Archery Genius in the Academy
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Archery Genius in the Academy

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아카데미 속 궁술천재
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Archery Genius in the Academy

33-year-old Lee Kun-woo, who used to be a national archery player, but is now an ordinary office worker.
After injuring his hand in an unfortunate accident and unable to shoot his bow any more, he becomes the only reader of a web novel titled The Archer Who Fell into the Academy.

“It’s a pity, as of today, this work is also complete.”

I thought the vicarious satisfaction with the bow along with the completion was goodbye forever, but… … .

[Paart gave you 50,000 gold.]

As soon as you receive the gold gift from the original writer, you become possessed by ‘Cha Min-joon’, an insignificant extra from

<The Archer in the Academy>

[The ‘Talent Market’ for the growth of Cha Min-Jun has been opened.]

Archery Talent 50,000G
Swordsmanship Talent 50,000G
Spear skill 50,000G

Even if there are a lot of them, what are you doing, even in another world, shut up and you’re ‘talented in archery’!
Can Lee Kun-woo, who became Cha Min-joon, become the academy’s strongest archer?

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  1. shiki says:

    3/10 overall. The ending was extremely rushed. Everything up to the ending was a solid 6/10, average for a generic academy themed hunter/gate novel but the ending tanks it.

  2. [Last Read: Chapter 5]
    Status: Dropped

    Reason: it’s bland, it’s all about a protagonist who replaced the orginal one who was removed from the word for the MC. Always being underestimated by other and talking to NPCs then showing his greatness with archery. It’s boring. Maybe if I had read it during the time i first found this site, i might have liked it but now it’s not even time pass level, cuz most of the plot is predictable when you compare it with some other novels, just replace sword, spear, etc with bow and imagine some clinched troupes from manhwa or something.

  3. Shadow says:

    The story was amazing, loved it. But the ending wasn’t completely satisfying, still great though.

  4. Rainame Ren24 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it
    I loved it
    Amazing ending

  5. Yusun says:

    ‘this world too harsh for man’ could you add this novel please.
    İt is have obsession tag .

  6. Cp says:

    spoiler end : ennd with only 1 women

  7. Nitro says:

    It probably dont have

  8. Nitro says:

    It probably dont have.

  9. Jackysito says:

    A non-harem academy novel? can someone tell if it has harem or not

  10. Zen says:

    Thank you for this novel 🙂

  11. Phobi21 says:

    Bro, are you still alive?

  12. Nitro says:

    Please, if i dont come back, tell my family that i love them.

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