The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 29

29 - #029 Colosseum (6)

29 – #029 Colosseum (6)

“You f*cking bastard!!”

A man jumped out of the stands with a roar, followed by several gamblers.

A group of gamblers who jumped from the stands rushed at me with eyes that seemed to kill me at any moment, but their bravery did not last long.

The gruesome corpses strewn across the arena were enough to remind them of the fear they had temporarily forgotten because of their anger.

His steps, which started to slow as he approached me, came to a complete halt within ten steps or more.

“What? Why don’t you come?”

Since they don’t come, what should I do? Kindly, I’ll go.

As we approached them, kicking away dead bodies in their way, the group of gamblers started to back away, then screamed and ran away without looking back.

If you’re going to run away, come down or not. I can’t control my own emotions, so I’m going to have to be shamed that I don’t have to be.

My father used to say that if you can’t bite, don’t bark, that’s exactly what my father used to say.


Before leaving, I stepped into the center of the arena to say one last thing to these idiots.

Standing in the center and looking back at the audience, I could see what kind of expressions everyone was making.

Some just look at their eyes, hoping that this moment will end, while others are waiting for my words with their eyes shining as if this situation is exciting.


I’m sorry for expecting you like that, but I’m not that good around words, so I can’t give her the comforting words she expects.

I just kept pouring out the words I had been holding in my mouth.

“Before, they were talking about monkeys and savages, so why are they suddenly silent!! Where did I slaughter the fighters you boast about, let’s do it one more time, isn’t it!!!”

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No one responded because he was spouting his energy with such a force that if he really opened his mouth, he would immediately run and kill him.

The presenter, who just played weird music and called me a monkey, was terrified and didn’t dare to subdue me, so only I got the right to speak here.

“No matter how sharp a horse is, people don’t die just because of it.”

I trampled the head of a corpse on the ground to teach those fools how to die.

The audience held their breath even more as the broken heads spread in all directions with an eerie popping sound.

“This is how people die. A monkey or a savage, do you think I’m going to die for talking like that? If I’m a monkey, what are you guys who can’t say a single word because they’re scared by that monkey? Bug?”

No, the word bug is a waste. Bugs are ignorant and bite people, but they are ignorant and don’t even know how to bite, so they can be said to be less than insects.

“There is a saying that even an earthworm wriggles if you step on it, but since you don’t even know how to wriggle, you can say that you are less than a worm. Poor kids… Say that cheeky bullsh*t in front of me again. I will make the already miserable life of the lower classes even more miserable.”

After that, I didn’t hear a single word of booing while I went out the exit I came from.

There are tens of thousands of people, but I would never have thought there was not even a single one with the courage to throw a boo.

A sigh, not a laugh, leaked out of me at the pathetic far beyond my expectations.

After leaving the arena, what was waiting for me was a neat man in a black suit and three sturdy rice cake sticks with swords slung around his waist.

The sweaty man was looking at me with the eyes of a hated foe, which was not strange considering what I had done today.

“Why? Do you have something to say to me?”

“… Rules and regulations violations were discovered and I came to notify you. Unfortunately, this match is invalid….”

“What regulations? And you’re talking bullsh*t about someone who just finished the game, so you’ve got solid evidence, right?”

“Wow, asking someone else to place a bet before a game is a clear violation of the rules!! It is too unnatural for a commoner girl who is not an aristocrat to have a sum of 10 million, and anyone can see that she bet all that money on you… !!”

“That’s why you say at length that there is no physical evidence, only psychological evidence. Stop talking bullsh*t and bring the money back within 72 hours.”

After that, I tried to pass him, but I was stopped by an urgent voice from behind.

“Do you think you’ll be all right even with these tricks!! I will definitely report this to Vice President Pride!!”

“Do it.”


“I was told to tell you, but what would happen if I told you?”

If there is an incident in which bets are canceled just because of feelings without any physical evidence, will there be even one person who wants to bet on the Colosseum in the future?

Of course, this was a trick on our part, but we can’t say for sure that anyone listening to this rumor will consider all of the circumstances.

“And consider your safety. After losing tens of millions of Zenies and being expelled from the academy, do you really think I will stay still?”

“Oh, don’t come!!”

As I approached him, the escort who was watching from behind tried to step forward, but when I glared at him fiercely, he flinched and did not dare to step forward.

“Do you have a family? Then you will be happy because there are many people to kill. Actually, I wanted to kill all the people who called me monkeys, but I couldn’t, so I wasn’t satisfied. Who do you live with? Do you live with your parents? What about your wife? How many children does she have?”

“Stop… Please stop….”

“You talked about canceling the match earlier, but now you suddenly beg. I know how to treat you guys today. You can’t solve it through conversation. You have to take the f*cking rod to learn how to respect others.”

“My, I was wrong… ! I’ll arrange it somehow within 72 hours, so please family… !!”

“… ….”

Her man knelt down at her feet and begged, so I knelt down and raised her man up.

“That’s just what they say. What are you so afraid of? If you know what I mean, handle it properly.”

“Ha, I will! So please please!!”

“Yeah, I know….”

As if I were my own master, the man begged me for mercy, bowing her head to the point where her forehead touched the ground over and over again.

I was convinced of today’s work. After all, conversations cannot resolve the rift between different people.

Blood and iron, that is the truth of this world.


“I didn’t expect it to be delivered in one day.”

Right now, in front of our eyes, there are six platinum-encrusted tiles and five gold-colored tiles on the table.

A plaque decorated with platinum is called a platinum plaque, and a plaque decorated with gold is called a gold plaque.

“Then Professor, including the interest, it is 20 million Jenny.”

“Interest? Money is what’s left over, so I don’t need anything like that. Just give me 10 million Jenny.”

I handed over the two platinum plaques, but Vivian didn’t take it. I took one and gave the rest back to me.

In fact, he wasn’t short of money, and since he didn’t think he would accept the recommendation, he handed the platinum plaque back to Annie.

“Huh?! Well, I haven’t done anything that deserves a lot of money….”

“If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t have even started. And since it’s been two days since we first met, hasn’t the interest increased? Is five million enough?”

“…… Probably over five million. The place I borrowed for gambling is not a very normal place.”

“Then take it. Don’t regret it later.”

Annie alternated between sorry and thanks several times and bowed her back so that her head reached her knees.

“Then, since we have earned money, shall we go somewhere to eat something delicious? With what you buy, of course!”

“Doesn’t the professor usually buy it at this time? And there is still one thing left to do, so rice will come later.”

“Later? What’s left?”

I said to Annie, who turned her head and still looked at her platinum plaque in disbelief.

“Let’s go to that loan shark now.”

“Yes?! Why there….”

If Annie alone took that much money and went to pay her debts, chances are she won’t end there.

I forged documents, and I still have unpaid debts, so I could demand that they be paid, or I could have stolen the money from robbers who came across them on the way back.

“I don’t know if it’s a sane bank, but the people your father borrowed money from are scumbags. They don’t even care about credit in the first place, so if you bring such a large amount of money, you’re sure to come out like that, right?”

Then, realizing the situation she was in, Annie glanced at her platinum plaque and closed her eyes.

She finally overcame the hardships, but when new hardships appeared again, her eyes could darken.

“Then… It’s really shameless, but is it okay if I ask you a favor?”

“Anyway, my heart is at ease only when things have ended properly. Where is the moneylender’s shop?”

Like that, Annie and Vivian were on their way to the loan shark’s shop.


As they were walking down the street, Vivian suddenly tapped his side with his elbow and whispered in a low voice.

“Why are you being so nice to him?”

“I am a good person, so I cannot see innocent people suffering meaninglessly.”

“Don’t be mean. That… Do you have any other thoughts?”

“… ….”

As I stared at Vivian with anxious eyes, I finally had no choice but to open up.

“… As you might have guessed, I have other ideas. I’m going to go there and tell them not to charge interest, only to get the principal.”

“…… Why?”

“Why, if some savage suddenly appeared and told them to give up millions of jenny and get only a small amount, would those bastards stay still?”

They will definitely try to kill me, calling me a savage or a monkey. Then it was enough for me to claim self-defence and kill those children.

“Actually… I haven’t been able to solve all the monkey noises in the Colosseum yet. So I wanted to kill more Westerners because anyone is good.”

“…… Did you really think so? Do you have any other thoughts?”

“Other minds? There is no such thing. Of course, I’m thinking a little… No, I know it’s not very abnormal, so if the professor tells me not to do it….”

“No, I will testify from the sidelines, so feel free to kill me. They’re cheap leeches anyway.”

“…… Yes?”

I thought he was trying to tell me not to do it after noticing my feelings, but Vivian unexpectedly readily agreed.

“I thought you would definitely dry it….”

“What? Why do i stop i just… Hmm… no.”

Vivian tried to put something in his mouth, but in the end, she didn’t go through with it.

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‘What was he trying to say?’

While thinking about it, we finally arrived at a damp alleyway with a moneylender’s shop.

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