Falling in Love at the Academy Means Death
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Falling in Love at the Academy Means Death

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Falling in Love at the Academy Means Death

I became the main character of a game I made.

The heroines associated with me, the main character,
I should avoid all those dating flags.

All love routes in this game have bad endings.

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  1. Sephir says:

    I dont like this kind of mc from what i remember, (a bunch of months ago) Really does feel like self insert at the beginning with the slave blabla, more seriously i tried going past with his dramas about his co worker but the plot feels just blend, the mc is really annoying only speaking about strange things if I remember correctly

  2. Man the MC is annoying. He is weak, and is always under someone’s thumb. Needs Ida’s President position help, so he is forced to get into a relationship with her. Constantly threathened by Sabaki, his ‘love rival’ and becaus MC is weaker he needs to watch iut for him. Always supressed by Hoan (Adriene’s escord knight) and halfway through the chapter all the heroines are basically just annoying obstacles for the MC to reach his actual love Miri. In order to return to Miri in the real world he needs to reach true ending, in which he had to enter a harem ending. Reading this is annoying as heck because it just feels like the MC is always forced to do/ not do something. It feels suffocating. And it just annoys me how the MC is literally inconvenienced by everything/everyone, had to bend to people’s will when he is supposedly the savior. Feels like he is being taken for granted. Man, if I was the MC I will say fuk em (except Bastia and Erencles (?)(his childhood friend) and abandon the world. Not worth it

  3. Ok, I take it back. Reading this is frustrating as heck. Nothing goes the MC’s way, which can be interesting except when it keeps happening all the damn time. MC is the “savior of the world”, but he is basically forced into it. He just wants to reach true ending, but because of prophet Ong who messes with MC’s plan everything go wrong. So now to get true ending, which is originally to avoid the love route, he is forced to date every women, hence a harem. This is the most BS thing I ever read. He basically have to pimp himself out to save the world wth. I do acknowledge that the heroines here are at least better than others and can actually say no, but when MC is basically forced into the relationship its so damn annoying. And F Adrien I don’t like her. What a pompous brat

  4. @rimo

    Thank you for your sacrifice. Now that I know it’s not harem, I will definitely read this. The fact that the author made harem-like romance without an actual harem ending is a blessing to me. F that hoes. I can finally laugh at the heroine for falling in love for shallow reasons and contrived misunderstandings.
    – “we just met today and he somehow knew all my habits, is he stalking me? Everything that he does must have been because of me because he loves me, and certainly not because he have a life he has to live”
    – “we were only friends for a week, but how dare you spend your time with another girl? I’m going to ignore you and get angry for cheating on me when I never have the right to”
    – ” I’m a spoiled bratty princess who everyone bows to, how dare he not lick my feet and treat me like god? I will use every method to humiliate him and make him my slave”
    – ” I’m the OG novel male MC turned female because 3 girls is not enough. Watch me lose all my personality in the OG novel and become a cardboard in distress to show how amaaaazing the new MC is”
    – ” I’m a teacher for the student MC, but I can’t stop thinking about his d*ck after I saw him go from F rating to S rating”
    I will take my time laughing at these heroines for being an annoying sh*t stain on all the academy novels.

  5. rimo rimo says:

    A few spoilers ahead. I dropped this novel, but it’s not for the reason you might think or an apparent reason. I’ll start by saying it was deeper than I expected and although the grammar is iffy in the first 4-6 chapters it gets a lot better later on. The reason I ended up dropping it is after I read the ending and was too disappointed to continue reading it all the way through. It’s not that the ending was unexpected but because the story did two things that I don’t like as a reader (personal opinion). First, it ended in a complete cliffhanger which left us with so many questions. When a novel has a bad ending it feels like my time was just wasted and I might feel sad or angry or whatever for a little while but then move on. However, when I don’t even know what the ending is it leaves me really frustrated and annoyed for a long time which in itself is frustrating. Second is that the story had us invested so deeply in the 3 game character love interests but in the end he didn’t end up with any of them and I don’t have a particular love for harems but if you’re going to make it seem like a harem the whole time don’t blue ball us at the end. Especially since the characters sacrificed and helped him throughout the series, I just felt like they deserved better. For anyone wondering I stopped at ch 74 and wanted to check if the series was finished and I found out it was, at ch 203. Being curious I went ahead and read the ending and that’s when I dropped.

  6. Hehe says:

    I think it’s pretty good, but I hate mc wanting to go back to the real world

  7. asf says:

    Game riddled with bad ending no metter the route.
    But for the true ending MC js basically going the harem route trying to seduce everyone later on. Despite not really in love with any of em.. he already have a girl he loved. Altho is missing or is dead from the real world.
    Its fantasy academy but the world building is subtley different.

  8. The Extra The Extra says:

    So does this really not have any romance? Because the synopsis and even the title seem to imply that it might

  9. It’s impossible for academy novel to not be a harem.
    Especially after you look at the story title and cover.
    Heroines will fall first obviously and will create trouble for mc.

  10. Plz post with titled index

  11. Jdhdhd says:

    No harem Banzai!!!!!

  12. Sherlock says:

    @Emirchan Avcl
    Nah… Its probably harem, its from kakao, so they not really added genre harem. Most likely its gonna be harem just because the illustration, its just my opinion thought, i could be wrong


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