The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 28

28 - #028 Colosseum (5)

28 – #028 Colosseum (5)

Magnificent music filled the Colosseum, incongruous with this vulgar place.

At first, the waiting table in the north was full of people, but as the host started introducing the fighters, one by one, there was only one person left.

“Hey, why are you not talking?”

“… ….”

The fighter sitting in front of me was a skinny, small man, but he looked more like a petty thief than a fighter.

Earlier, when there were a lot of people, he giggled saying that he would kill you first, but when he and I were left alone, he suddenly became less talkative.

“You said you were going to kill me? Since there are only you and me right now, let’s try it somewhere, okay?”

The man didn’t say anything, probably embarrassed even thinking about it, and just kept his head down.

“You stupid bastard…. What? Kill me first I’ll kill you last, so stay tuned. If you surrender, I will visit you after this playing house is over, so don’t even think about doing that.”

I didn’t even know why these vulgar and dirty words came out of my mouth.

From the moment I saw the number Lv 4 that appeared above that man’s head, my anger continued unabated.

As the gap in strength, which was invisible in the past, became clear, the rudeness of the weak, which was previously overlooked with a smile, could no longer be overlooked.

It filled my head with the thought that if I wanted to raise my head and rebel, I would have to trample my head and slam it into the ground to get the subject figured out.

“It’s my turn soon. See you later.”

Before coming to the waiting table, I got up from my seat as my turn approached as the staff taught me.

Then the magnificent music stopped and a new song was played.

If the music from earlier was suitable for a brave fighter, the music playing now was humorous music suitable for a circus, especially clowns and circus monkeys.

I expected it to be like this, but when the prediction became reality, it felt like my eyes went dark.

Now I can roughly predict what will happen if I leave here. The crowd will boo and some lunatics will throw their snacks.

As I prepared for all of that, I stepped into the arena, and the popcorn someone threw at me grazed my shoulder and fell helplessly to the ground.

“Why did you come here!! You savage bastard!!”

“Are you deaf?! Why don’t you answer?!”

“Is it true that savages eat people?”

All of them were dirty words to listen to, but those words weren’t just unpleasant.

The more I listen to such contempt, the more I feel that the guilt, the size of a grain of sand, that remained in my heart is blown away by the wind.

When I felt a kind of exhilaration that I could do any cruel thing without hesitation, I even wanted to encourage him to curse more.

Keeping all the words they said in my head, I silently walked to the center of the arena where the fighters gathered.

All of the fighters gathered in the center looked down on me and laughed, but I also laughed when I saw their level.

The fighter’s introduction didn’t end even after the turn was over, and it continued.

After a while, the fighter’s introduction, which would have been the last as planned, ended, but the host’s mouth did not stop.

[Everyone… In fact, a special fighter that was not scheduled for today participated!! Please welcome us with thunderous cheers!! Champion of the Colosseum!! Jack Giant!!!]

Along with the grandiose introduction, the blood-red, crimson lighting started to make the way by illuminating the exit and the front where no one would come out.

As I stepped on that road, a man with a large body, about two heads taller than me, appeared with exaggerated steps.

“Jack!!! Jack!!!”

Let’s see what the hell he’s up to because the crowd is screaming like crazy….

[Lv 18 Jack Giant]

I had a hard time holding back my laughter at a level that was too low compared to the cheers.

[This time, because he participated unexpectedly, Jack will be leaving after defeating only one player! Please look forward to his full-fledged performance next time!!]

I wondered if I was too desperate when the moderator said they were targeting me, but considering the amount of money, I couldn’t help it.

Maybe after this ridiculous playing house, I don’t know what kind of fix it will be, so I need to give you a prickly lesson here.

What will happen if you gossip about me?

After all the fighters were introduced, the lights turned on and the bell rang signaling the start of the melee.

As expected, as soon as the melee between Jack and f*ck started, he drew his greatsword from his back and rushed at me.

Then, fearing that the idiot might get nervous, I smiled and offered his head so that he could aim well.


As if he had the brain to understand the provocation, he let out an incomprehensible scream and struck down the greatsword.

While everyone held their breath imagining my head being cut off, I sighed alone and closed my eyes as if I wasn’t interested in this.

After a while, when I opened my eyes, what I saw was a blunt greatsword that hadn’t even shaved off a dead skin, let alone the skin on my neck, and the stupid face of a jack or something.

“Can you cut your beard with such a blunt knife?”

“Uh, how….”

Somehow, he just blocked the qi around his body, just like ordinary swordsmen block swords.

Of course, he also swung her sword with mana wrapped around it, but the mana he concentrated in her sword exceeded the energy I had wrapped around her skin.

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“So it’s my turn now?”

A normal bottom kick with no special skills. As it was done to Jack’s leg, it was cut cleanly, as if it had been cut through flesh with a sharp blade.

“A sword should be as sharp as this.”


The giant, whose legs were severed below the knee, was only slightly taller than the average person.

I told everyone to listen, holding both of Jack’s shoulders as he struggled in pain.

“No one here survives.”

“Ugh… !! That, stop!!”

“I will kill everyone.”

Jack’s body was violently torn from side to side, and the internal organs and blood poured out all at once.

As everyone, fighters and spectators alike, held their breath watching the horrific sight, I threw Jack’s torn corpse away like garbage and said to the fighters.

“What are you doing without running away? Don’t you think this is drunk? Can you count the numbers?”



Everyone screams in fear, both men and women. Even to those who were accustomed to blood, the scene that was unfolding was very horrifying.


John Doe ran amok like a dog off his leash, with a maddening madness.

And wherever he passed, there was always blood and flesh.

As the smell of blood overflowed from the arena and filled the entire Colosseum, some of the spectators vomited and made the Colosseum even worse.

Most of the fighters that the spectators perceived as strong were brutally slaughtered without even trying to do anything.

Some had their bodies split in two by the blades of their hands, others had their heads crushed by fists harder than steel, and still others committed suicide in fear.

While everyone was brutally murdered, no one was able to contain the word surrender, and the reason was not for trivial reasons such as a fighter’s pride.

“Ha, Hang… !!”

When someone tried to contain the word surrender, John Doe, who recognized it like a ghost, grabbed his mouth and tore it apart as he tried to contain the word surrender.

His jaw had been ripped off in half, and corpses with his skin ripped from his lower jaw to his chest flew everywhere, and no one dared to say the word surrender.

The sight of an adult holding a sword and killing a toddler who couldn’t even walk was no longer a duel.

One-sided massacre… No, to put it bluntly, it was close to mechanically slaughtering animals in a slaughterhouse.

“This, you crazy guy!! Hey road!! Pincer!! Follow me!!”

Realizing that there was no way to survive without killing John Doe, Gide attacked from the left and right with Gil, who belonged to the strongest.

The idea itself wasn’t bad, but unfortunately the opponent was too bad.

John Doe, who easily dodged an attack that flew out of sight, cut his throat with his hand blade, and Gill pierced his stomach with a kick and sent him to the other world.

“Ahahahahaha!! Our disciple is the best!!!”

When the two people whom they considered their only hope died, only Vivian cheered and applauded John Doe as the crowd grew confused.

“Are you saying that now?! People die like this!”

“What? Isn’t this the place you came to see people die? Usually, you’re good at watching murders, but why are you being so special today?”

“Yeah, but… !!”

“And I’ve always hated people who flirted with things I had since I was born with no power. Seeing them slaughtered like this makes me feel refreshed!!”

Vivian was now in a position that even the royal family couldn’t dare treat, but it wasn’t like that from the beginning.

When he was still weak, he had been insulted several times by an old nobleman who would take care of him and become his concubine.

They have been subjected to various insults, such as being unable to participate in the competition just because they are commoners, or being eliminated if they think they will win.

To such Vivian, the slaughter John Doe is showing now was an exhilarating sight, as if she was freeing herself from the shame she suffered in the past.

“… ….”

And Annie, who had been discriminated against as a commoner, was able to understand John Doe’s heart a little after hearing Vivian’s words.

Even people of the same race have many memories of being subjected to injustice just because they were commoners.

Imagining the discriminatory words and actions that John Doe has received over the years, strangely, John Doe, who looked like a demon from hell until a while ago, felt like a child crying and shouting.

“You said I would kill you last, right?”

“Buy, save… !!!”

When the last fighter fell and the winner of the melee was finally decided, Vivian jumped up from her seat and gave John Doe a warm round of applause.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Vivian, but Vivian didn’t care and instead clapped more fervently, as if saying, ‘What are you going to do when you see it?’

Annie, who had been watching the scene quietly from her side, stood up from her seat, wiping her tears with her sleeve, and she applauded her along with Vivian.

So, a man shouted as John Doe was receiving the quietest celebration in the history of the Colosseum.

“You bastard!! Give me my money!!!”

All eyes shifted from Vivian and Annie to the man.

“Why is this bastard doing the opposite!! Buy this!! Give me my money, you f*cking bastards!!!”

An ordinary person would not have been able to open his mouth at the scene of John Doe’s slaughter a moment ago, but the man was not normal now.

The fear I had while watching the slaughter scene a moment ago had long since been suppressed by anger that I had been scammed.

More important than that was that he had been scammed and lost a gamble he could have won.

As if the man had given them courage, the gamblers who had lost their money stood up one by one and shouted to John Doe to give them their money.

The sight of the arena overflowing with blood and flesh and the gamblers who witnessed the process in which the arena turned into such a scene was truly hell.

John Doe slowly approached the crowd of gamblers, with even Vivian tilting her head in disbelief.

When the madman covered in blood appeared in front of them, the gamblers kept their mouths shut as usual.

“… ….”

Approaching the stands, John Doe silently looked around the stands and then smiled.

“Who threatened me with a knife to get married? Occasionally, you have to win the reverse match to gamble, but if you always win the reverse match, is that gambling? Is it bank interest?”

“…… ?!”

“If you twist it, you bet on reverse.”

The gamblers exploded.

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