The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy
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The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy

Read full chapter The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy, Light Novel The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy english, LN The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy, The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy Online, read The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy at Noble Machine translations.
검술 아카데미에 천재가 있었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Genius at the Swordsmanship Academy

When I opened my eyes, I had possessed the character in the novel I wrote.
I became Ernas Landsstein, a ‘fake genius’ who could only imitate other people’s swordsmanship.

In the Lichtenauer Swordsmanship Academy, where the conspiracy of the 6th great swordsman is being conducted,
a desperate situation where you have to survive as Ernas, a villain character hated by others.

However, with the awakening of a new ability
there is an opportunity to become a real genius, not a fake genius.

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  1. Baguá Véi says:


  2. bruh says:

    Averagely good novel. Only complaints is that the author keeps making the villains, who are supposed to be intelligent, make stupid elementary decisions. Noting the lack of capability of the author to write a way for the MC to win against individuals with more power than him thus resorting to making the villains dumb, despite MC having every information and allowing the author to write a convoluted way to solve all his problems and not making it look like the author just swept everything under a rug.

  3. Do says:

    The mc is a talented person….

    The ring only works with him, aka the ring is his “talent”. Or you could call it a “cheat” if you wish, but is there too much difference? Just plot convenience. Especially for a MTL, do not expect too much of a terminology.

    Enjoyable story nevertheless.

  4. It’s a decent novel, but as a few reviewers said it’s hard to say he became a true genius of swordsmanship, just that he was able to better apply the abilities he copied and eventually make them his own.

    There is political intrigue and whatnot plus plot twists left and right so there is never a lack of action, but eventually you figure out the common point is “whoever can be an enemy is probably the enemy”. And that gets stale very quickly.

    Otherwise still a fun novel to read, just buckle up and enjoy the ride, don’t become too invested in the overarching storyline because it’s honestly not that great.

  5. openlisted says:

    It is pretty good but the mc is not a talented person or a genius all his skills come from an ring and the origin of the ring is unknown from his family and there is no record of its powers and the mc doesn’t search more on this

  6. Hash2O says:

    Fake synopsis. When you say “with the awakening of a new ability there’s the opportunity of becoming a true genius” you obviously mean that he can grow stronger by himself without relying on others, it obviously include the original ‘imitate’ of others ability and ‘copy’. Futhermore they are essentially the same it’s just differents words, even the meaning is the same, there’s no difference. But of course the MC can’t grow stronger by himself (we’re talking about training or collecting items that can strenghten him) he’s obviously just like the crude original dude he possessed, with the difference being the effect of the skill. It’s not interresting. Like said up ahead, it’s an obvious plot armor, the mc can’t be beaten anyway since he can do whatever you do and even do what can others do, there’s no need to guess that he’s going to bulldoze through the academy without any difficulties it’s useless idk why people are reading this novel it really make no sense.. “But there’s a plot, there’s conspiracy and all” even that is useless since he know about it all, with his cheat everything is easy.. I really can’t understand why people would read this, there’s nothing at all..

  7. Miryuu says:

    finally after a long wait for an update

  8. Primordial noir says:

    It ain’t harem just so you know. He ends up with [spoiler].well it’s pretty good. 8/10 i will give it.

  9. Moon says:

    Is chapter 113 the last chaptera

  10. Heavenly cat says:

    Tbh this novel It impresses me

    Although at first the protagonist is very weak. But he was able to become strong and ahead of others in the end. And he never lost. or even disadvantage Of course this is my favorite part. besides being strong He’s also very smart.

  11. Koko says:

    Just finished chapter 113 and I think the novel is pretty good.

  12. [Last Read: Chapter 51]

  13. ISA says:

    Can we get new updateee, pleasee 🫣

  14. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    Its bland when he suddenly able to reproduce skill up to rank A, the plot armor is obvious.

  15. Mak says:

    update pliseee again

  16. Mak says:

    update plissee

  17. Blue Shadow says:

    Well i thought this is going to be hard mode level where MC training to became strong, but suddenly somehow its became an easy mode where he can imitate almost everything of course there’s a limit how many he can copy but still OP he can copy most of heroines skill from Rank A, if the original body only can copy to Rank C

  18. Badhree Chennupalli says:

    Update please 🥹🥹

  19. M says:

    Update pliseee

  20. Aiz says:

    Update please!

  21. Mael says:

    Update pls

  22. Bawang says:

    Update please

  23. Overseer says:

    i misunderstood gomen, sryyy really

  24. Add solo Swordmaster (나 혼자 소드마스터) pls

  25. Please provide with more chapters..

  26. M says:

    Kapan ubdater

  27. ben_atti says:

    This one is actually really good! I don’t know why no TL group has picked it up yet… I’m really hoping for more chapters soon 👀👀👀

  28. Extra5 says:


  29. ieatpotato says:


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