The Blockhead Became an Overpowered Magician
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The Blockhead Became an Overpowered Magician

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빡대가리 먼치킨 마법사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Blockhead Became an Overpowered Magician

People praise me, calling me a genius.

“Professor, may I ask a question?”
“…Figure it out yourself.”

I don’t know a single thing about magic theory!!

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  1. Mila says:

    jjk 44
    The plot is quite slow, so I’ll come back when there are more chapters to read

  2. Enter says:

    The country is about to be attacked by an army of demons from hell, but the main goal of mc is to kill a spy of a neighboring state who works as a merchant, collecting information about students.
    That is, an ordinary intelligence officer who collects information about the magical abilities of students is more dangerous than the demons from hell who are supposed to destroy the world.
    The author mentions that all the spy’s goods are stolen, which is why they are so cheap, which is also logical nonsense, because there is no more idiotic way to reveal yourself than to run a shop for stolen goods, and at the same time try to become a famous merchant.
    In general, the whole story is all about the state agenda.

  3. Read up to ch 54.
    This one is okay. MC transmigrated to a game with a system that allows him to use magic instantly with just a thought. His system makes him the fastest mage out there since magic in this world takes time with calculations and mana manipulation. He eventually ends up as a professor and he just trains the students with experience since he personally has no idea how magic works because the system does it all for him. He also uses his future knowledge to help out the main characters and stuff.

    I kind of expected this to be more focused on his professor career (since it’s in the title). But so far, it kind of hasn’t? It’s been 54 chapters and he’s only had one class. Now he’ll probably have more down the line but I genuinely think this is a common academy guy handling hidden evils known by his game knowledge with teaching as a side dish. It’s teacher novel that’s actually just a Korean academy novel. Now I might be wrong about that but that’s legitimately what I feel about is so far.

    Let’s talk harem. Most of his harem members are his students since that’s the professor trope. There’s the MC of the game, the female merchant, and the aloof princess. In terms of coworkers, there’s mainly just the alcoholic female principal (which is different from academy head, for some reason). They are cliche. They’re okay and cliche and that’s fine. The first 50 chapters focus on the MC helping these people before he even becomes a professor. As of screen time though, the female MC of the game is getting the most love from the author.

    Overall, this is an okay academy novel. I’m just personally disappointed by it because I wanted a professor novel, not an academy one. There’s a difference okay? And the author doesn’t seem to know that.

  4. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    This one was enjoyable, a nice light read and I’m looking forward to more.

    1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      Oh right, read to chapter 54

  5. Jahe Manis says:

    I read this novel because there were comments that said this story was funny, but I don’t agree. MC lacks character, he is like Marionettes controlled by strings (quest from the system). All misunderstandings occur because the MC does what the system says, not the MC’s own initiative. Several characters see him as a good man because he often makes sacrifices and helps others. He was known as a cruel and harsh teacher. All of that because the system encourages MC to do all that. The MC can refuse the quest, but he never does. The author uses misunderstanding as a humor device, but I don’t find it funny.

  6. Su 183 says:

    Average start

    But everything thing else is good

    Give it a chance

  7. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a fun, light comedy misunderstanding novel. MC died from a disease, then he possesses an academy game he played as an unknown mage student of an archmage that only appeared in the game’s lore. He doesn’t see a status screen, but he has an appraisal ability, receives quests that give him points that can be used to learn magic books like they are skill books. He is a blockhead because he doesn’t actually understand the calculations or the rune language needed for casting spells, but just uses them like hotkeys from the game with instacast. As he progresses through quests, he receives some of the guy he possesses’ memories, and it seems like his archmage master who disappeared might know about MC’s game abilities.

    Since MC died in his past life, now he’s just chilling, enjoying himself, making sure to avoid bad endings. He goes to the academy as a teacher and not a student. The heroines kinda like him and respect him for helping them out, not really much romance so far. Character interactions and developments are nice.

  8. Veldra says:

    So far I like this alot.

    The mc is chill and same with other characters. You’d think the author would force bs heroins on the mc plus the misunderstanding plot but no they all have their life and movement

    The mc is also nice instead of a student he pursues as a professor while also not rushing things out and thinking carefully of not monopolizing all the “hidden pieces”.

    Although the Author is zooming the characters , they still are miles better than some intense action and misunderstanding tags haver.

    If you want to have a chill time and taking breaks from intense poison drinking. This is your holy water that calms everything.


    1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      I’ll have a sparkling poison, no ice.

  9. every time, my eyes see: Eren, my brain :YEAGER

  10. I enjoy this one, while it isn´t amazing or anything, it´s a pretty decent novel. Read if you are bored.


  11. kk77 says:

    it’s good

  12. milky violet says:

    I think the MCs being allergic to females would be pretty funny.

    At least mine would, since my MC isn’t going to be naturally dense, he’s just gonna be dense to be an a*shole. Wouldn’t it be funny if a yandere just kept getting blue balled and then one day she snaps and goes some bs like “awhhh hwahh~ you keep teasing me~~ you will regret it~” while the MC is pinned down- wait a minute that sounds like fetish writing, idc bro someone should make a novel where the MC just blue balls everyone.

    Ahaha I got it. “I became the Academy Edger”

    Synopsis: hahaha nope that’s not going to happen

    Tags: obsession, harem, I HATE THE READERS, comedy

    Overall gist of the story: MC likes to piss of the readers and people around him, so he can break the fourth wall. But to the people around him, he just kinda looks insane because he’s staring in one direction and starts rambling. Yes I see, it will be rated 1.2 stars hehehehe… oh but wait it gets darker and more philosophical at the end so when the novel ends he finishes with the line “I have no enemies” while that song plays and then 4928 chapters of filler!!

    1. milky violet says:

      The start of the filler will be titled some stuff like “The Demon King (Part 1)”

      and it’s just the MC messing around with the demon queen or king and lords and dukes and whatnot

      It’s going to act all deep and edgy when in reality, I just want to piss people off- wait not me, I meant the god authors wants to piss people off so they can forcefully possess someone so they save their world!!

      1. Sephir says:

        Ur in ur own insanity

      2. who let his demons out

    2. Des says:

      milky lost it. Wait… He lost it long ago.

  13. reik says:

    It’s just your friendly neighborhood Japanese mc

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      I don’t know why if anyone says Japanese mc my mind will translate to— beta chuck, simp, tsundere victim, harem Walmart magnet, ridicules power up, and plot armor in name of luck.

      1. reik says:

        Only a peak Japanese mc can reach that high😮‍💨

      2. Sephir says:

        wait what happens if i’m ur average chinese uncle

    2. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      oh no, I don’t want to read a mc allergic to female contact

  14. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    First chapter starts with hero saving beauty cliche. Already loosing my will to continue *sighs*

  15. Kaniya says:

    Finally a poison or not!

  16. Cero says:

    Bro, what kind of poison is this? 🥶.

    1. WillBeBlack says:

      primordial myriad poison

      1. Feng says:

        I am quite literally ded 💀💀💀

  17. WillBeBlack says:

    Chapter Doko????

    1. Feng says:

      In my kokoro

      1. Idon'tknow says:

        I laughed so hard at this for some reason 🤣🤣

  18. WillBeBlack says:


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