avoid this

      1. Just Another Fool says:

        Thanks for the comment. I’ll dive in

  6. Virgin_Slayer says:

    Check the character illustrations in Novelpia, and the author changed the original MC gender from male to female 🤮Story similiar to “The pure love of the Humiliation Academy”. Well at least in that story, author is not hypocritical and put good sex scene in that rather than this story

    1. from what i read so far, the og mc turns into femboy. its much better if the og mc is just a girl.

  7. Munu says:

    I quite understand this, Mc played a game and failed to save his heroine from marrying the MC, but all his efforts failed, the heroine always died, finally he was reincarnated into the game world, and found the heroine, hoping that the heroine would survive at the end of the game and get married with the original MC, he took care of his heroine since childhood and yandere happened 🗿

    I have one question, there is a munchkin tag here, but why did MC lose so easily in chapter 0, is it because of comedy?

  8. rob z rob z says:

    Absolute trash. It’s a bullsh!t harem author who engages in specious “logic” to claim all possession novels are NTR and possessors should aim to preserve “pure love,” and in so doing has the MC act like as @ss, when the novel is really one big troll of pure love fans. And it embraces the same d!ckless eunuch MC in an unresolved harem novel concept that makes harem so awful, so it goes to the other extreme from pure love. And for whatever reason it even brings in the horrible murim / heavenly demon crap. I actively hated this, and for my preferences, found it to be poisonous in the extreme.

    1. GameOn says:

      For you novel from scribblehub is good. This is korean genre not american dude.

    2. Data Nice Data Nice says:

      Just skip it bro. No need to go nuts over a novel that’s not made for you. GSH.

  9. So far i find this interesting. Only 9 chapters in though. Mc wants to save a heroine from dying but is determined to not take away anything from the og Mc, including the heroines

    1. Shadow says:

      And that always works perfectly, doesn’t it?

  10. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I will wait for someone to do the review, in the prologue it says that he s*xually harasses them and doesn’t seem so appetizing

  11. There’s pure love in the title but no pure love tag and there’s also the combination of harem and munchkin tag which I hate the most 🤮

    1. Cero says:

      Now they put love in everything 🤦.

      1. Cero says:

        *pure love

  12. TheSinglesLord says:

    Quite a traitorous tags

  13. Moonlit Walker says:

    Um… Wait why the hell is my clock 9:14 pm??? You guys a re 3:00 pm ??? So much time lag

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        my clock is 11:22, theirs 17:22

  14. VelconTill says:

    Ah its gonna be one of those. MC supports pure love and wants nothing to do with the main cast. So he does the one thing to make them not look at him, act like an ass and not just Idk do nothing? Like I bet he would have had better results if he just acted like a nerd and did not mess with the main characters, lived like he does not know the story then what happen in the first chap would not happen. (No spoilers on this, this was all just chap one).

    I for one will skip this, it ruins the name of pure love imo.

    1. Hitachi says:

      What is it? Because I don’t see the “misunderstanding” tag? I mean the MC still pretends to be an asshole, but attracts FML???

      1. VelconTill says:

        Idk, author might be too lazy to add that tag, I bet it has a ton tho. And as for why women fall in love it might go like this “Oh my! MC is taking care of a kitten with a kind face?! But he is evil?! I got to look into this!” and alot of dumb stuff like that.

  15. I became Academy toilet 🚽

    1. After being a miserable person my whole life 😭😭 I became Academy toilet of ladies bathroom 😳😍😍. Why do the heroine keep coming back to me 😯😯. Why is main heroine obsessed with me🥵🥵( she just has diarrhoea)

      1. VelconTill says:

        In god’s name wtf did you eat to write this?

      2. Poison Tester says:

        Aww disgusting, you sick bruh. Please get out and touch some grass.

        Get well soon _/\_

        1. It is best regret novel for scat lovers what you talking about🤩🤩

          1. Bocchan says:

            You disgust me.

  16. Seastan says:

    There’s pure love in the title but harem in the tags

  17. TungSon says:

    Firts and wtf name

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