The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 20

20 - #020 Beast King's Garden (2)

20 – #020 Garden of the Beast King (2)

‘Most of them are level 1….’

On my way to the academy, as I watched passers-by halfway through the day, a level appeared above their heads.

Most of them were level 1 to 2, except for adventurers and academy students, there was not a single one higher than 3.

Looking at the fact that even a child as young as 10 years old is set at level 1, which is the same as the binding, it seems that level 1 is the lower limit, and there is no lower limit.

The average level of academy students trained under their parents from birth is around 5 to 7.

Adventurers have a large variance, but most of them do not exceed 10, so the average is not much different from the students.

‘Did I hear monkey calls from these worms?’

Of course, even before I could see the level, I was convinced that it was easier to kill the weeds than to trample the passers-by.

However, although it is approximate, since the extent is expressed in numbers like this, the fact that I originally knew came to me with a different meaning than before.

‘If I were a monkey, what would those guys who would die with just one wave of their hands? Bug?’

After checking Louise’s level, bad thoughts kept running through my head.

As the memories of being despised as being called monkeys or savages kept coming back to me, I shook my head and brushed off the bad thoughts.

‘Let’s just go on our way….’

I’m not going to kill you right away, and there’s no need to.

Mixed in with the students attending school wearing a mask, I stepped into the academy without anyone suspecting or staring at me.

About 100 people were put on probation because of the commotion yesterday, but since there were so many students at the academy, it didn’t show much.

‘I’m not caught….’

While walking around the campus, I ran into other professors several times, but no one could see through the power of the magic tool.

[James Lv 25]

Heck, the level is around 20, so it would be impossible to see through the power of magic tools just by looking at them.

I was nervous that I might be caught, but it seems that I was worried for nothing.

I thought that if it was Vivian, I might be able to see through it, so even after going to a deserted place, I went to Vivian’s dedicated professor’s office wearing a mask.

Unlike other professors’ offices, Vivian’s office was set up in a dedicated building on the other side of the academy.

Her exclusive building, made just for her, was built in the middle of a large pond.

The building, which looked more like a villa or mansion than a professor’s office, was hovering around the spirit’s light, but the moment the spirit of brilliant light saw me, it suddenly turned red.


As I was nervous and feeling a bad atmosphere, the door suddenly opened and Vivian came running out with a large greatsword drawn.

“What are you doing bastard!!! Are you good at fighting!!! Can I kill you?!”

Terrified at the unusual mana I felt from her body, I hurriedly took off the mask and threw it away.

As soon as I took off her mask and threw it away, Vivian put on a sorry expression and stopped her swift swing of the sword, but it was a little too late and cut my throat lightly.

“Is it you? I almost killed you….”

When Vivien drew her sword and gently stroked my neck, the wound on her neck healed in an instant.

If I hadn’t stopped in the middle, my neck would have been rolling on the ground by now.

“By the way, what is that mask?”

“… It is a magical tool that hides its identity. It’s a must-have for Asians like me. I tried it once to see if a professor would notice it.”

“I’m lucky I didn’t run into Grandpa Pryde or that shorty b*tch while I was here.”

Vivian turned her eyes to the mask and beckoned for it. The spirits picked up the fallen mask and handed it to Vivian.

Holding the mask, Vivian turned it around and observed it intriguedly, then whistled contentedly and said:

“This is quite a magic tool, I understand why the other professors didn’t notice. But where did you get these?”

“It is difficult to explain…. Rather than that, did you get the permit you asked for yesterday?”

“Yeah, it was a bit difficult to ask where to use it, but he gave it to me after pretending to raise his fist.”

With that said, Vivian returned the license and the hermit’s mask.

“Since the signature containing my mana has been entered, I will pass it right away without any additional procedures.”

“Thank you. Then….”

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Putting the returned mask and permit in my arms, I nodded to Vivian and left the professor’s office, but my steps stopped short.

“Professor? Why are you following me?”

Vivian left the room without staying in the room and was walking behind me.

Judging by the look on his face, he didn’t come out to see him off. It was a face full of thoughts that anyone could see.

“Why? Watching a fight is the most fun thing in the world, do you think I’ll miss this?”

“Looking at the schedule, I know you have classes soon….”

“I will give you the first lesson, so listen carefully, disciple. Promises are meant to be broken and work is meant to be skipped.”

“… ….”

No matter how talented he is, I have doubts about whether it is okay to have such a person as a professor.

“It is difficult to show off my skills when there is someone to help me in an emergency.”

“Ha ha!! Don’t worry about that!! Even if I think I’m going to lose, I’ll never save you and I’ll just throw it away! I’ll give you the corpse for monster food, so you don’t have to worry about a funeral!”

It’s better to go with someone who will save you in case of emergency, I don’t want to go with someone who will throw away in case of emergency.

“You can watch the fight later and just go to class. The dungeon is enough for me alone.”

“You bastard!! What kind of arrogance are you talking about as a disciple!!”

Ignoring Vivian who was shouting something behind me, I left the academy as leisurely as I had entered.


Beast King’s Dungeon, one of the most dangerous places in the academy with numerous dungeons, was different from ordinary dungeons from the entrance.

While the entrance of an ordinary dungeon is a dull gray building, the beast king’s garden was a bright gate decorated with grass and colorful flowers on an arched fence.

Smell the sweet scent of flowers that can be felt even from a distance, and who on earth would think that beyond is a place where blood-crazed beasts lurk.

It’s true that I found out while investigating the Garden of the Beast King, but it is said that in the past, there were frequent accidents where children entered the garden thinking it was an ordinary entrance and went missing.

“Stop there!”

As I was walking, thinking about miscellaneous things, one of the guards stopped me as I approached the place where I could see the face of a guard standing up close.

I deliberately did not wear a mask because I had to prove my identity before entering.

It seemed that he was not from the East, seeing as he didn’t rush at me right away, but he still seemed to disapprove of me.

“You savage there!! I don’t know why you visited, but don’t come any closer and talk there!”

“Seo, senior?!”

Unsurprisingly, the guard held out his spear by himself even though the man who seemed to be his junior was still.

The man next to him was flustered, even if he saw it, it didn’t seem like he was doing anything like this.

“… I came to explore the dungeon. I also got a permit from the academy, so check it out.”

Swallowing the urge to punch me in the face, I handed the permit to the one who did not carry the spear.

The guard who received the permit was flustered the moment he saw the name written on the permit, and asked for help from the senior guard, who was still pointing his spear at me.

“Senior, I have to send this right away….”

“… It’s noisy, kid.”

What is written on the permit is Vivian’s name, which is known to everyone in the kingdom as well as the empire.

When I saw her name, I thought she would drop her tail right away, but he was much more gutsy than I expected.

“I need to check that the permit is not forged, so please wait here.”

“…… How many minutes will it take?”

When I asked that question, barely holding back my fist going up, the senior guard smiled and said,

“Well… I can’t say anything because we’re busy. Why don’t you just wait a moment?”

My patience finally reached its limit at the euphemistic but f*cking expression that they would not send the permit.

At the same time, this thought popped into my head. Would these bastards have come out with this attitude if I hadn’t been Asian?

Wouldn’t it have been more polite and kind if I had been an ordinary commoner rather than an Asian without going to the rank of aristocrat?

When I checked the levels, the levels were 4 and 6 respectively, which were less than half of my half.

The fact that a man I could kill with one finger with my eyes closed, not even an aristocrat, but just a commoner, believed in one race and acted so arrogant, which infuriated me even more.

“Looking at you from a while ago, your posture when holding a spear is terrible.”

In order to guide the retard’s proper spearmanship on behalf of his teacher, I grabbed the spearhead.

“Ugh!! Ugh, ugh… !!!”

The guy who grabbed the spear rod tried his best to free my hand, but the spear didn’t even budge even though he pulled with both hands as hard as he could.

I let out a sigh at this pitiful figure and aimed the tip of the spearhead at the boat, and the guy’s eyes started to shake.

“Now, wait… !!”

Perhaps he had an intuition about his future, and before he could even utter pleading words, I grabbed the spearhead and fired it straight through, piercing his armor.

The tip of the spearhead, which pierced through the armor and shattered the bones, continued to strike the guy’s intestines.

Each time it was stabbed, a hole was pierced through the armor, and soon the armor became a rag like its intestines, and he fell to the floor vomiting blood.

“Do you vomit blood after being hit with a few spears? Where are you going to use it because you’re so weak?”

I was planning on doing it in moderation so that I wouldn’t die, but seeing that he vomited blood, he must have made a mistake.

Well, it’s still breathless, so if you take it to a wizard or a priest quickly, your life will be saved.

“This madman… !! Do you know what you just did?!”

“What can I do? I gave some education to bugs who can’t understand the subject. Why? Would you like to do that too?”

“Don’t think it will end like this!!”

The junior guard shouted that and ran somewhere carrying the senior guard on his back.

“… ….”

Now that the guards have left and I am left alone at the entrance of the dungeon, a feeling of doubt, not regret, arises in my head.

Why am I so emotional? If it was like the old days, I would have stabbed some of the back money and passed it on without incident….

Ever since I saw my level, the thought of why I had to bend over to a guy who had nothing better than me other than my race never left my head.

That guard… He must have gone to ask for help from a colleague, but by the time he left, wouldn’t it be surrounded by hundreds of guards?

‘If you’re coming, tell them to come.’

Even if that happens, it is not me who will take care of the aftermath, but the future me.

Leaving the problems of the future that hasn’t happened yet to me in the future, I, living in the present, set foot in the garden of the Beast King.

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