How to Live as a Martial Arts Writer in a Fantasy World
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How to Live as a Martial Arts Writer in a Fantasy World

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How to Live as a Martial Arts Writer in a Fantasy World

“If you will not walk the path of the sword, become the greatest literary figure of the continent.”

A thunderbolt from the blue, a single sentence fallen from my father!
The youngest son of the continent’s foremost swordsmanship family, Allen Edgar von Mueller.
He said he couldn’t wield a sword, and now he has to become the greatest literary figure of the continent?!

How a reincarnated martial arts novelist lives as a writer in a fantasy world!

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  1. Enter says:

    boring sh*t

  2. IME says:

    this is quite good. i like this because MC doesnt hide his writing talent.

  3. Zen says:

    Read till 59
    I still don’t understand how martial arts technique is explained in a novel so as to it can be reproduced in real life. I am saying this because even the author(MC) says it’s a fiction but he was able to identify the art when his brother performed the art from the novel. It’s so contradictory from the MC’s part. I haven’t seen any author explain the martial arts technique so clearly and detailed apart from the name of art like “Void Shattering First technique” even if he does explain and if one tries to imitate it it’s like “blind leading a deaf…”
    It’s a common troupe in reincarnation, transmigration, villian etc genre where the transmigrated reader or author remembers the technique explained in the novel and reproduces the revolutionary”mana breathing method” which will only be later discovered by someone else but he got through novel knowledge but i have yet to see an author who explain the technique detailed apart from the peripheral description.

    1. Yeah its stupid thrope, author basically trying to copy how to survive as author, but even in that novel “fiction turn into reality” Suck. They just a coincident and that all.
      I have a high hope for this to turn good but it lost me when that happen.
      Atleast in how to survive as author, the main point is how that novel solve racisme and add that later on.
      But in here its too early to divert into that, and its suck.

  4. Dagonusznyz says:

    The story is full of misconceptions and non-existing parallels. The type of pretentious and lengthy writing that the author compares throughout the novel is found not in the pre-industrial era, but rather mostly in post-industrial age peaking with the modernism. George Orwell was the biggest rival and enemy to this type of language in the academy and literature. So the novel confuses the strict etiquette and the rigid social life of medieval and pre-industrial era, with that of the post-industrial heavy academical language, not literary language. The King James Bible and Shakespeare are perfectly legible to modern audiences and they are comparable among themselves too. Shakespeare’s audience, contrary to popular thought, was very diverse. Making any suggestion of class-related higher literature level to be a dividing factor unlikely.

    Moving on, most popular stories in medieval Europe were produced and told by commoners using their literary language. Most stories in Europe were told by wandering bards, which were abundant in King’s and Duke’s courts. The written forms of literature were not as popular or common until after the invention of the press and the advancement of paper-making techniques.

    1. Veldra says:

      Ok Mr Wikipedia the point of the author was not about the Shakespeare or how people view the medieval writing his simply put his views of why those writing were stretching worlds for not much. You can complain all you want but anyone here who has had Shakespeare taught to them agree with the sentiment of the mc.

      No one likes to read something that uses lengthy words to go in details plus if you read the novel you would know the mc is going the manga novel like way which to be honest is way better nowadays.

      1. Dagonsuznyx says:

        I had Shakespeare taught to me. It certainly wasn’t difficult to understand it. Shakespeare’s plays, or the King James Bible for that matter, use a particular language popularized for literature at the time. It was needlessly poetic to distinguish it from your every day language regardless of formality, and it worked. It still works centuries after. The same way why Tolkien’s language worked. It was poetic. It used analogies and “lengthy words” to describe the imagery and LOTR is still the godfather of the fantasy genre almost a century after it was written. Again, like the author, you are confusing literary language with that of academic one. Literature was as colorful and joyful as it is today as it was in the past. It surely had periods of complex writing, but also simplicity as well. Web fiction uses its own genre specific language for practical purposes. It leaves no room for different interpretations and it is to the point. Although it is easier to read, or rather consume, it is impossible to achieve anything worth while in terms of being a literary product and as an art. That’s why I also like wns, they are easier to access and I don’t tire my brain needlessly, yet some of what’s written irritates the hell out of me. This novel is simply a stupid wishful fantasy of a murim circejerker. It is trash.

    2. Arcus101 says:

      …What? Can you try to explain what you’re talking about again in a way that is legible and easy to be understood by the modern audiences please.

    3. Insufferable says:

      Yes, but no. The author is very obviously not portraying authentic medieval society but the “cliche fantasy medieval” fantasy, with the romanticized and polarized counterparts of its predecessor.

      1. dagonsuznyx says:

        And it doesn’t work. It’s stupid. Just like how all the other “modern popular literature author isekaied” novels. This is a failed concept with a wrong premise born out of misconceptions. It doesn’t work. It isn’t even slightly amusing.

        1. maybe its just you. its a web novel, there is no need to be this pretentious.

          1. Dagonsuznyx says:

            Nope, it is the uneducated and ignorant Korean watermelon sellers trying to pass as writers. And this is me being kind

  5. rob z rob z says:

    From my perspective, just crap. But as a caveat, I hate martial arts novels, especially murim, wuxia, or anything with dantians, cultivation, heavenly demons, etc. So postulating a fantasy world where all of a sudden the populace is starved for such a novel is relatively poisonous to me (although that is based only on my personal preference, not that I am saying this novel is poison to the general populace.)

  6. Jahe Manis says:

    In my opinion, written media is a bad medium for fighting stories, especially martial arts. Image media is a better choice. Author must make “How to Live as a Martial Arts Comic in a Fantasy World”. Just realized that many Korean novels depict the MC as writer, if the theme is about writers going into fantasy, no comic artists.

    1. I agree, specially when the authors using jargons and uncommon words. Sometimes they tend to over explaining every actions of characters making. When you see it in visual media they just swinging thier sword or throwing punches. Not just in martial arts it on magic stuffs to in novel it had a very grand and complicated descriptions but when its converted to visual media you’ve just see a fireball or gigantic fireball. I know that it for the sake of immersion and depends on how the well the execution visual media adaptation. But sometime its just wall of text if you can’t properly visualize on your own without reference so you just skip it and you just go ahead to the affect of that attack. No matter how intricate and complex the process is, most people would only care the end product .

  7. RealEason says:

    uhhh, i guess ill try it

  8. Hated Author KR says:

    Bookmark this

  9. Insufferable says:

    Yayy I like writer protagonists. It tickles my brain testi**es in the right way.

    Please be good or I will push the big red button that the us president has in his office.

  10. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Middle ages and fantasy? Greatest swordsman? Ah I can just imagine writing novels in the times when only nobles and rich merchant families can afford to buy novels. Also can a modern martial arts writer write fights worth reading about when they’re throwing out crazy attacks flashy attacks in a fantasy world?

    Let’s see how author does it I’m going in.

    1. Cero says:

      The cliché novels of the academy would sell like crazy 😳.

      1. salty1 says:

        why do i agree with you ?

    2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      Chapter 55, yeah it was boring and it had all those pretentious twists you would expect from an author who goes to the fantasy middle ages.

      The story was also kind of dry and boring if I’m honest. These types of stories need at least 100 chapters to enjoy.

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