The Villainess in the Romance Fantasy Is Strange
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The Villainess in the Romance Fantasy Is Strange

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로판 속 악녀가 이상하다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villainess in the Romance Fantasy Is Strange

The designated villainess in the doomed novel, Lia von Elebeth.

She was supposed to be the one and only villain in the world.

“Excuse me, knight. Would you like to try this…?”

She’s unexpectedly kind to me, her escort knight.


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  1. I read this novel is not too bad, quite entertaining to read. Similar to “ending maker” but not the best version of it. MC reborn as the third son of a baron in romance novels, who is then taken in as an escort knight by the heroine. The heroine is not as evil as in the ori story. I suspect she is also the possessor. If she is a regressor, she will know that her body is suffering from “curse of misfortune” but she don’t. Weirdly, she know some detail information. Since the heroine is only a mirror character of a villain in ori story who is not mentioned in detail, information about her is also limited. So make sense she not know about her body situation. Thanks to the MC, finally the curse can be overcome as mentioned in the comments above. They entered the academic, make many problem and many guess that they are lovers. Only the MC thinks no, even though the heroine has given many hints that she likes him. Because of their actions, the story changes. Ori heroine is still attracted to ori male lead, but now she is more close with ori sub male-lead. The ori male lead in the original story had an affair and married the second heroine ori, which I think is still going to happen. So happy ending for everyone, except maybe Rowen, who tends to be homo in ori male leads.

  2. Zzz says:

    Yeah agree with you, it is like 10 times downgraded ending maker

  3. Oh and mc is dense beta type.

  4. Read all the chapters until now but can’t find where that regret tag came from. There are some clues that maybe mc and fmc might have regressed(and fmc could also be possesser) . Fmc knows some important details even without mc telling her. But the story… It’s bland. It’s a littleee bit similar to the novel Ending Maker.

  5. Reafan says:

    Super Lack of other character dialog other than mc and fmc , 10 chap only dedicated for fmc and mc Chitchat only

    I think is just boring/Bad

    I dont think this was poison, Poison was some story who have harem and stupeddd cliche+layer of plott armmorrr+JP style of wtiting

  6. Insufferable says:

    Curse as an excuse for why a character is originally bad and/or evil always feel cheap.

  7. EternalCactusOfEuthymiasAmericanShotgun says:

    Am I supposed to be impressed on how you comprehended this or just straight up pity you poor soul

  8. Mrvallet says:

    @Ryuu no, I’ve been on this site for quite a while. however this is the mtl novel that has made my head spin the most so far. with a storyline that I completely do not understand its development

  9. Forgotten one says:

    I read upto ch-15
    Spoiler alert..

    Mc is a ordinary reader who transported without cursing the writer..
    He recalls his past life when his brother struck his head with a sword in a sword fight…
    Mc became 3rd son of a low ranking baron …
    He hired as a knight because of his family wants to
    When MC knows what he is going to be Lia’s knight he is frightened because he knows that Lia is the feature villainess and may be she treat him bad…
    Lia von Elves, the villainess young lady…
    In reality she is very kind in her childhood..
    Mc don’t understand “why a kind kid like Lia became a villainess lady” and started to help her..
    One day Lia secretary goes to a nearby village with Cain and got attracted by a man. That man is one of the enemy of Lia’s father. He wanted to kidnap Lia and make her a living sacrifice in the dark church but Cain killed all his ma and warning him not to show his face second time.
    When they cover up the murder by burning all the corps by Lia’s magic Lia has magic depletion.when Cain try to find the cause he find that Lia has a a curse named ” curse of misfortune”. “The cure is Dragon’s tear”.it is said that the “Dragon’s tear “cost 8 billion won. Then MC go to find the one who cursed Lia with the help of past life knowledge. Then MC goes to find the one who cast the curse with Lia. The one who cursed Lia is a dark magician name grace, she lives in the middle of the labyrinth. After Cain threat to kill her she said if someone opposite sex kiss cursed person then the curse will split and divide by them and curse will stop after 10yr.
    Then seeing the critical condition of Lia he kissed Lia and share the curse.
    Then Lia said when I grow up let’s get married and -time lap- 7yr
    In Lia 17yr Lia said let’s get engaged..

  10. Just peeking a few chapter from this one already make my brain shutdown.

  11. Shadow says:

    You’re all overreacting, the mtl isnt that bad, I have seen way worse on this site.

  12. Padre damaso says:

    The story is good, great even for me but srsly wtf is going on,

    One moment they are talking then there’s training and stuff then they are talking again and I’m like wtf was that was it a flashback is it og events or current events? Was it part of og novel or his memories???

    It’s good but it would be better if I understood wtf was actually going on there’s only so much my barin can compliment and fill in the blanks

  13. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    *dies from poison*

  14. mr joster mr joster says:

    I love this kind of novel, but why they always get attacked every time they go for a walk, is this a canon event or sth

  15. Ryuu says:

    I don’t know if you are a new guy @Mrvallet but don’t badmouth this site if you don’t like this novelmtl site don’t. read them.

  16. Mrvallet says:

    warning!!!! don’t read!! I only read it briefly. and I’m already dizzy.(the mtl is the worst on this site)

  17. Insufferable says:

    @IwantemBed, your description is a little off.

    It feels more like going to the movies to watch a song and buying popcorn to feed the T-Rex in the petting zoo while the hulk hands you ice cream from a taco truck you two visited in Mars while talking to Elon Musk about Twitter and entering his stomach while drinking a beer in a helicopter that moans in hentai and blocks the laser attack of the millennium falcon that’s chasing you in the bathroom with a rubber duckie Han Solo that’s chasing you with a knife in central park by the lake that you’re swimming on while flying in the stratosphere with a drone that you use to deliver drugs to your sister in Hawaii and you dance aloha with her on the surface of Pluto.

    I, too, lack sleep

  18. IwantemBed says:

    The novel is so dizzy, it doesn’t help that it’s mtl so it’s even more dizzier, daym idk who talks, who is the subject what is the subject, it’s like my dreams fr:

    You are a pilot of a plane being hijacked and If you open the window of the planes cockpit you would realize the plane is crashing but it’s alright cuz the plane is full of zombies but the sun is too hut so you take out your umbrella because you forgot your sunscreen before tanning at the beach thankfully you are under a bridge Antarctica which is inside a Starbucks where you connect your wifi while looking at your corn plantation as your farmers buzz around shouting propaganda for freedom of enslaved cactuses that you take water from to power your computer to watch Netflix as you see the big meteor above china crashing to end the world

    As you can see I might have lacked more sleep than I thought

  19. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Even though I know it’s a poisoned apple, it just looks too delicious. I can’t help but take a bite…

  20. Insufferable says:

    Oh my webnovel lords, save me from the pink hair scourge.

    I’ll go in I like pure love novels. The regret better be non toxic or I’ll jump from the balcony of the first floor.

  21. Zzz says:

    It says pure love but there is regret
    Also cover is pink thot
    Kinda sus ngl

  22. Hitanyalier von Deguredolf says:

    Let me guess, it’s where in the first timeline where MC was a selfless warm hearted person for his master, the villainess, and was the only one who gave genuine care eventually sacrificing himself for her.

    If so, I’m gonna read and rate this 10/10, I’m a sucker for these stuff.

  23. Umu says:

    End of ts curse

  24. Eshya says:

    finally pure love monthly intake again

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