The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 39

39 - #039 Imagination

39 – #039 Imagination

In my father’s hometown, there is a saying that a frog dies on a stone thrown as a joke, but it was a phrase that perfectly suited the current situation.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t certain about what he had just said. The words were thrown lightly, thinking that it was just or not, but the prince’s face began to contort.

“I just said it, but it seems to be true. Then they say that they don’t like rough things, that they have suggestions… He’s like an abomination.”

Even thinking about it, the prince seemed to feel ashamed of this situation.

After standing there silently for a long time, the prince suddenly came downstairs with a thump! He took a big step and came towards me.

Then he pointed and shouted at me with such a furious expression that his face turned red.

“Shut up!! Are you the one who unilaterally beat up innocent students and raised your hand on a slender young lady, saying that!!”

Starting with that, they criticized me by listing the physical therapy I had done so far as if it were a play accusing me of evil.

I was speechless at that somewhat unnatural appearance, staring blankly at the prince and thinking.

Something is strange. His gestures and words, like those theater actors, are all strangely unnatural.

I can’t get rid of the feeling that the conversation doesn’t mesh with the sudden movement of the guy who hasn’t moved a single step except for holding the candle placed by the window.

And the very small interval before I moved my body and opened my mouth kept getting on my nerves.

If those footsteps are some kind of signal, isn’t it that he’s getting that signal and plotting something downstairs?

“Are you recording or recording something right now?”

“… ….”

I put one of the many possibilities that popped into my head into my mouth, but this seems to be the correct answer.

The stamping of the foot a moment ago was also a signal to Amy and Raon, who were downstairs.

Raon must have guessed my skills to some extent because of the close match at lunch.

You must have noticed that if you use magic tools in the same room, you will feel the movement of mana and see through the plan.

That’s why, after sending me upstairs and confirming that I had gone, I activated the magic tool downstairs.

“He looks gentle, but inside he is black like a poisonous snake. Why did you intend to upset me and hit me? Are you going to expel me for that?”

Seeing through all the plans, the prince sighed and closed his eyes tightly.

His face looked so tired that he would lie on the ground and melt if I weren’t here.

“Nothing is going right.”

“It doesn’t work out because I don’t plan it properly. How funny did you think that you would be subjected to such childish tricks if you looked down on me?”

The plan and the acting were flimsy enough to be noticed right away, but that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was the arrogance of thinking that a stupid savage like me would be neat and not notice his plans.

He probably just heard the rumors going around the class and assumed that he was a savage whose only goal was to beat people.

“Hey, let’s ask one question. Why do you hate us so much? What did we do wrong that you hate us?”

Although the man in front of me right now is the 4th prince, he is a human who may one day inherit the throne and stand at the top of the kingdom.

I thought maybe he would give me a convincing answer to this question, but unfortunately, as always, this hunch never came true.

“Of course, it is because you are the blood of those savages. Did you really think that you, the blood of those heinous bastards, could be treated equally with other territories?”

“… Half of them must be of the same blood as you?”

“Huh… He’s more innocent than he looks. Do you think you would admit that people born of rape are of the same blood? It is a sin that you were born.”

“Is being born a sin?”

“Yes, it is a sin that you were born. Still, you allowed me to live because of my pity, so I have to endure whatever happens with a grateful heart. Why are you causing trouble?”

After that, he said something about whether he meant to piss me off and hit himself, but half of it didn’t come into his head.

Since this guy is a member of the royal family and condescending, the people under him must be like that.

He kept talking about how inferior and savage Asians were, but curiously he didn’t get very angry.

Both he and I are recognizing each other as something other than human beings who are just taking human form.

Just as a goblin or an orc doesn’t get angry when they snarl, no matter what they say, it’s no reason to get angry.

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“Are you finished?”

“Haa… ha….”

The prince was breathing heavily when he finally shut his mouth, probably because he had been pouring out words without stopping for a while.

After waiting for him to catch his breath, he spoke to the prince.

“Listening to what you said, I realized one thing today.”

“What? Have you finally realized your sin?”

“No, I realized that you are cheap to be beaten by those savage bastards.”

In the old days, I heard what happened to them from my father, so even though I couldn’t understand their behavior, I could understand the principles of their behavior and make some allowances.

Maybe that’s why I always had the perception that Dongbu people were powerless victims in my head, but now that perception has completely disappeared.

Those guys were not powerless victims, but powerless weaklings who would have become perpetrators at any time if they had power.

When I realized that fact, I had no room for sympathy for them, and my heart felt as cold as if I could kill a baby in the east now.

“You are not innocent victims, you are just like them. It’s just that he’s too weak to bully anyone, so he only takes out his anger on easy-going illegitimate children, so it doesn’t show.”

“We are weak?!”

“If you guys were strong, those savage bastards wouldn’t have thought to invade the East. And I’m kneeling in front of me because I can’t do it with the same year like the rat, and you can’t do it because you can’t do it? “

“Shut up!!”

“When you guys run out of things to say, you always keep your mouth shut. Now… I’m tired of even arguing.”

I spat in his face and went downstairs, leaving behind the prince who shouted even more indignantly.

A voice came from behind, but the prince knew the difference in strength and he did not attack. He’s like a nasty guy to the end.

“Hey, the maid over there. Go and wipe your prince’s face.”

“What?! What have you done to your prince?!”

“You won’t know if you go and see it, you bastard.”

Ignoring Raon and Amy and leaving the building, I quickly ran to a deserted alleyway.

Vivian, who finally appeared after coming to a place far away from the building, asked with a worried expression.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“What is it? No matter how much you are royalty, how can you say that I spit on you when you didn’t hit me?”

“No, not that… It’s because your expression is as bloody as if it would kill anyone.”

Contrary to Vivian’s words of a bloody expression, my heart was now as cold as ice.

In the first place, because of his hair, it would be half covered and you wouldn’t be able to see it.

“I’m not particularly angry. Just… I expected it, but it’s a bit shocking to hear such words come out of the mouth of a person who might one day rule the country.”

Although the royal family does not represent the thoughts of the people of the country, this incident gave me a good idea of how the people who might rule the country in the future think of Asians.

“He’s the 4th prince, so what… Ah, if you look at the other princes, doesn’t that mean that he has no possibility at all?”

“Anyway, I have no expectations from the kingdom now. By the way, Professor, do you have any patriotism in the kingdom?”

“Patriotism sucks… You’re not even an aristocrat, do you expect that from a commoner? He asked to be given the cheesy title of Guardian and all, so he accepted it, but he didn’t really want to receive it.”

“Really? I’m glad then.”

“Good luck? What are you happy about?”

“… ….”

“Huh… Well, if the spirit doesn’t die, then what else do you know?”

Saying that, I felt genuinely fortunate to see Vivian pull my hand as if she wasn’t interested in having something to eat.

If the day comes to implement the imagination that popped into my head right now, turning this human into an enemy would be quite annoying.


Late at night, Pride, who was finishing up the work she hadn’t been able to do during the day at her office, felt her energy and stopped her pen that was constantly moving.

When she first met her, her ki was similar to her mana, but different, so she frowned at her sense of alienation, but now she’s quite used to it.

About 10 years, Pride raised her head while feeling the flow of time, both long and short.

Then she opened the door of its own accord, though she hadn’t allowed him in yet, and her unfamiliar face came into view with her familiar chi.

The mouth and hands of the unfamiliar face were covered with thick blood. Where else did they eat people and put their skins on them?

No, looking at the blood on the leather he was wearing, he killed someone after putting the leather on.

Commoners tend to cover up incidents, but nobles do not. Pride asked her, praying that the victim at her hands would be her commoner.

“You ate people again. I’m sure you didn’t come to report that, what’s the matter? Tamamo.”

“… There is something I want you to do.”

Licking the blood on her mouth with her tongue, she said with an alluring smile.

“Let’s talk about one student first.”

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