How the Shadow of the Marquis Lives
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How the Shadow of the Marquis Lives

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후작가의 그림자가 살아가는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How the Shadow of the Marquis Lives

“Little boy. You look a lot like my son.”

A boy who became the shadow of a noble boy just because his face was similar.
The boy lives in order to one day die in place of the young master.

But one day
Young master died instantly in an unfortunate accident.

“I cannot lose my ‘son’ yet. Do you know what I mean?”

The boy was now a real ‘brother’ and he had to live on.

‘This is an opportunity.’

The boy has no intention of living the life of the master instead.

academy entrance ceremony
A boy standing with an oath in his hand as the best entrance student
Steps Into Living His Own Life!

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  1. Miryuu says:

    I’ve read the raw because it’s been a long time waiting for this to be updated, but the author’s way of ending this novel is very bad to be honest I’m disappointed hahaha

  2. Return our admin each day, what a synopsis is this ??

  3. PolarBearPunch says:

    Thanks for the Chapters! I feel like I was waiting forever for this to update but its finally here!!!

  4. I_am_Novel_Lover says:

    kind of Rakuin no Monshou! without romance, but in the academy.

  5. Brodart says:


    any romance?

  6. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Read: Latest Chapter

    Solid Plot.
    Awesome, Intelligent, and Decisive MC.
    No romance yet and I cannot see this ever becoming a harem which is good (though I can see a romantic relationship being made with Cyan/Xian and Erze/Erge in the future).

    Plot is MC planning to attain freedom from being the shadow of the dead young master who died cause of stupidity. He was ordered to act as him but plans to become free in the future.

    Found in the wreckages, the MC was found by a Marquis who was known as the greatest swordsman in the Empire. His butler trained MC to become good in many things. Turned out that MC is pretty much an all around genius. Butler treats him as his son and regrets him being brought to the family as the head tells MC to become the shadow of his son(aka decoy, since MC looks similar to the OG! Cyan).

    The other characters are characterized good. Has their own backstories and character arcs. Erze is a good girl!

    Update when?

  7. Lonely Adventurer says:

    Is there any heroine ? Like gf, fiance or wife ??

  8. Shivam says:

    Noble must have taken some very very potent *stuff* to actually publish something like this with a proper synopsis

  9. Ligare says:

    It’s quite tasty. It’s too bad the portion is a bit lacking. I wouldn’t mind a few hundred more chapters.

  10. finally a valid synopsis and not 3 vague sentences that could be used in 200 other novels.

  11. Luckyzero says:

    I think i know what’s happening to Noble-nim…..

    ……… Noble nim probably got replaced by his shadow

  12. Zzz says:

    The coment section is pure joy lol

  13. Rage says:

    Did someone kidnapped Noble and replaced him?

  14. I don’t understand what the synopsis says, at least not the “this is X” synopsis

  15. Atra says:

    There’s no harem, obsession, or harem tag. Furthermore it has a proper synopsis. Unbelievable…

    Admin, are you okay?

  16. Greed says:

    Wait for a moment i thought iam not in noblemtl , like an understandable Synopsis of a Non harem novel where am I ?? Is this what mtl heaven looks like?

  17. Rone says:

    At least it’s not X.

  18. kk77 says:

    every time i looked at this extant, valid synopsis i peaked. however, i scrolled to it a few too many times so now im too drained to read the actual novel. good luck to prospective readers, dont make the same mistakes i did X-X

  19. Just like the sypnosis it how the story goes so far so good I like the Cast not everyone oogles over the mc and the mc isn’t a reincarnation which is the best

  20. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    What is this nonsense? How can the synopsis is understandable, concrete, engaging and not one sentence? This is blasphemy!!!

  21. Do says:

    Degens here are about to have an orgasm thanks to the synopsis simply existing this time.

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