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Academy’s Power Master

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아카데미의 힘 마스터
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy’s Power Master

‘… … This is the Shinma War!’

I must have fallen asleep while playing the game.
He entered the body of an extra strong and stupid.

If you come in, you’ll be the main character… … No, the main character is a woman, so I would have liked to have entered as a suitable male character.
A character like a swordsman, a swordsman, or a swordsman.

“Heizera of Shinma Wars… … An extra whose power is ignorantly strong.”

The most important thing to live in this world is me, a strong fool with no mana.
I was so frustrated and opened the status window… … .

There is something strange about my power displayed on the status window

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  1. Forgot to mention, I am talking about the KR novels/manhwa on average. Reverse harem generally have better standard than harems. Of course, there exist sh*tty ones but I find them quite rare.

    Women in general also dislike it when the MC end up with more than one husband so there’s that

  2. @Adrian

    Most reverse harem novels end with only one winner, not 10 husbands. And on average all male leads in reverse harem don’t cling to the MC like plastic wrap. And the biggest reason why reverse harem does not get much sh*t is because they don’t make the story about the male lead’s problems. Look at all the fantasy reverse harems, the male lead don’t drag the MC, MC is the star of the show. The male lead would at most assist the MC. Not to mention there is usually like 3-4 male leads only, so the relationship development is usually good. Then look at fantasy harem, where in some cases start out decently, then devolve into solving all the heroine’s problems, then dating filler, then solving another heroine’s problem. You got 5+ heroines some even reaching 10, making the whole thing a mess.

    And one thing I find really annoying. Harem act like MC is the only male species left in the world. All the teacher, main villain, friend rival etc are girls. The only other men is one-liners. At least in reverse harem you got some fairly important female side character, whether it be an ally (usually a maid, or OG novel protag or OG villainess) or villain (empress, OG novel protag)

  3. Moonlit Walker says:

    It is all about quality we know that some of the Novels are copied from the other academy suffs where the storyline are some what similar with the others. Our expectations were low quality from the start but…it hit lower than the expected outcome

  4. Marcus says:

    Dude who keeps whining about harems clearly gets no btches.

  5. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Fantasy enjoyers seeing each other
    (⁠☞⁠^⁠o⁠^⁠)⁠ ⁠☞←⁠(⁠*⁠꒪⁠ヮ⁠꒪⁠*⁠)

  6. Adrian Ramos says:

    This definitely needs a Harem tag but to the poster who went off on how love is war and there are winners and losers, you are right- that happens in reality. This is fantasy. It’s kind of disconcerting to see someone call people a “greedy lustful b*****d” if they like those books. You’re right about the tagging issue- this should be a “Harem” tag.

    But I would like to remind you, reverse-harem novels also exist. Just because you like or are fine with harem in fantasy doesn’t make you lustful or greedy because it is fantasy. What matters is how you act in reality. The reason a perfect harem exists in these novels is because they are wish-fulfillment! Many guys wish they could be cool, respected, loved by many girls, a stereotypical “protagonist”. Of course if you tried something like this in the real world you would get curb-stomped by reality! I really dislike when people start making judgements on other people based on their fantasy reading preference.

    If a girl likes reverse harem, is she a greedy, lustful h*e? No she’s not! But if we use the logic used by the poster of that comment, that’d be true. Of course a harem is impossible without jealousy, but the reason these books have multiple girls falling for an uber-competent suave male is because it’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy! It’s fine to dislike the book, hell, call it unrealistic, but what’s with the hate towards people who like the genre? It’s fantasy! If I like Dr. Moriarty or Aizen or Heisenberg from breaking bad does that mean I’m a fan of drug dealers or murdering psychopaths? Hell no! But I still love those characters, because they’re cool.

    If you don’t like harem, don’t read it. Don’t moralize to people how it’s unrealistic and impossible in real life and only disgusting people would like because yeah, most readers know this. Just like readers of reverse-harem (hopefully) know that one girl being with multiple guys without any jealousy is nearly impossible. But if a girl is a reader or a guy is a reader of harem or reverse-harem, it says nothing about their personality because it is literally WISH FULFILLMENT! When did fantasy become about portraying the real world? It’s an idealized world where everything goes right for the MC because he/she is the MC! That’s the entire POINT!

    And for pete’s sake someone put proper tags on harem novels so people who hate harem don’t have to read it. It’s so annoying to go into the comments section for a review and have to read people moan about how unrealistic a harem is. I just want to know how the book is, not your opinion on why harems novels are terrible and unrealistic in a FANTASY novel. It’s fine if you went into how the harem in this book is unrealistic or forced, but stop bashing the genre if you don’t like it. This is literally the 5th time across multiple sites that I’ve come across this and it ruins the mood completely.

    Finally, thank you for whoever is the curator or “boss” of this site. I’m a pretty poor guy who can’t really spend money on novels so your site has been a lifesaver. Thank you so much mate.

  7. The Extra The Extra says:

    @Ascendan Winter

    Love me some Harem novels. Thanks for pointing out which ones are Harems despite the tags.

  8. says:


    Check the last chapter of this novel. The MC is so great that he become a God and planned to have a wedding with 10 wives.

    Same as “Why are you becoming villain again.”
    5 freaking wives. Both have “Romance” but no “Harem” tag

  9. Reinhardt says:

    Remember Guys, if the cover has multiple girls but has no Harem tag and only Romance, it means that the MC chose only 1 at the end.

  10. Riah says:

    agreee, this guy more like possesor protagonist than extra, commoner, getting bully and have sss strength talent.

  11. Doom says:

    Imma be honest, not a big fan of academy start where mc get bullied and hate for something he didn’t do. An extra for me is someone that fit the background character, like everyother npc char but this mc get a massive debuff for some reason and is a #1 bully target.

  12. Nobelmtlreader says:

    Hahaahhaaha, yeah right

  13. says:

    I know this is not the fault of translators. But I just want to vent my frustration somewhere.

    So far I’ve been frustrated by these kind of novels that didn’t put the “harem” tag but actually are a harem.

    Here are the list that I wanted to complain (that I’ve read so far)
    -Genius is taught by genius (There wasn’t even a romance tag here and only romantic-subplot. BUT Seriously 7 freaking women live in MC house, although the romance devolement is very little, but the author has hinted a polygamy in around chapter 112 talking about having more than one wife bullsh*t.)

    -Became an Academy Cheat Growth Villain (Yeah more what bullsh*t is this, is the author so full of lust that he even genderbend the so called “game protagonist” into female to join the MC harem? So far there is 6 women sticking close into MC. +1 new potential Chinese woman that can be out into lustful disgusting harem.)

    Became a Genius Shikigami at the Academy
    (I haven’t read much of this but from the early part of genderbending the “GameProtagonist” into female, the intention of creating a harem is very clear from the cover. It’s a freaking harem)

    “Why are you becoming a villain again”
    (Straight to the point, MC have 5 freaking wives and still no harem tag. 2 of them which is his adoptive sisters. Straight disgusting full of lust).

    “Become an Academy Romantic Phantom Thief”
    (from the very early devolement they already introduce multiple women, and the goddess even say that the MC only donate to “pretty women”. Yeah I stopped reading here.)

    “Academy’s Power Master”
    (I didn’t even bother to read this one. I just checked comments on munpia, and yeah it’s a freaking harem, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time reading this.)

    What are these novels have in common? Yeah they flaunt how great the MC are so women must be fascinated by the MC greatness right? Oh yeah that totally makes sense for them to fall for the MC. What freaking bullsh*that wish-fulfiling plot armor. Yeah the author must be a fat guy that never have any real relationship. Is it self fulfilling wish? Or these authors are targeting for readers? If you are clearly writing a harem just put the harem tag, then you can get more readers who enjoy in that genre.

    Also By the way, I am not saying multiple women liking one man is wrong. But Love is a war, there is a Victor and a Loser. Having a perfect happy relationship with multiple people without jealousy is utter nonsense.
    Let me ask this, if you see your woman sleep with unknown man how would you feel? Yeah you don’t like it? Why can’t your woman love multiple men if you also want multiliple women? Yeah that proved you are greedy lustful bast*rd.

    A good novel example would be
    The President Council is a Top-Notch Extra
    (Here multiple women likes the MC, they try to impress the MC but they do not stick to MC like a stupid bimbo. The MC also tried to maintain an appropriate distance, while he slowly realized that he actually have feelings for the Vice-President later on. Yeah that’s a love war. There is a winner and loser.)

    Yeah thank you for listening to my complains.

  14. D F D F says:

    It’s called extra but it’s has all the main character trait poses. How tf extra has childhood friend.

  15. After reading the novel, I’ll rate it 8/10. The story isn’t anything new, an extra going to the academy. But while reading the novel the reader is entertained. The mc is worried at the beginning of the story because he can’t use mana and the body’s previous owner offended the factions at school. Now he’s about to get bullied at school, he sticks to his childhood friend for protection. It’s a nice little twist.

  16. Mangakhor says:

    How is this? Can anyone please give a review?

  17. Demonnight9 says:

    And here I thought it would be another obsession novel

  18. The Extra The Extra says:

    So this isn’t a Harem? The cover seems to imply it could be

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