The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 13

13 - #013 Entrance Ceremony (2)

13 – #013 Entrance Ceremony (2)


I got up and opened my dirty eyes, but what I was waiting for was darkness.

Before I went to sleep, the lights on the podium were on, but now the lights on the podium have also gone out, leaving only darkness and silence in the auditorium.

The auditorium, where all the freshmen and professors had left, was terribly silent.

I didn’t expect it to wake me up, but even if the students said yes, it was a bit of a shock to see the professor abandon me.

‘… What’s wrong with those people, it’s my fault for sleeping during the entrance ceremony.’

I don’t know how long I’ve been sleeping, but I groped the walls to find an exit to get out of the auditorium anyway.

As I was walking toward the exit, relying on my senses of touch, I suddenly felt someone’s minute mana coming to a stop.

“Is anyone there?”

“… ….”

When I asked a question, what came back was not an answer, but a murderous intent. It is also a hideous murderous intent that gives goosebumps to the nape of the neck, where the skill of the person sending the intent is easily guessed.

There is nothing to divide the sum. Human instincts, which had not yet degenerated faster than the eyes could see and the brain could understand, sounded the alarm.

I wanted to run away immediately if possible, but now that the enemy had occupied the only exit, the escape route was as good as blocked.

Even if you try to break through the wall, you won’t be able to move without knowing the structure of this building. Then, the only thing left is….

‘Break through from the front and escape through the exit.’

You don’t have to knock it down. If I could just distract him for a moment, that was enough.

I immediately summoned a long spear and a short spear using the quick slot and raised my ki as much as possible.

Perhaps the opponent felt it as well, the intense mana that seemed to cover the entire auditorium shook like a candle, then immediately stabilized and regained its original form.

I don’t know why it doesn’t attack, but if you keep an eye on it, I’ll just go first.

As I focused my fighting spirit on my legs and exploded them all at once, the ground I stepped on was pulverized with a violent sound, and my body bounced forward like a shell.

However, the enemy did not flinch, let alone dodge, and blocked the attack from the front.

“Ugh… !!”

What was it that prevented this attack? The sensation transmitted through the spear to the hand was the opposite of hardness and softness.

… It wouldn’t be the armor, but could it be that he blocked this attack with his bare body?

The purpose was not to defeat the enemy, but to break through.

I concentrated my energy on the blade with the thought that even if I couldn’t pierce it, I would get at least one scratch.

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The sharpness and strength of the blade, amplified hundreds of times with the power of ki, shone as the tip of the spear shone, slicing through a little bit of the skin.

As soon as the enemy opened a very small gap, I threw myself toward the exit without hesitation.

But in the very next moment, when I was about 10 steps away from the exit, my body was suddenly pulled back, and a strange feeling of floating hit me.

“Ugh… !”

It was when I realized that the enemy had thrown me and was preparing for the shock and preparing for the fall.

Someone gently hugged me as I was about to fall to the ground faster than my body could touch the ground.

And at the same time, the magic lights in the auditorium came on all at once, and a dazzling light came over me.

“Hmm, with a long spear and a short spear in both hands… What a rare combination!”

I recognized the identity of the enemy despite not being able to open my eyes at the familiar voice I had heard several times.

“… Professor Vivian, there are many things I want to say, but please put them down.”

Vivian gently put me on her floor and I thrust her long spear and her short spear into her ground and looked at her.

There was a small wound on her stomach, but it seemed as if she had covered it with her bare body, not with her shield or armor.

“Don’t ask me why I did this?”

“I guess they were just curious about my skills or what kind of weapons I use. Or is there any other reason?”

“Actually, I was curious about bare-handed fighting, so I threatened it once, but I got a bigger harvest than I thought. But what did you do with the window? Were you bare-handed?”

“… ….”

Originally, I didn’t intend to use it inside the academy, but I was so flustered that I used the quick slot without realizing it.

“How did you do it over there?”

“I will teach you when I get to know you better. However….”


“What about those?”

When I pointed to the floors I had broken, Vivian stared blankly at her floor for a moment, then smiled.

“What do you know? They have a lot of money, so they will fix it on their own. I won’t be using the auditorium for a while anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“…… Her.”

I’ve thought about it before, but this human isn’t normal either. Let’s not get close in the future.


“Hey, are you still mad? You were just joking around.”

For how many times, Vivian had been by my side a little while ago, repeating the same words like a child urging him to ask if he is still far from his destination.

Originally, I was going to keep ignoring it, but I opened my mouth because it seemed like there would be no end to it.

“That’s no light prank. And I’ve never been sulking.”

“Then why are you acting so coldly?”

“This is normal. The professor is strangely friendly to me.”

As she spoke, I asked why she was so friendly because she liked something about me.

“I like strong people. And I felt a special affinity for you. I’m from a commoner too, so in the past, I suffered a lot of discrimination in one way or another.”

“Because I am a barbarian, I am lower than a commoner.”

“What kind of savage are you? Judging from the features of his face, he looks more like an easterner.”

As he said that, he mentioned a few names and races of eastern countries, but since I had never been to the east, I couldn’t tell them apart.

“And… This reminds me of the face of the person I met when I went to the eastern continent long ago when I see you.”

“Is that him?”

I expected the story of a lover or friend I met in the eastern continent, but what came out of her mouth was an unexpected name.

“A man who got into a fight at a bar. They took my left eye.”

“…… Yes?”

I knew from the start that the left eye was artificial, so it’s not too surprising. What surprised me was why such a person seemed friendly to me.

“Then isn’t it normal to hate it?”

“If you think about it normally, it is. But that fight with that guy was one of the best moments of my life. He was a man with a face that looked like mashed potatoes, but his skills were truly miraculous.

Even though it must have been the person who took her left eye, Vivian closed her eyes with a sad expression as if she truly missed that moment.

“Your face looks like you are thinking of a lover.”

“I miss you, but don’t use that expression. Who is such an ugly man….”

“By the way, did the professor lose his left eye?”

“What is that? He looked at my face and suddenly left with a terrified expression on his face as if he were running away. What did the man say then… I think the main character and the teacher character were doing something.”

“… ….”

I had never been to the East, let alone the Eastern Continent, but I could guess who had stolen Vivian’s eyes.

An Asian with unusual skills with a potato-like face, and my senses, having heard my father’s nonsense all my life, are speaking.

The person who took Vivian’s left eye was my father Hannam.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing. By the way, do you know which class I belong to?”

“Of course I know. I didn’t go to tell you that in the first place, I was waiting.”

The Department of Combat consists of five classes, each with Valor, Wisdom, Reputation, Diligence, and Mercy. The class I was assigned was Valor.

“Let me warn you, life as a student might be a bit difficult.”

“It’s something I’m used to, so it’s okay if you don’t pay too much attention to it.”

“Um… You misunderstood me a bit. The kid in your class is a bit of a problem for you.”

“… ?”

“I’m going to give you a common sense question. Guess which one is the ruling family in the East?”

“Isn’t that the Gawain family?”

I’ve never been to the east, but the influential families remember them because they were one of the groups to be most careful with.

“But why did you suddenly ask for that…” .”

I was about to ask why, but I was speechless as I remembered where this place was.

“No way….”

“In a country in the east, there was a saying that they would catch people. You caught a person this time too. The third daughter of the Gawain family is in the same class as you. With a bunch of eastern nobles, of course.”

“The plague….”

I thought there would be at least one professor who looked down on me, but I never thought I would do something like this.

If I can’t stand the bullying and even explode, how the hell did I do this to handle it?

“So what are you going to do now?”

“… How do you do it? What else do you have?”

“No, but I don’t know if it’s a person who wants to see it once, but I’m someone who will continue to see it for three years. If you keep putting up with it, the intensity of the bullying will gradually increase, right?”

“… ….”

Until now, when there were disputes with people about this, it was one of two things. I’m only going to see you for a moment, so don’t be patient or let me know the subject with violence.

You can’t use both this time. I had to watch it for a long time, and the opponent was a great aristocrat who ruled the East.

“… Still, can’t you do anything about it? Even if the academy does not belong to the kingdom, the majority of the professors are from the kingdom.”

“Ah~ As you said, I’m half from the kingdom, but I don’t think there is a single professor who will stand on your side.”

“… Yes?”

“Anyway, I gave you advice, so I’ll go! See you later in my class!”

After Vivian left, I stood there for a long time and pondered over Vivian’s words.

‘… Can I take it that way?’

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