Possessed an Academy Security Guard
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Possessed an Academy Security Guard

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아카데미 경비원으로 빙의당했다[R]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Possessed an Academy Security Guard

Teachers, students, rivals, colleagues, and even the heroine during the build-up all die equally.
I was possessed as a security guard in the work.

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  1. LuxX says:

    Hmm, not bad. While not really my favorite at first, it’s fun 190+ onwards (bruh?). Will probably come back for an update, hmm…?

  2. Technically speaking there is one, the academy’s sewer cleaner hahahahahaha, is encerio in novepia ví one with that title.

  3. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Oh, i forgot to tell. The people loves superhero movies

  4. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    I love this WN, the more you go, the more you get swayed by the story.
    Some early chapters already foreseeing what kind of life EX MC will have.
    EX MC knew the storyline, but the god messed everything down hell to level of inferno.
    No mercy, struggling on all type of relationship. Always assume the worst but the twisted future might even exceed your prediction.
    Sometimes peaceful, even for a brief moment. But it only made you wonder how long it will last.

    Summary, you can enjoy this one if you like MC with a bit low level plot armor (MC which fight as the weak, to use item and trickery)

  5. says:

    Huh, this is actually unironically ‘good’ or quite alright novel, better than I guess 80 to 90% novels on this site in my opinion. Although, the author should actually change the story title and synopsis, since it’s quite meh to be honest.

  6. Rader says:

    This novel is based on a very simple premise. Why Hero is the one dealing with the enemies, going from weak to strong while Strong Knights are not even trying to defend the country they swore to protect. In all the novels Authors nerfed every single powerful person besides hero.

    Just look at the Harry Potter which is in news due to game nowadays. Why was there no one who could beat Voldemort who was just an emo. He was not evil like the one who killed people and created Demeters, most he did was to make trouble to Hogwarts and one country. Why no one thought of using a sniper and kill the wizards? Why no one even tried to destroy his place or even Hogwarts by Nuclear Bomb? To empower Magic as most powerful thing they nerfed every other power in the setting. To empower Harry they nerfed even Voldemort who got done by the power of love from start to finish. And lastly to make Harry a hero they nerfed every single Teacher and Senior Wizards. All this was done to make the hero standout.

    In this novel MC entered as one of the power these novels Nerf, the security team. And this novel will cover how a nerfed character can also beat the ones with halos like hero and villain. A standout novel.

  7. kk77 says:

    has the judging panel for Academy’s Most Menial Existence Championships now concluded their scoring on this? wouldnt newest contender attack helicopter come out miles ahead no matter how you cut it

    anyways for the unbelievable case where there’s somehow even one person thinking about actually reading the novel itself… well, you probably shouldn’t — because this has almost nothing to do with security guards, or academy life, or haremic skirt-chasing… hell, even the most basic possessor’s bread ‘n butter superpower of foreknowledge doesn’t come out right, at least not the way it’s meant to. im sure that there’s not been a single fkn thing in the entire novel that has gone according to protag’s plans or knowledge, not once. to the point of being really annoying in fact? and protag has the ground fall out beneath him every single time?? you’d think he’d get used to it after like, i dunno, the 35th time??? maybe 36 is the one…

    well whatever. as stated, mc is not a security guard, he’s very rarely even at the academy. he’s more of a government special agent, secret agent, underground agent, double, triple, quadruple agent?? ummm… anyway ultimately he’s only working for himself.
    the plot is relatively simple, however the world settings and each of the characters – VERY complicated. on top of that the storytelling is rather serious. Not to say that it’s dry, or that there’s any real drama or tragedy, but certainly by no means a fun, casual read.

    speaking in terms of writing quality alone this is easily top 5% of all novels on this site. At Least. but, well, thats not what people come here for, doubtlessly not i. unfortunately, like most traditional well-written novels, you would really only read this for the story itself, not for the fun premise, drawing hook, or self-indulgent plotline.
    …because this doesnt have any of those.
    normally the motto goes – if a book ain’t self-indulging, this self ain’t indulgin. sadly i ended up breaking my blood oath to never read a goodly crafted book again in this life because i ignorantly got dragged into this by accident.

    all that above is part of the reason i dont want to be describing the plot. the other reason is… well, it’s dense.
    It’s so dense – there’s so much going on.
    no really, it’s SO F^$%ING DENSE. the chapters are long af, way too much happens in each one, and almost every single time the plot advances the setting gets EVEN MORE complex. never before had i imagined i’d ever stress out at the thought of angels entering or re-entering the fantasy plot (dont even ask).
    and 200 longass chapters in, we’ve basically only just made through the ‘tutorial’, or ‘easy mode’. i nearly lost my soul at the realisation.

    tl;dr it’s not a lame meme novel, it’s not a lazy cashgrab, and it’s not some frivolous op protag’s transmig academy harem adventure – i mean i wish it was but it’s not. if u want to read this as a joke, don’t – there’s a real chance you might actually get caught and end up going against your own blood oaths or vendettas against all novels of traditionally acceptable quality that you may or may not have decided to swear against. so dont even risk it

  8. Luckyzero says:

    You never know what would happen in life…

    Didn’t expect that noble nim will actually post such a novel LMAO

    Oh and thank you for picking it up atleast I know that such a novel exist

  9. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    Chapter 112 is smut

  10. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    Chapter 70 is smut

  11. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    I tested this academy, very tasty. I recommend to lovers of romance.

  12. Vektor, sephir it’s actually very good title- it will be a sure hit.

    I can already see it the mc is a toilet/ cleaner guy, one by one all the girls will be dragged by him plus if they have lovers then it will be even more great. Then slowly he will take them daily and with sufficent training the girls will get used to and will eventually fall in relationship. Then mc will have some sort of power-up related to ero skills or lewd stuff. Then mc will come up with a mission to conquer the world for some xyz reason for plot but to conquer the world he first needs to conquer the academy and increase his strength.

    Then mc will make all girls part of his great adventure.

    Oh gosh it reminds me of a hentai, I watched some time back where mc conquers all the teachers and principals in academy though some very were shitty in start lol

  13. Phobi21 as long as your novel is r-18, I will definitely give it a go just post a link in some comment or discord server. I only read regret/ obsession /r 18 novels here anyway and very very rarely pure love until need diabetes due to stress by some heavy netori works or mind break books. As long as mc not a wimp/beta/wimpy/Mary sure/ too dense which is almost case in most novels I always finish that story hehe.

  14. Junko says:

    While we’re waiting for the Academy’s Janitor, may i suggest the Academy’s Canteen Worker

  15. PissFetishizer says:

    I haven’t check this website for a while now..

  16. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    With all my heart I thank the Korean authors and the administrator of this page.

    I am currently writing a novel, I cannot say that it is good, although I refuse to call it bad.

    However, despite everything, every day I make an effort to write it, I read it once, two or three times.

    I look for misspellings, confusing or incoherent plots, and repeated words, I strive to make my novel the best I can do with my limited experience and skill.

    Thanks to this, at times when I think that my novel may not be as good as I think, that it will not attract the audience that I want and that I should give up, when I see the publications on the site it motivates me.

    It’s on those occasions that I think ”Damn, try it, keep going, after all you’re doing better than them, so you still have a chance”

  17. Blue Shadow says:

    That actualy good plot for 18+ novels, and somehow protagonist is returner where he is failed to save so the world, so he focus getting strong, kinda dense (because doesn’t know to chose or dont have experience) and muscles brain who always train to save the world (Trait Hero) and we have MC a degenerate, golden sun, and bully type who in previous life do all kind pleasures, get possessed by in novel “The return Legendary Hero” but to us READER the novel title change “I became Toilets Cleaner who eating up Heroine” well u can possibly guess this novel is 18+ and what kind plot does is have

  18. Lmao says:

    Where is my Academy’s Dishwasher?

  19. Sephir says:

    sypnosis be like: F*ck as i cursed,toilet could be seen most exactly the same toilet where one of the heroines gets eaten by one of the random cleaners of the NTR academy.Eating dog poop

  20. SLi says:

    Actually quite decent and has potential. Guard aspect doesn’t really matter much, at least early on, but may change in later chapters.
    One thing that stands out is the amount of illustrations there are, almost every chapter has one on novelpia. Unfortunate that noble doesn’t seem to embed them for some reason. Chapter 13’s has text that is important too.

  21. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    There are legends that someday there will be a novel “I Became a Cleaner of Toilets at the NTR Academy”.

  22. Rommel says:

    Well, I dont think the days we would read novel with titles like “I became the only toilet in the academy” are far off

  23. Misib says:

    Review: Greteast ever beggining in a novel rofl…

    chapter 0-1 are great u can see as a parody from those type of novel, if u like this type, which just those 2 chapters u know author got whats wrong/right with those novels hahahahah.

    and guys stop asking for toilet/janitor there is already both.

    toilet u cant find in this site ever, and janitor is a hunter novel not academy.

    gl reading and have a fun day!

  24. Carrot King says:

    Oh damn!!! Its really a god damn security guard🤣🤣

  25. Kirill Popov says:

    Degradation continues.

  26. i have a feeling some author might make an academy janitor novel for the memes and it would turn out pretty good surpisingly

  27. Extra Extra says:

    We are so close to the Academy Janitor bros… I can almost smell it!

  28. MISIB says:

    Firsr red u are dumb u are in the wrong site for finding toilet.

    Ok jokes apart my man, he already posted most of the better works, ofc u cant keep quality up always, u forgot that…

    JUST REMEMBER, be thankful my man.

    Ofc nothing wrong with what u said, but as i said several times before, most of the better works already on this site and academy novels, not arr more popular also are easir to read in mt.

    And there is already tons of toilet mcs, better finding r-18 sites than here

  29. Red says:

    These academy novels are getting worse and worse wonder what’s next in a academy as a toilet I’m wait for a poison testers review before reading

  30. Feng says:

    i am still waiting for academy janitor. we are pretty close now.

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