How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain
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How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain

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아카데미 엑스트라 악역으로 살아가는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain

One day, I remembered my memory and realized that this was the world of academy that I had seen in my previous life.

And my fiancée is the main character’s heroine, and I’m an extra mad villain who gets kicked out in the beginning.

If I have a wish, there is only one thing I want to live in peace.

Let us never get involved.

… never.

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  1. Dagonsuznyx says:

    This mc has no backbone, skills, empathy, or tact. He has nothing. He is literally a self-insert for virgin K-incels. Nothing about this situation makes sense. The author thinks his arguments are sound, but nothing he writes is convincing of the actions of the mc. He is hiding his fairly average personality by still pretending to be a villain, because he thinks people won’t believe him. Yet why would people’s opinion on his actions -which are incomparably better than before- matter so much is never explained. He distances himself from his close friend because people think he is forcing her to be with him. Yep, distancing yourself will surely make the situation better. He doesn’t even let her speak for herself because, again, he doesn’t think others would believe him or them. Yet again the reason for why opinions of kids would matter is a mystery, considering his public image is already at the bottom and it only gets slightly better. The mc doesn’t know how to say no. His ex fiancee invites him to a dance at a ball, although he refuses her two times, he accepts it in the end because he is cornered by two women for a f-ing stupid dance. And then his references to his lack of spine as “because circumstances”. LMFAO LOOOOL LOOOOL I almost spilled my coffee at my desk from bursting out laughing. Scum of the world. A waste of oxygen. Cockroach.

    Also, what’s the big idea behind following the novel’s plot? Why are so f-ing certain things go the way they did in a f-ing novel? Where does this confidence come from? Or are you betting all your hopes on a faint chance of normalcy through the uncontrollable actions of others? This also explains why he is sooooooo passive in his relations. He is always on the receiving end of the endless grace, kindness, good faith and only after he is pushed a bit that he pays back a minuscule of other’s good faith. Trash.

    I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that he gets NTRed. He deserves it. Pathetic loser.

    1. Extra Extra says:

      You’re one of the notable users on this site that I remember because I don’t recall ever seeing you post a positive comment.

      Full-blown negativity and bitterness. It’s as if you read just to get angry.

      Just chill, lmao.

      1. Dagonsuznyx says:

        I don’t leave comments when I read something I like. But if something bugs me, I want to express myself. That’s all. Also, people here are good at commenting on the positivity of the novels. That’s why I take on the role of the devil. So that others can see whether they’d like the novel or not.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          I appreciated the review and feel the same way in terms of expressing your views, although I didn’t agree about the specifics of why I disliked the novel (e.g., and IIRC, I had no issue with him dancing, and instead thought he was being too much of a pathetic beta for his reasons for refusing).

  2. [Update]

    [Last Read: chapter 80]

  3. Rissira says:

    Best girl is ellie. loves mc the most, also has complete control over him by gaslighting him into submission. . abit obsessive borderline yandere but not annoying and pretty level headed. She is also the princess in the original story who was an extra so nothing is really known about her. she also declared she does not want poligamy so she pretty much has mc in the palm of her hands. .

  4. RINRIN says:

    Why iris got so much hate? Am i trippin or what? Im i missing something?

    I in chap 8 now and im bit confuse with the iris hate

    1. Fuze says:

      Well, the story get re-written. Iris was mean and spiteful to MC in the previous version and she was mean to be like that. But RTN haters just don’t like it

  5. Rimuru says:

    When will it get updated

  6. Vamshi says:

    Update please

  7. IME says:

    hope in the future our MC will steal the heroines who love the OG MC

    1. Same kinda but not much.

    2. Sephir says:

      Nvm that guy is not wholesome, he became a menace in a matter of weeks

  8. k says:

    Finally catched up, will give a review when I wake up tomorrow

  9. [Last Read: chapter 70]
    [Status: Reading]
    [Rating: 8/10]

    It’s Readable and good for time pass.


    Ellie – secret princess maybe, best character
    Iris – ex fiance
    Edian – The posession Protagonist

    Austin girl – white haired girl, og Protagonist’s lover for now. Forgot her name too.

    MC’s cousin sister – senior and a noble mentality big sister and daughter of Duke. Forgot her name….but this one is a good character. Second best character

    Eugene – og Protagonist – annoying justice driven dude
    Eugenia – spiritualist – og Protagonist childhood friend, Now MC’s friend. Third best character.

    1. Actually even if it’s common settings, it’s good and the flow is just right due to which I just can’t stop reading it.

      1. For some reason, even if it’s a common troupes, it not poisonous. Just the right balance of all making it’s good for timepass and not get bored.

    2. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

      Nice² good rating might read it

  10. Carnage says:

    It’s one of the better villain novels in here and its not poison according to me so feel free to check it out and yandere will prolly be in later chapters when they get released

  11. corneroffice says:

    is this going to get updates??

  12. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

    Can someone explain to me why people hate Iris? is it because shes an “Ex Fiance”? seriously thats just dumb. Its way too dumb. Shes willing to marry the MC despite his shenanigans, she waited for the MC to change and etc etc. Shes the perfect wife for an arranged marriage since shes willing to put herself for her family yet people hate her just because the MC dump her? Are people getting dmber and dmber just by reading mtl now? Remember, the MC is a FATSO, Elitist Noble, a bully and a lot more before ourMC transmigrated to that body yet Iris is willing for that Fatso to change and still willing to marry and people hate her? Seriously people, get a grip of yourselves.

    1. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

      and i think i realized why they hate Iris. damn, they hate her just because shes talking to other guy. People need to chill out with NTR bullcrap haha

      1. and when edwin went for enquiry regarding the demon case, she stood idly without supporting him or anything, she who stayed with mc for longest should know that edwin although was always arrogant never dealed with demon.
        Ellie believed in mc, but iris couldn’t so her ranking dropped even lower

    2. Actully the stuff you are reading is edited version by author, author made changes because people were blaming of ntr.
      before the edit, iris compared edwin with eugene and thought that eugene was better
      and when she went to principal, she was frustated when mc’s name was used but smiled and brightened up again when eugene’s name was mentioned which made the fans furious
      and she also gave private 1-1 classes to eugene which added more fuel and mc is suffering everytime he’s facing her

      1. Cero says:

        Was that “Ntr” version changed to the current one?

      2. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

        fair enough. No wonder im confused why people hate her because in this version that i read, she did nothing wrong lol

  13. Manchester Black says:

    ¿Por qué los comentarios están del revés?

    1. Jackysito says:

      Cambiaron el orden de los comentarios a mas recientes

  14. Extra Extra says:

    Enjoying this one so far (Ch 60)

    After 2 playthroughs of BG3 (GOTY 2023), It’s good to be back frying my brain again with MTL.

    1. k says:

      No shot dude, TOTK goty for sure

      1. Extra Extra says:

        Heavily disagree there.

        I’ll be shocked if BG3 loses to TotK for GOTY.

        I’ve put at least 120 hours each into both games.
        BG3 feels fresh versus TotK, which feels way too similar to BotW (in a bad way).

  15. T MT T MT says:

    Ye but I don’t like Iris. (For now maybe lol.)

  16. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Re-read the whole thing to finish ch. 60.

    Ngl this novel is good but kinda hard to get into again after a week since I almost forgot some of the names.

  17. Jahe Manis says:

    This novel has received an update even though it was only uploaded a week ago, making me think that this novel is good. Didn’t read all the chapters, but the MC is tsundere and doesn’t want to admit his feelings for his ex-fiancé, creating a long drama. Her fiancé? I think she is a bit masochistic, with the bad treatment that MC gave her, she still has feelings for him. And we have Ellie, the commoner, who knows MC’s true feelings and wants to distance his relationship with his ex-fiancé even further.

    1. looks like the main personality and the mc just merge. no memories lost and still think of his father as a father. looks like he repressed his feelings unconsciously cause he knows that they are not meant to be.

  18. Imperador imortal says:

    more chapters

  19. Glad it got updated. I hope for more updates in the future

  20. why make a villain transmagrating when you just gonna make him good? all I want from a villain novel is a shameless mc. someone who retaliates when threaten not just ‘clear misunderstanding’. I want someone who shamelessly set value to his secrets, not someone who expose all his secret for free.

    1. time traveller says:

      I agree with you friend. If the MC is initially portrayed as evil, it’s better if he has a cunning soul. If you want to describe a story, it’s best to use character traits that are good enough and then get better. Is there a writer who has an idea like that, it seems like most writers just copy popular stories

  21. Daver55 says:

    So anyway… does someone know where to find this novels mtl?

    Breathing Life into Real Dolls
    For Sale. Fallen Lady. Never Used.
    I Teleported Into the Academy of a S*xy Game
    I Became the Villainous Writer In Wuxia Romance

    Or can I ask for them to be brought here? (Dont have discord)

  22. Daver55 says:

    Harem? Romance? Where?
    Ex fiance will be licking heroe’s pokeballs at this pace
    Demon king with his male alter ego and her attendant give off lesbo vibes
    Saint HAS to bed the hero yes or yes at some point

    1. Daver55 says:

      And the “commoner” Ellie is sus af, manipulative and yandere-y, almost like toying with MC.

  23. Des • Des • says:

    Read up to ch52

    Average read. Full of cliches. JP cliches too.
    Just to tell ya , harem seems:

    Ellie, commoner (for now?)

    Demon King (maybe? I hope)

    Christina (Saintess, probably in future chaps, hopefully no NTR vibes please???)

    There’s Isis, ex fiance, seems author gonna make her come back ugh.

    Not really I’d recommend but only if you have absolutely nothing to read. Just like me lurking in the home page.

  24. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This is a fun read. Finished til ch. 52 (latest as of writing)

    Contrary to what I read in the comments I actually like the MC here. He avoids unnecessary trouble because he believe that if he just let the plot to happen things would resolve itself. In fact what he is doing to avoid the plot is reasonable enough. He acts almost in the same way as his pre-possession self to avoid the “ohh he change so much” look from those around him thus staying true to his goal to stay-out of the plot’s way. The only reason things does not go his way is by things outside of his control.

    The other heroines are also charming, despite what the comments have you believe Iris is pretty kind especially if you consider the abuse she must have received from the pre-possession MC. The other possible romance partner like Ellie, the Demon King, and the Saint are also fine and I can’t wait to see their interactions.

    The available chapters are still the early phase of the story since we dont get to meet the characters that were set-up during his “suspension” so things could only get more interesting from here.

    The highlight for me are the comment sections in some of the chapters. Some people here are really pathetic enough to cry NTR just because a boy was talking to a girl that the mc wasn’t even in a relationship with. Bro just talking does not mean they are romantically involved please touch grass if you really think thank way. Haha

  25. Dragoon says:

    Hmmm im just gonna make a comment about this novel to get some more people to read this.

    So for those asking, it aint poison. No it didnt reinvented the wheel, but for this websites standards its a good read.

    More than anything its got a lot of potential. It might not be the best out there, but i binged it all night…and now its 8 am…i have an exam in 2 days…Zhongli is reruning and i need to farm primos…guess im failing my exam.

  26. Overseer says:

    wtf is wrong w the clothes on cover. Is she wearing something other than the long shirt? why is there a white clothes behind her? Is it a cape or something? imma think bout this for a whole day now.

    1. Ohh you are actually right, I just noticed it by now. But well this is common in AI generated illustrations. They make a lot of these mistakes cuz the creators don’t real check it, so they just upload it up for whatever they want to use it for.

  27. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    read till chp 39 – high grade poison –
    the more i read the more dissapointing it became it started of decently but as it progressed meaningless chapters became common or thing that could be over in 2 paragraphs last for 3 chapters. not he just makes stupid decisions that make no sense like telling a girl to act like he is forcing her to follow him just to prove his acting that he hates commoners when he was tring to improve his image

  28. Kyryuu says:

    Sólo espero que iris no esté en el harem

  29. Brendan Frazier says:

    Liked it 👍

  30. xxx xxx xxx xxx says:

    After speed read, meh.

  31. IME says:

    damn, on novelpia this novel already 1m views with just 50 ch

  32. Shadow says:

    Meh it’s average, I don’t even know what we all are doing here when we can read things like the Authors pov, TBATE, Omniscient Readers Viewpoint, I will kill the author, Reincarnator, Soul Land, Ending Maker, demon prince goes to the academy(Quality drops a bit in the second half), SSS- Class Suicide Hunter, Main heroines are trying to kill me, Everyone else is a returnee, leveling with the gods, Shadow slave, Heavenly demon can’t live a normal life and countless others.

    [Last Read: Chapter 16]

    1. Des • Des • says:

      We are here cuz we have read those already! I’m starved. I want a novel which makes me stay up during night. I want those sleepless night when I read masterpieces. I miss them.

      1. Macguffin says:

        What about Omniscient first-person viewpoint. The mc isn’t op, he’s even rather weak, but he’s a gigachad. He uses wits

    2. Dude don’t expect to read masterpieces here. I mean don’t expect masterpieces to be uploaded daily. Personally I read these because new novels come often and chapters release in bulk and noble is the first(idk if anyone else does it tbh) to translate novelpia novels.

      I pick the novels that are fun to read to spend time. If I expected novels like u said I would have to pass a lot of the novels that are recent. To be honest sometimes when a novel isn’t updated for long I have to skim early chapters to remember even names of the characters

      So these kinds of novels kinda may be good for causal reading if u don’t put your expectations too high

      1. Des • Des • says:

        I know I won’t find masterpiece here, although some of them comes close. I was not complaining abt noble.

      2. Nightune says:

        Agreed, to be honest I sometimes think of noblemtl site as some kind of daily novel gacha since you can get a bulk of chapters daily from some random novel

        sometimes you can get some common novel, some rare novel, and a quasi or semi masterpiece novel

        so I don’t really care now wether the site post a common cliched or classic template type of novel

  33. rob z rob z says:

    Gladiator, insufferable, and milky violet are dead on – this is a crappy Japanese web novel masquerading as a Korean web novel, with all of the BS tropes that come with it. This is exactly why I gave up on reading the crap on kakuyomu and syosetu. Skip this novel if you are a Korean web novel fan.

  34. Banana with salt says:

    It seems to be pretty generic, the gym tag doesn’t help either, but it has an obsession, so I’ll read it hehe

  35. milky violet says:

    alright well I was going to justify why I hate it and introduce another idea, but either this sh*tty site or female dog internet I have, it did not send.

  36. milky violet says:

    I already don’t like it. I already don’t feel invested in the MC- in fact I hate everything about it. There is no amount of good charismatic mc that can make me read this.

    I hate the villain trope. Mfs always become better and it’s not fun because it’s not the original- so all that effort feels fake.

    1. I agree. I really wanna see one where the mc stays an asshole. Maybe he eases uo and stops being a bully but upgrades to being a gangsta.

      The mc improving their image by virtue of them “changing” has become cringe now because of poor execution.

      Maybe because it’s my personality in real life but I wanna read about an insufferable jacka*s mc that sh*ts on everybody.

      1. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

        you like assholes MC? you must be a karen or like a karen lol people that rages in public are cringe and you want an MC like that? damn

    2. Chaitanya says:

      I agree it to predictable i think you should think little out off the box 📦

  37. Velcon says:

    Read to chap 28, Idk what the early guy said but there is no Yandere past chap 5. Hell from the looks of it the Fiancee seems like she will fall in love with the book MC like it was fated and all that. So no start of a harem for now.

    1. Yandere girl will appear later. There are girls interested but so far only one girl seems to admit her feelings and she’s the yandere

      1. Velcon says:

        Ok you were right, later on there is a Yandere and the Fiance is starting to have doubts and looking at MC cause of the Yandere girl. Still Fiance is now related to the Harem dude(I think, it does say she hangs out with the other guy) in some way so that is gonna cause drama later.

  38. k says:

    We can reply now boys!

    1. Impossible!! That can’t be …

  39. It has rather basic premise but the pacing and narrative more than makes up for it.

    I wouldn’t say it’s amazing but it’d definitely not bad.

    1. At some point it started feeling like a jp novel and I cant. So I dropped.

      1. And one of the worst gripes I have about cliche tropes is the manipulator villain machining public opinion on tgeir side and constantly trashing mc. All the while mc is breaking bones and spilling bloof being a hero, he does not do more than the minimum to take back control of his public image.
        Whenever this trooe pops out I just want to slap both the villain and the mc and waterboard them for being stupid.

        1. k says:

          U can reply now?!

          1. Myaha says:

            We can reply?! What sorcery is this?! 😱

          2. It’s called Noble Magic. It’s a part of NMTL sorcery.

  40. I like this story. At first it was kinda cliche but I think it became a fun read later. I look forward to future updates

  41. Memo Momo Memo Momo says:

    It’s a cliché novel but it’s not a bad read… the side characters aren’t braindead and actually have some intellect.. at least the important ones treat the mc objectively without prejudice .. overall it’s a decent novel but it’s nothing special so far. wouldn’t hurt to read it if you wanna pass time.

  42. Chaitanya says:

    Will I have seen this novel in by seeing rating I can say must better than other 3rd grade novel I really have hope they translate some better novel like become professor Moriarty probably

  43. Berser Car Berser Car says:

    It’s not poison. From outside our MC looks like a cliche villain but there are Justification for that and there is no system and in addition MC has a kinda yandere fiance.

    This novel feels like long although I read only 5 chapters, reading the next,,,

  44. The title is so generic I had deja vu x5.

    Anyway this seemes to have a cliche premise. Let’s see how it’s written and interpreted tho.

  45. willianpk1 says:

    please updadate no gossip! a real extra requested update 251=400+ chapters i can,t post in discord

  46. Oh a new villain type novel. Been a while since I read one interesting

  47. Big Blackclock says:

    Am I third again..?

  48. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    All the Villain novel here is fake, there no actually Villain at all just some cliche protagonists, so i am only going to read it after someone review this.

  49. Doomguy says:

    Wow, I’ve never been this early before..

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