The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 38

38 - #038 Proposal

38 – #038 Proposal

It was common to see combat department students or professors wearing their favorite weapons such as swords or maces on their waists.

It was not compulsory to carry weapons, but since there are many classes that use weapons, both professors and students carry weapons.

However, it was an unnatural sight for anyone to see an outsider, neither a student nor a professor, entering the academy wearing a sword and armor.

How many sons of aristocrats are here, but people whose identities have not been properly identified come in wearing even swords?

It must have been related to one of the students, but it didn’t seem like it was related to the Valiant class students who seemed to be at a distance from everyone here.

As I approached the knight through the students surrounding the desk, the knight glared at me with a disapproving look.

That gaze was not good, so I glared at him, and in an instant, a threatening atmosphere began to flow.

“Are you John Don?”

“That’s right, but who is the man standing around in front of someone else’s desk? Are you lost?”

“You rude bastard! I know who this is… !”

A student tried to say something, but when the driver raised his hand to stop him, he immediately shut his mouth.

Like I said earlier, he was a rude guy, and even though that knight isn’t a great nobleman, does the nobleman have enough status to lower his body on his own?

“So who are you?”

“… I am Raon Greenham. A knight serving His Highness Mileon.”

“Who? Oh, that prince?”

The first time I heard it, I couldn’t remember who it was after hearing the name, but after hearing the title of Highness, I barely remembered who it was.

Milleon Arthur, the fourth prince of the kingdom. Apparently, this man is the prince’s escort knight.

It was understandable enough for an ordinary aristocrat to bring an escort knight to the academy for a royal family.

“So what’s the prince’s article about?”

“…… To my honor, the prince told you to come out to the designated place, saying that you have business. I will tell you the location and time, so you guys prepare until then—”

“Have you seen such a foolish bastard?”

At those words, everyone, including the knight, was speechless, and the focus disappeared from their eyes.

A knight should have been angry at the insulting words of his master, but Raon seemed to have forgotten about being angry at the excessive shock.

In order to regain my lost spirit, I continued.

“If Ji is a prince, he is a prince. If you have something to say, you should come by yourself instead of sending a trash article. Okay? Is not it?”

“Such a madman!!”

Raon, who had barely regained consciousness, reflexively stretched out his hand toward the hilt.

Suddenly, a sword fell from the window, and while screams overflowed from outside, a cold silence once again lingered in the classroom.

“What? Weren’t you kicking? Could it be that you can’t do anything without a sword?”

“Ugh… !! Dare!!”

“Kyung!! Do not fall for this provocation!! And it’s better to stay a little away from the window….”

The sight of the sword going through the window reminded the students of the Flying Louise incident the previous day, so they somehow tried to knock him out of the window.

Unable to pull out his sword and being overpowered, Raon could not fight back or retreat, only glaring at him.

As if we were going to have a snowball fight, the time we just stared at each other continued, and even during that time, the number of students returning to class after eating continued to increase.

There was also Louise among the returning students, and Louise, who heard the current situation from her followers, made her face and approached her.

“What? Do you want to wear it too? Since I have two hands, I can blow both at the same time.”

“Shut up, you vulgar savage. And Sir Raon, please step back. It will be time for the professor to come soon.”

There is no way to overcome this situation, and Raon lowered his head and said, probably thinking that it would be dangerous if he showed the professor this sight.

“…… Let’s go see the young lady.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

When I slightly twisted his body to get out of the way, Raon didn’t stop staring at me even for that brief moment that passed by.

Maybe it was because he was angry with me, but he seemed worried that he might do something strange behind his back.

That concern was correct. When Raon completely turned his head, he didn’t miss the moment and reached out and grabbed Raon’s nape.

Foreseeing this, Raon shook his body wildly and tried to get out of my grip, but it was too much to shake off my hand with his physical strength.

“Oh no!!”

After a while, an article was thrown out of the window with a student’s scream.

I feel like throwing people out of the window twice, but this is more fun than I thought. I wish I could come up and throw it one more time if possible.

“Hey! Are you alive?”

I carefully opened the broken window and called for Raon, who had fallen to the floor. Raon, who picked up the fallen sword, glared at me with deadly eyes and shouted.

“Yes, you bastard!! I will never forgive you!!”

“Is that so~! And since I’m going to the rendezvous point, tell your prince to learn some manners!! Oh, I’ll tell you the meeting place later!!”

“You son of a b*tch!!!”

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Raon has completely lost his eyes and has reached the point where constructive conversation is no longer possible except for swearing.

When I turned my head and looked at the classroom, all the students in the class were staring at me with blank eyes.

“What are you standing there looking at? Aren’t you ready for class?”


Late at night after all the schedules were over, I checked the map again in front of a building located between the ordinary and the shabby on the outskirts of the academy.

According to the letter from the maid sent by the prince before class ended, it was clear that this place was the designated building.

However, seeing the rather shabby building for royalty to be waiting for, I wasn’t sure if this was really the right place.

‘No, I prefer a place like this when I’m working in secret.’

I don’t know why they called me, but it made sense to call me to a place like this if it wasn’t something to talk about in front of others.

Besides, I am not alone now. Vivian, who has hidden herself by borrowing the power of a spirit, watches everything from behind.

“Thank you for coming with us.”

“What~ I can’t miss the moment when my disciple becomes a high treason!”

“I have no intention of doing that this time.”

Beating royalty is a completely different story than beating up widespread aristocrats.

Even though this place is not a kingdom, Vice President Pride will not overlook the beating of the prince of another country.

If it was Vivian, even if she was expelled from the academy, she would have trained her separately, but even so, I wanted to avoid being inefficient.

So I asked Vivian to accompany me in case I spread false rumors that I had beaten the royal family.

“… Then I will go in.”

When she opened the door and went inside, Raon and the maid who had handed her the letter were waiting on the first floor.

[Raon Lv 32]

[Amy Lv 28]

I checked the levels of everyone I could see in case there were other people, but it seemed that there were only two people or no other people.

By the way, that maid seemed like an unusual person from the first time she came, but I could never have thought that the level of the professor was higher than the average.

I don’t know if the professors are pathetic or if that maid is amazing, but either way it’s funny.

“Are you alone? What about the prince?”

“…… He is upstairs. He’s waiting for you, so hurry up.”

Raon just stared at me like morning but didn’t say anything, and instead of him, a maid named Amy pointed to the stairs leading upstairs.

When I passed the two and went upstairs, it was dark and I couldn’t see the prince’s face well.

When the prince at the window lit a candle, the prince’s face was visible.

“What did you call me for? Did you, like that naughty b*tch, call me to threaten me to drop out?”

“… No, I don’t think so. This isn’t a kingdom, and I don’t like violence like that.”

“…… What?”

I was speechless at the unexpected words.

At first, Raon, who came to deliver the message, was so hostile that I had assumed that the prince would be the same.

However, the atmosphere I felt from him was mild, far from fighting.

“The reason I called you to such a remote place is because I have something I want to suggest.”

“…… Proposal?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to be too proud, but I am close with the professors. So, with your consent, I can ask you to move the class.”

So, for the sake of the peace of the half, I was saying to move half from Valorous to the other half.

It was much milder than the expulsion I initially expected, but the fact that it was an offer I didn’t like didn’t change.

“I don’t move half of it. If I move half, it’s like I’m running away from people weaker than me. But I have a question, can I ask you one thing?”

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you find out that you need my consent to move the class? Or did you find out while asking the professor if such a thing was possible?”

“… ….”

Silence sometimes means affirmation. Like this moment.

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