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Academy Genius Craftsman

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아카데미 천재 장인
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Genius Craftsman

The weapons I made are very good.

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  1. Kondom berlumpur putih says:

    Drama satu orang
    Dialog satu orang

  2. TheDoor says:

    People who understand novels know that this is the synopsis we need. Simple but inviting

  3. Lku says:

    @Arcus 101 ty for the synopsis

  4. Misib says:

    My review:
    1.Mediocre at best, as for why, protagonist is a fffffffff scorer bullshit not genius(he is genius, so yeah bullshit), he is in a slump only that is convenient ffff score vs genius shit.

    2.He has no friends, his first friend is a genius beauty ofc that also has no friends, too convenient, when he has to touch her hand..m she gets shy wtf man its a hand….

    3.If the 2 above can be more personal opinion is the true reason why i hate this story not very good.
    The initial premise is protagonist making a sword for a beauty vs bully( rich guy villain generic template).
    In the chapter they fight is very poorly made just to show off mc sword(out of his slump).

    The academy lets their COMBAT students use personal weapons or wathever, then villain ficking use a drug in front of everyone and they still let him do it…. For the god sake, i didnt come here to see chinese lvl logic.

    U can read to pass time, but not well tought novel even less well made logic.
    Protagonist is blacksmith, but its only boring when he smith so u will only end up skipping.

    Mc and the 1 beauty just act like shy children.

  5. this novel is kinda mid, personally I can’t continue reading because there’s really no point. There is nothing that draws you in. Take this with a grain of salt because I’m only 5 chapters in.

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    At the year 1999, an incident that will later be known as The Outbreak happened. A total of 99 towers suddenly appeared out of nowhere and some people awaken with special powers which they used to conquer them.

    In such a world, there is a boy who dreams of making a great sword and so he trains in the art of sword-making since he was a child. Despite all that effort, when he entered the academy, he got overshadowed by many talented people and keep failing on making a proper sword.
    One day, his teacher had told him that he is on the verge of getting expelled if he didn’t show better result on the next exam. That was when he stumble across a transfer student who got her sword stolen right when the exam are approaching. Hearing her troubles, he told her that he’ll make a new sword for her.
    That moment is when the story of the boy named Kim Yi-jin truly begun.
    …something like this is good enough, I suppose

  7. Well I mean I guess it’s supposed to make you go “well I want to find out now!”.

  8. puta madre says:

    stop complaining 4head

  9. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Like they’ve wrote who knows how many paragraphs for their story yet they can’t even bother doing 1-2 paragraphs for their synopsis?

  10. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Why does most of the novels here have lazy synopsis? It’s like they don’t want to attract readers. “The weapons I make are very good.” Ah sure fine, good for you Sir. But what is this novel about?! Did those authors never learn how to make synopsis properly. I suck at writing a story but even I can make a better synopsis than this! I’ll just wait for others to dive in and review it.

  11. matachi says:

    wtf is this synopsis

  12. Kibik says:

    Need obsession novel

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