I Became a Villain who Receives Obsession
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I Became a Villain who Receives Obsession

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집착당하는 악인이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Villain who Receives Obsession

I possessed the body of the worst villain in the game.

In order to avoid the ending where the main character dies, I will stop doing evil as of today.

“I’ll break off the engagement.”

However, the karma accumulated by this guy is considerable.

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  1. Very Good, Waiting for Continuation !

  2. Ah! I forgot to mention, his obsession over taking up all the blame of the body’s previous owner… Like everything the previous owner did is currently his fault… This thing made me nauseated the most… Atleast he doesn’t deny it in his thoughts or head… He wholeheartedly takes up on himself…

  3. Its the same old shit…

    Transmigrated MC wants to follow the plot…

    He enters the academy as a good boy(😂) which is already different from original scenario…

    He saves the saint, which is also different from the original plot…

    He shows different personality which is also different from the plot…

    The OG protagonist’s sword is in his possession, which is also different from the plot…

    BUT, he still wants to follow the plot????… What, is he a dumfuck or something?? And he is so dense, holy fuck… He has left behind a neutron star…

    I would atmost rate this plot 5-6/10… The characters are okay, the plot is stable… But the most important factor, that is MC’s personality is a total let down..

  4. Yeah these days people’s beta impression gets weirder and weirder. Certainly he is no super alpha or anything but he’s a decent guy. He is also no pushover and he pranks the guy who was trying to bully him. Those were funny scenes.

    He is a little dense though since he doesn’t notice Elanor’s affection for him and treats her like a child. Same goes for his ex-fiance. I mean they both literally sit on his lap in a carriage and he’s like I get Elanor but why’s Reina like this? Bro she sat on your lap, do u need a news announcement?

    He is not a simp but his original body seems to be showing symptoms with feelings like “I want this girl” which Mc claims he wasn’t like this in his priveous life. I mean it’s certainly not weird to feel attracted to a girl but he felt like that while in a death battle holding a woman hostage? That was weird imo.

    In conclusion he is no simp, no alpha or beta. I don’t really feel like a distinct personality so I think he’s more like a self insert protagonist.

  5. Did we read the same thing? Yeah the MC would treat her like royalty… cause she is a noble and treating her like a noble is the best way to move on. You’re not going to go “hey fuck off stupid bitch we already broke up also how’s it going dawg you enjoying life?” because that would be the opposite of what the MCs trying to achieve, which is to be a good guy with a decent reputation. And beating her and her guards would have the opposite effect the Mc wants… which is a good reputation. Considering how her father hates the MCs family, no doubt doing that would get the MC executed by the imperial family or at least his noble title revoked.

    And the reason why she’s even obsessed with the first place is cause of her and MCs actions. She broke off the engagement and at that time, the MC suddenly became good, so she’s like “dang was it me who made him shit?” And then she sees MC with another girl and goes “I’ve been with your for 15 years and this scallywag lady pops up for a day in your life and suddenly changes you, how preposterous”

    So while the aura does play a part in it, the reasoning behind the aura plays a bigger part for her obsession.

  6. Rader says:

    MC is kind of a simp and a beta to be honest. Spoilers below.

    Okay, here we have a fiance who have the mind eye, a power to see aura of others and see if they are evil or not. This power helped her family to grow, it’s their luck so I can understand. But she felt into one sided love with original MC because he was completely white aura. It was purely one sided as she liked him who approached her without any motive.

    Later, MC family was discovered to be corrupted and whole family was killed off, leaving MC sole descendant and heir of a Dual Family which got demoted. Now understandably Original MC become a mad man, no one was there to help him as he was a lonely child. His aura became black, so she started hating him unilaterally.

    Then her family got well enough and demanded to cancel the engagement but as our possessed MC did this she was shocked to see his aura becoming white. Now she is in obsession with him. This heroine affection and hate depends on color of stupid aura. She is fast to blame the MC for being evil tyrant but didn’t wonder why he became so, and again as Aura improved due to possession she became obsessive over him again.

    Why our MC is a simp? Because he treat her as a royalty or princess. She come to his house alone and threaten him openly when he had more than enough strength to subdue her and her guards if they enter the room. She doesn’t listen to him and consider him an evil ghost and instead of being even annoyed at this MC says that it is fine because he deserve it because of his predecessor.

    And this is about only one heroine only.

  7. Aww this is actually kinda cute. The obsession isn’t really there at all, I mean there are glimpses of it but it’s not a major focus point, and the story is interesting.

  8. huehue huehue says:

    For people worried like me:

    This is marked as ‘completed’ in novelpia, but don’t worry, this isn’t dropped or have a rushed ending. The author marked it as completed for the meantime since Part 1 is done (94 chaps), he’s still stockpiling for Part 2.

  9. Extra Extra says:

    Ty for the update.

    Not enough chapters to warrant a reread yet. Will wait for more.

  10. SenatorArmstrong says:

    @Gladiator _02
    Man thank you for this. Its a bit necessary to spoil a little in this site for a plot summary so people can find out if they’ll hit off with the story or not.

  11. Okay here’s what I remembered when I read a little. It’s a “Priveously on…” for this novel so it’s spoilers and read it on ur own risk.

    Tldr; Korean Mc was sick but possessed a villain. His fiancee who was also first heroine leaves Mc just after his possession. Because he suddenly becomes a good guy everyone gets shocked including his ex-fiancee who is suspicious of the mc. Btw his fiancee can see people’s colors so she is especially confused when Mc’s color suddenly changes and meets the og protagonist who has an evil color

    Mc befriends a late game heroine saint before she actually became a saint. She actually escaped from the church but they are still targeting her. Church is not righteous in this

    Mc also learns a hidden fact from the game which is his family’s curse. Family heirs get possessed by a goddess(?) Called Ishtar after a certain age. So he realizes the real villain of the game (his body) was not in control at that time which is later parts of the game. So he is looking for a way to not get possessed while making deals with Ishtar for power sometimes.

  12. Bruh… As it turns out I’ve read 58 chapters of this in the past but I’ve no idea about the plot or even the names of characters.

  13. Moonlit Walker says:

    Novels these day

    I’ll be low profile 🥴

    Mc proceeds doing something to attract attention

  14. Extra says:

    Quite enjoy this novel so far.

    This is definitely either a harem or a fake harem, given the number of girls connected to the MC at this point.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  15. big simp says:

    Ferzen from The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines > this villain.

  16. Wicked . Wicked . says:

    No harem and romance tag hmmmm interesting

  17. han says:

    @Kevin lamar Yeah man, those shitty titles. ☠

  18. Cant wait for “I became an Academy Fork”

  19. huehue huehue says:

    Wrote a review for this along with ‘I Became the Hero who Banished the Protagonist’ and ‘I Became the Academy Necromancer’. Join the server to read them if you wanna https://discord.gg/Y4UXytjspE 🧐

  20. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Is this harem?

  21. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels re:life player i became the tyrant of defense game ambos tem também manhwa e são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl as novela tem mais 300capítulos merece ser traduzido não consigo entrar no discord se alguém poder por favor poste isso la

  22. Kevin Lamar says:

    The titles are becoming worse and worse 💀

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