The Only Asian in the Academy
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The Only Asian in the Academy

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아카데미의 유일한 동양인
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Only Asian in the Academy

In a world where Asians are despised for being savages, I am the only Asian in the academy.

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  1. IME says:

    LMAOOO the first comment tho

    1. I think you mea the second comment

  2. lev says:

    Author-san wanted to make the MC hated by all, but somehow came up with the dumbest way to do it. Like why do this?

  3. Mrvallet says:


  4. Ringgo says:

    The title is hilarious LMAO

  5. RealEason says:

    as the most stereotypical asian ever, all I have to say is 💀💀💀

  6. Phantom says:

    I hate this title because I was literally the only Asian in my high school haha

  7. puta madre says:


  8. like bro have you tried maintaining an army there? Get your best troops there and best generals and commanders and show them a lesson.

    Who cares if it costs lots of money and is a politically unsafe move, it’s part of running a country. If the barbarians continue to invade successfully, you just have a skill issue.

  9. Well I mean yeah, wouldn’t you hate someone that keeps attacking you over and over again? But like dude, you’re a kingdom. You either adapt or die, why don’t you have like a dedicated knight order solely focused to- why don’t you have a mf called “The Shield of the north, west, east, south” you’re literally asking for a mf called that with the circumstances you’re in.

  10. ImanDBZ says:

    I would be dissapointed if he does not go to the academy 20 miles, uphill, both way, 26 hours a day. On one foot, his other foot starting a business.

  11. Bro i haven’t read a novel this bad and lacking in setting in a while . It doesn’t EVEN deserve the 9.0 rating. Lmme tell you
    1. Kingdom is constantly attacked by Mongols (barbarians) and it’s women are r*ped constantly. Hence people hate people with asian features. MC is asian. Hence mc is hated everywhere he goes.
    2. Atleast mc ain’t no wimp. He is lik a cm mc. Kill if you want to . Cripple if you want to.
    3. MC is hated and by hated i mean absolutely hated af by everyone. So there’s that.
    4. Not much depth to characters. MC is munchkin. World isn’t really explain except we know tht East exist and people hate east and west is racist .

  12. Googletranslateturk says:

    As a Turk, I understand what the author is trying to do. But the author is pissing because he didn’t open the definition of Asian. After I didn’t write Mongolian or Turkish there, everything he wrote seems like a dry fart to me. Guys, Korea, China, India, Pakistan etc. have been the target of looting throughout history. Not the looter. The horse raider incident at night is something unique to us and the Mongols. I wouldn’t feed this to a random Korean person.

  13. Einar says:

    They dont want NO asians surpassing their shi fr!

  14. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    This must be Steven Dad’s son, failure!!

  15. What the hell is this title???

  16. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    This is an example of author running out of new ideas and decided to venture to a strange direction.

  17. sirareda sirareda says:

    Let me give you some background their is a group of people called barbarians or savage they kidnap women, loot near by land and so on and their name sound and look like like asian. Our Mc is child of a transmigrator who transmigrate of reincarnated in a game who was an asian.

    Which make our MC Asian hence Title “The Only Asian in the Academy”.

    MC thinks his father is crazy. While father trains him so that he can kill the demon king/god.

    And when his father died. MC has to deal with every thing alone for example discrimination.

    I have read till chapter 14 and I could say that I like it and give it 6.5/10

    It’s like The Sub-Protagonist Is Retiring where you know how plot will progress but you stay and read because you want to know when when and how it go of the line.

  18. Drowning Fish says:

    I remember the good ol’ days when Noble gave us Yandere and obsession novels instead of this kind of novel.

  19. Salty1 says:

    Any survivor ?

  20. Hiro says:

    “Rasis” korea banget

  21. Arlos says:

    On one hand, that title and description are kinda off putting.
    On the other hand, Muscles.
    What a hard choice 🤔

  22. Ayo bro that deltoid muscle 😳😳😳

  23. Ros says:

    Bruh… wtf with the title 😂😂

  24. says:

    Also, I am not mad since I really don’t care about this kind of stuff, just laughing that you mtl this kind of novel out of thousands of novels in novelpia like wth hahahahaha.

  25. says:

    Before I read this as an Asian man, I’ll say it, what the hell is this💀💀💀???? Bro noble give us some another mid novel or at least just update some good novels in this site like love letter in the future, 2nd round villain, fated to be love by villains, I became a flashing genius at the magic academy, and so on. Not this novel, mate.

  26. Carrot King says:

    *Asian Accent* Mr. stEven And UncLe rOger 6 yEars oLd Son/Daughter can mAke a wOrld,
    cLaSs, winNIng!! ,nOvel!!! tHey have 20 yEars Experience!!! AnD wat Is This SmelL on the nOvel Cover its Smells Like FailUre!!! fAiluRe!!

  27. Caliber says:

    💀Man, Black hair in the Academy is better than this title

  28. R says:

    Interesting. It’s the same concept as Psuedo Resident’s Illegal Stay where asians in the isekai world are considered savages/barbarians.

  29. Khuê says:

    racist??? Is this set banned?

  30. ali dd ali dd says:

    Waiting for a novel I am an old man in the academy

  31. Natx gg Natx gg says:

    What ??? :))))))

  32. wkwkwk says:

    Another weird novel?

  33. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    i knew it. surely this title will come out. Just waiting for the title “The only n**ga in the academy”

  34. NEAT says:

    Naw bro Wth is with the title

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