The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 14

14 - #014 Yujin Han's ragged fist bumping into a commotion!! (1)

14 – #014 Yujin Han’s ragged fist bumping into a commotion!! (1)


Vivian sang his hum song and walked merrily through the schoolyard, ready to dance. Now, for the first time since his appointment, Vivian’s heart was filled with a sense of fulfillment.

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No, the feeling that makes Vivian’s body tremble right now isn’t just a sense of fulfillment.

I was filled with emotions from various joys and satisfactions, so just remembering what happened in the auditorium a moment ago made me hum.

‘… It was great. It was a great skill, regardless of the words, for his age.’

Actually, Vivian had been seriously thinking about retiring a while ago. However, he changed his mind after seeing John Doe’s performance in the auditorium.

Vivian is a pure human with no blood from another race, but her body is far from that of an ordinary human.

Raised in the hands of spirits since she was a child, Vivian’s body is protected by numerous spirits. It’s not just about increasing the strength of the body, but there is no end to mentioning one by one, such as resisting magic or poison.

It is doubtful that even if the leader of the royal knights wielded the sword with all his might, his body surpassing even the legendary armor would leave a scratch on it.

Of course, at the student level, it would be ridiculous to hurt Vivian’s body, but John Doe did that nonsense.

It’s a small wound that has already started to heal without using the regenerative ability, but a wound is a wound.

The secret lies in the concentration of energy. By concentrating a tremendous amount of energy into the tip of the spear and amplifying its penetrating power as much as possible, it accomplished what was originally impossible.

It sounds simple in words, but concentrating qi on a very small area such as the tip of a spear blade was difficult even for a skilled warrior.

Even when Vivian set out on a journey to the eastern continent, only skilled warriors who had been on the battlefield for decades were the only people who handled their flags so skillfully.

‘Would I have been able to win if it was me when I was younger?’

It’s impossible to say for sure because winning or losing is all dependent on luck and condition at the time, but the odds of winning would be around 50%.

“hehehehe… !”

He has been working at the academy for almost ten years and the long-awaited talent is right next to him.

Ten years of patience had finally paid off, so it was not unreasonable for Vivian herself to turn into a bad laugh.

‘What kind of technique should I teach first!’

Ki and mana are distinctly different, but there are similarities in the way they are applied, so if you are talented, you will surely be able to make Vivian’s skills your own.

Although they hadn’t said anything about John Doe and his training yet, in Vivien’s mind, he was Vivien’s apprentice.

It is safe to say that the basics are already perfect, so while he was walking around the campus thinking about which technique to teach first, Vivian encountered Marianne on a rare occasion.

“Um… What kind of vulgar thoughts did he have that makes him laugh so badly?”

It is a well-known fact in the academy that Vivian and Marianne are not on good terms.

Therefore, the academy took this into consideration and placed the two professors’ offices far away from each other at both ends of the academy, so originally, they would never have met each other.

“I usually stay in the professor’s office, but today I’m going to do photosynthesis….”

Vivian, who was about to take Marianne’s argument as usual, stopped talking and smiled as if a good idea was better.

“Hey, can I show you something fun?”


With that said, before Marianne could reply, Vivian lifted up her clothes to show the wound John Doe had inflicted on her earlier.

Marianne’s eyes start to shake when she sees the tiny scar on her abs.

That would also mean that Vivian hurt her, either intentionally harming herself, or that an enemy who could harm Vivian’s body has entered.

“What is that wound? Did she finally realize her own incompetence and try to commit suicide and fail?”

“It’s a wound inflicted by a barbarian you ignored.”

“What? He?”

At the time Vivian was paying attention, I expected him to be talented or talented, but I didn’t think it was that much.

“Hey~ I thought this year was also a bad year, but it’s really fortunate that an unexpected big player came in. But what about the mage? Do you think you have a good guy?”

“Wow… !”

She watched both the first and second tests, but Marianne gritted her teeth because she couldn’t find talent as good as John Doe.

The two people who lacked neither position nor wealth took up the professorship for the sake of nurturing the younger generation.

The two were tired of their peaceful daily life.

In the peaceful days when neither a proper war nor a demon king worshiper appeared, the military strength the two had built up over their lifetimes did not see the light of day.

Of course, it had enough power as a deterrent, but it was not enough.

The two wanted each other. An opponent who can collide with this strength accumulated over a lifetime.

And just as a reader who has read all sorts of novels picks up a pen at the end, the two accepted the recommendation of the academy and became professors.

Create it if it doesn’t exist. It was a professorship I accepted with that thought in mind, but to be honest, it was a disappointing day.

It’s not that the students didn’t have talent. Every year, several, if not two, students with a tolerable talent entered.

It is not that the education of the professors was lacking. All of the academy’s professors are excellent educators and have a sense of responsibility and passion for their work.

Then, what was lacking? It was just a promise.

In a world with no war and no devil worshipers, few fools would give up their once-in-a-lifetime youth and pursue only strength.

But now, a student with talent, hard work, and most importantly, determination has finally appeared.

However, it was not Marianne who first found her and spit on her, but Vivian, whom she hated the most.

“We talked amicably before~! You too will be able to find a good disciple soon, so cheer up!”

That’s why Vivian’s words became the best provocation to laugh at Marianne’s 10 years.

Marianne shook her hands in anger at her humiliation that she had been robbed of her player by none other than by Vivian.

“…… He already acts as if he has become a disciple.”

“It’s as good as it gets! Unlike you, who had the same war and had the worst first impression, I was—”


While talking, the eyes of the two turned to the teacher when someone suddenly heard a scream from the teacher.


It took less than five minutes to follow Vivian’s directions to the classroom, but it took several times as long to make the decision to enter.

To be honest, if I had the same heart, I just wanted to go back like this today.

Since the professor is there, I won’t be abusive or threatening at all, but I’m sure you’ll look at it with a bad eye.

‘When was the last time you met a Dongbu man….’

It was probably at a bar he stopped by on his way home from work with his father three years ago.

‘Where are the filthy monkeys coming in!’

At first, I thought the man was the owner because of the harsh words I heard the moment I stepped into the bar, but it wasn’t.

He was a mercenary who came to subdue the bandits who appeared near here like us.

At first, I thought that the guy who had been deprived of work was barking at him to vent his anger, but when he saw their hateful eyes, he realized that they were East Asians.

He tried to just let it go, but his father was in a particularly bad mood that day, so the quarrel turned into a fight and the tavern turned into a bloodbath.

‘Does the word monkey still come out?’

‘f*ck Joe… ! It’s a baby monkey!!’

‘… You must be smarter than a monkey.’

Even after piercing both of their arms and legs, they didn’t say a word of sorry.

I didn’t feel like it because the beginning of the work was too retarded to praise him as manly for not giving up his will until the end.

‘Father… Why didn’t they say sorry? No matter how proud I am, it would be better than dying.’

‘Perhaps someone in the family was raped by barbarians. If it were you, would you say sorry to those people?’

My father told me not to mind if it was common, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Obviously I didn’t do anything wrong, but I felt as if I had committed a sin. I can’t explain it well, but I felt like I was going to get sick.

Meetings with people from the east always had a bad aftertaste, like bitter chocolate that didn’t feel the slightest sweetness.

‘Since they are nobles this time, things will be better than those mercenaries….’

No, it could be worse because they are nobles who have strong pride and have to fight barbarians in case of emergency.

The more I thought about it, the more I was reluctant to open this door, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stand there forever.

When I opened the door with all my heart, the eyes of the students all focused on me, even though it was not a very loud sound.

A heavy, cold silence filled the whole class, as if the body was submerged in an endless swamp.

At first, my curious gaze changed to anger and disgust the moment I confirmed that I was an Asian, and some even kicked their tongues out loud.

‘Why the f*ck is there no professor….’

I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like he’s been away. If I had known before opening the door, I wouldn’t have known, but since I had already opened the door, I couldn’t help it.

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When I sat down in an appropriately empty seat with a steel plate on my face, the students around me avoided their seats with expressions that looked like they saw something dirty.

I thought I had some resistance to this kind of mental attack, but seeing as my hands were shaking when I was attacked, it seems that I was still far from it.

‘Father… What kind of life did you lead?’

I didn’t expect to think this way in my life, but today I miss my father.

As I sat and waited for the professor to come, students who appeared to be from the East stood up one by one and surrounded me.

But what are these crazy bastards already holding onto the hilt? Are you going to cut me if I do anything?

These bastards call me a savage or a monkey, but seeing these things makes me think that the savage is not me, but these bastards.

At least I don’t pick up a spear after hearing the word savage or monkey.

In terms of skill, no one is close to me, so I can’t be a threat, but even so, seeing the way he grabbed the hilt like that made me feel annoyed.

As I was watching what else I was going to do here, the wall of students surrounding me started to shake from the outside, and I moved away little by little to make my way.

Through that road, a girl with impressive golden hair, a characteristic of the Gawain family, approached.

Although not as small as Marianne, she was on the small side, and her hair was not tousled, but unkempt and rough, giving the impression of being a tomboy rather than a noble lady.

The girl, whose knives were trained, looked down at me with eyes as if she were looking at some kind of filth.

“… Do you know who I am?”

“It’s a first meeting… There is a part where you can guess which family the daughter is from.”

“That’s great. Get out of the academy until tomorrow morning. I am not confident that I will not raise my hand with a monkey like you in front of me.”

I expected to quarrel, but I was speechless at the more hostile reaction than I expected.

“The answer?”

I urged her to answer, perhaps frustrated by her appearance, and I waited for a while before telling her.

“…… I hate it.”


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