The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 4

4 - #004 Train (3)

4 – #004 Train (3)

I hate my name.

It’s not that I don’t like the father who gave me the name, I hate that I have to take a big risk just by revealing my real name.

My name is not a Mongo national name, but it is quite foreign to most of the kingdom’s people, and if it matches my face, it is enough to cause misunderstanding.

Whether it’s an Asian name or a Mongo name, it’s normal to not be able to tell the difference unless you know a lot about Mongo.

So, to avoid unnecessary fuss, I used a pseudonym in this situation.

While I was thinking about which name would be less suspicious, the answer unexpectedly came from an unexpected place, but it was none other than my father’s mouth.

‘How about John Doe? I don’t know if it’s Korea, but I think I can use a pseudonym here.’

‘John Do….’

Since it’s my father, it must be a name with a meaning that has not been used, but I liked the name.

It was a name that seemed common, yet unusual, with a lot of nuances that somehow didn’t seem like a pseudonym.

Since that day, I’ve never given my real name unless I’m really close to someone or someone I’m about to kill, and this situation was no exception.

“John Do…. For some reason I cannot give you my family name, but I am called Penwood. Then, Mr. John, I’m sorry, but can I get his body from this side? He’s the assassin who targeted us. It may be futile, but we have to investigate for any clues.”

“Do whatever you like. I was worried that if I left it like this anyway, there would be a needless misunderstanding.”

Perhaps surprised by the savage’s polite response, Penwood put on a bewildered expression as if he were surprised.

“Thank you for your willing permission. On behalf of the lady, thank you. But the skill of an assassin was not average, are you unscathed? Then I happened to have a potion….”

“No. I was lucky enough to be awake by the time he attacked my cabin, so I subdued him on the spot.”

“On the spot?”

Penwood inspected his corpse and became even more fussed when he realized that the fight had been won in one move.

Of course, I was aware of the surprise attack, so it was an advantageous situation for me in many ways, but I couldn’t mention the quest, so I didn’t bother mentioning it.

“… You’re amazing at such a young age. If fate touches me, I will definitely repay you someday. Then….”

After that, he was about to leave the room with the body of the assassin.

The sound of someone’s footsteps coming along with the sound of the passageway door being thrown open from behind caught our attention.

‘Ah, sir… What else?’

I grabbed the spear again, wondering if there was another assassin, but what she did was a red-haired woman with a happy smile on her face.

Probably about the same age as me, the girl with her red hair tied back in a ponytail took a moment to catch her breath and then looked back at me and Penwood.

“What? Is it over already?!”

“Ah, lady!! I told you to stay in your room, but why are you here!!”

I wonder if she is the girl Penwood said. When she appeared, Penwood felt her face contemplative.

But these guys have been talking loudly since before. Are they really going to wake everyone up here?

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a fun thing, but I can’t just miss it!! So are you done?”

“What a fun thing…. What are you talking about in a situation where you could lose your life!”

“Hey… Both of you lower your voice a little. The soundproofing here is not that good.”

How many people actually woke up? Some people were knocking on the wall a little while ago to tell them to be quiet.

Hearing that sound, Pennwood hurriedly covered her mouth, perhaps realizing his own voice, while the woman called the lady asked me.

“So who are you? Team up with an assassin?”

This woman seems to have full breasts, but lacks the contents of her head.

If you think about it a little, there is no way you can talk kindly in front of an assassin.

“Kuhmm… He’s John Doe. He is a grateful young man who took care of the assassin who was targeting the young lady instead of us.”

“This guy?”

She looked at me slowly, appraisingly, then stopped her eyes once at her face and once at the javelin in my hand.

“You look strong. I owe you, but are you going to the academy too?”

Seeing that she was in the same age as me, I thought maybe she would, but it seems that she was on her way to the academy just like me.

“Yes, I am on my way to take the entrance exam this year.”

“Well, then you are like me. If we meet at the academy, say hi and let’s stay. Then, I’m going back to sleep!”

She seemed to have lost interest and left with a look that she was done, leaving only me and Penwood in the third-class aisle again.

“I don’t know if I can say this, but you must be having a lot of trouble.”

“…… Compared to the past, you are much calmer. Then I’ll just go back. I’ll say it again, thank you for today’s work.”

After seeing off Penwood, who was carrying the assassin’s corpse on his back and following the red-haired woman, I went back to the cabin.

‘It’s a little tiring.’

It wasn’t too hard since I defeated the assassin in just one shot, but talking to other people like before was very tiring.

Usually, what comes back to us barbarians is contempt or violence, so we just need to return it in the same way.

However, the other side couldn’t respond that well and had no experience, so it was hard to get used to it.

‘I’d rather be comfortable with violence, they say I’m different from those barbarians, but there’s really not much difference.’

It was when I closed her eyes that I felt a little self-loathing. Suddenly, a tone I had never heard before sounded in my ear.

[Surprise quest cleared!]

[Success Reward Hermit’s Mask will be given to your inventory!]

“Oh, I forgot.”

When I opened the inventory right away, it was a strange mask with nothing painted on it and even no eye sockets.

Once you clicked on the mask to see if it had any special abilities, an item window appeared with information about the mask.

[Hermit’s Mask] [Rating: Treasure]

[A mask imbued with the magic of obstructing perception. If you are not a skilled person, you will not be able to clearly recognize the face of the person wearing this mask.]

From noble mtl dot com

‘Hindered recognition?’

Wearing a mask like this would attract attention on the contrary, but does that mean that the power of this mask will get rid of that situation?

I tried the mask on once, but it didn’t feel like anything had changed.

And strangely, despite the fact that the mask had no eye sockets, the range of vision was not different from before wearing the mask.

‘I haven’t tried it yet, but I got this one.’

Now, thinking of saying goodbye to the days when I was greeted with contempt every time I walked down the street, I smiled on my own.

It was a tiring day in many ways, but I think I’ll be able to sleep comfortably tonight because I got these precious things.


After that, time went by without much happening except that the train stopped at the station for a while to get rid of the body the next day.

On the first day, just looking at the ever-changing scenery outside the window was enough to pass the time, but after days like that continued for several days, I started to get tired of watching the scenery.

‘…… It’s boring. I’d rather have another assassin come.’

I don’t want to admit it, but when I traveled with my father, even though we traveled long distances, we had friends to talk to, so it wasn’t boring.

Even if the words that come out of my father’s mouth are nonsense that nine times out of ten are not worth listening to, there is no change in the fact that I enjoyed it.

Maybe it was because the academy was approaching, but when I thought about my father, a memory came to my mind, whether I missed it or not.

‘If you enter the academy, you will never live in a dormitory.’

‘…… It’s a strange word anyway, but let’s hear it first. Why not? Living in a dormitory would be cheaper.’

‘First of all, there are no events that can be held in the dormitory.’

As soon as the word related to events and games came up, I gave up the expectation that a proper story would come out a long time ago.

However, perhaps because the expectations were so low, the words that followed were surprisingly worth listening to.

‘And if you, an Asian, are going to go into the dormitory, do you really think you’ll be safe?’


‘Think about it. What will happen when Asians who are looked down upon not only in the kingdom but throughout the Seiyan continent enter the academy? Getting punched in the back of the head while walking down the hallway is standard, and it will be a day when insulting graffiti such as “sh*t” And “Sleep-eyed idiot” Are written on desks and cabinets. But will your room be all right?’

As if scaring a child, my father said things that were surprisingly realistic, such as that there would be a lot of parental curses written on the door, and that clothes and bedding would be torn when he entered the room.

‘Aside from going to the academy, that’s definitely what I would do if I lived in a dormitory.’

‘That’s right. So even if it’s a bit far from the academy, it’s better to book a room instead of living in a dormitory.’

‘Yes, but father.’

‘What is it?’

‘How does your father know such bullies so well? Just like someone who’s been through it.’

‘Shut up.’

It wasn’t common for my father to show such a flustered expression, so the memory of that day still lingers in my head.

When I go back, like I said then, I should get a small single room somewhere.

While passing the time thinking about what to do when entering the academy, the train gradually slows down and finally arrives at its destination.

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