How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain chapter 68

68 - Two Sides (7)

68 – Two Sides (7)

“Did you even witness that child being bullied? Other than just following him around.”


“Otherwise, did that child testify himself that he was being forced to do what he did?”

“No, but…!”

“You didn’t personally see the harassment, you didn’t testify, and there were no other witnesses, so what right do you have to get involved in someone else’s business like that?”



In a quiet classroom, as if a rat had died. Only Professor Erasmus’ voice reprimanding him and Eugene’s voice occasionally trying to refute him are heard occasionally.

When Eugene could not come up with a satisfactory answer to his own question, Professor Erasmus sighed lightly.

“Eugene. No matter how much I think about it, the biggest responsibility for this commotion seems to be you. You will receive 30 demerit points and 16 additional hours of school service.”


Upon hearing her disposition, Eugene lowers her head to the floor. Professor Erasmus looks around his audience and continues his speech.

“You haven’t done anything good. There was a dispute on campus, but you didn’t even try to stop it and instead made the fight bigger. Can you still say you are high-class intellectuals? Penalties will be given to those who split sides and made matters worse. “20 Points, and 20 penalty points for those who use discriminatory words and actions against him. There are no exceptions.”

“Professor! This is ridiculous!”

“How can things work like this…!”

As soon as the professor finished speaking, loud cries erupted from the students. Strangely, both students are full of dissatisfaction. No one was satisfied with the disposition, but Professor Erasmus did not blink.

Only those who were not involved in the fight and Atis of the Holy Kingdom escaped the fire, and she was sitting in her corner seat, sighing in relief.

“Stop. You should be grateful that I finished the job to this extent. Or do you really need to hold a disciplinary committee to be satisfied?”

When Erasmus brought up the topic of the disciplinary committee, the students who had been complaining slowed down a bit.

“The whole country is in turmoil due to the appearance of the devil, and you students are having such a useless fight? The academy is a place for learning, not a place for political fights. Once again, this is happening in the classroom. “If you catch my eye doing something wrong, it will never end as lightly as it did today. Everyone, keep that in mind.”


When the atmosphere seems to have completely settled down, Erasmus comes out again and looks in the direction where Eugene is standing.

“You all can go in now. And Edwin, after class, you will follow me to the office. Sigh…”

Eujin received the most severe punishment, and all the others also received their deserved punishment. The students who were criticizing me looked disapproving at the professor’s words. Interviews after something like this usually result in heavy punishment.

Professor Erasmus shakes his head with a pained expression.


“Edwin. I can’t force things to happen between you, but wouldn’t it be better to do it a little more moderately?”


Professor Erasmus’ office. When I asked again, unable to understand the gist of the question, he spoke again and explained it.

“I’m talking about the close relationship between you and Ellie. I can’t interfere in a student’s private life, but if I leave you alone, it’s obvious that this kind of commotion will continue to happen. So I can’t help but point it out.”

I came prepared to hear a harsh scolding, but his bombshell words stuck in my mouth and I couldn’t speak properly. How on earth could Erasmus do that?

“I’d like to tell you in advance for fear of misunderstanding, but the Garden of Stranglethorn is one of the intensive security areas within the academy. Because it is so remote, the invisible eyes of Labanus are always active.”

The Garden of Thorns that he is talking about is the place where Ellie and I always talked while avoiding people’s eyes. But that place is a concentrated security area…

‘Then the reason the professors didn’t say anything when they saw us wasn’t because they knew the facts… ?’

“When you and Ellie just started attending together, there was actually some talk among the professors. We kept getting reports about you through the guidance department.”

In direct contrast to my burning feelings, Erasmus’s expression was calm.

“But since the person involved didn’t say anything, it must have been frustrating for the leadership team as well. To someone who doesn’t know the situation, it would definitely look like you were bullying Ellie in a more vicious way.”

He takes off his glasses and wipes them with a cloth as he continues his speech.

“So, in my capacity as a professor in charge of the leadership department, I personally checked your movements. However, whenever you had time, you went to the garden and stayed there, so at first I thought you were doing something harsh there. That’s why I caught the eye of Ravanus. “I checked…well, that’s what happened.”

Erasmus makes a gesture of shrugging his shoulders. Then he extends his arm and taps my shoulder.

“Edwin. As a professor at this academy, I am very satisfied with the performance you are showing now. No matter how severe the punishment, a person’s essence does not easily change. But since you have accomplished that difficult task, I am honestly really happy. “

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“I’m in a teaching position, so I said that earlier, but I still can’t help but think about political relationships. Even if I’m a student. I think that’s why you’re hiding your relationship with Ellie, but I don’t bother asking. “I won’t.”

“Um, Professor. Then, just in case, this…”

Thinking that someone must have heard the conversation between me and Ellie, her face gets hot.

In response to my cautious question, Erasmus waved his hand as if to tell me not to worry.

“Don’t worry about that. The principle is not to interfere with a student’s private life, and this conversation is quite unusual to begin with. And professors are completely prohibited from talking about it. “I mean.”

“Then that’s a good thing…”

“Okay. And I’ll try my best to convince the students of the leadership club as well. That girl, Patricia, is a bit of a problem…”

Patricia Austin. It’s a name I haven’t heard in a really long time. Her righteous personality has always been a good match for Eugene, so if she heard about this, she definitely wouldn’t stay quiet. Professor Erasmus frowns at her, as if the thought of persuading Patricia gives her a headache.

“But as I said before, I don’t think I can ever say that what you’re doing right now is a very good thing. Eugene, you know very well now that although that child has a tendency to be irritable, there is a definite source behind his behavior. “Isn’t that right? And to those who don’t know the situation, his words will sound like a correct opinion.”


“Wouldn’t it be better to reconsider the current method? I think so. I was able to get over it earlier, but as long as you and Ellie maintain that kind of relationship, conflicts will continue to arise. I’m so tired if things escalate like this every time. “Why don’t you do it? Of course, this is my opinion, and the decision is yours alone. Even if you stick with the way you are, I can’t force you to do anything.”

“No. Lately, I’ve been feeling that way to some extent. I’ll take what the professor said to mind.”

When I expressed my agreement with what he said, Erasmus relaxed his shoulders as if he had just given up.

“Okay. Since you’re listening to me like this, I feel relieved. So, shall we stop here and talk about punishment? Anyway, this happened because of your inappropriate behavior, so you too. “You must be punished appropriately. Edwin, you will receive 10 demerit points. In addition, as punishment, you will be required to clean the student council records room.”

10 Penalty points and cleaning of the records room.

The punishment was surprisingly light compared to the punishment others received, perhaps taking into account the circumstances.

People with high self-esteem may consider cleaning an insult, but I don’t particularly feel that way right now…

I came here prepared to take a big hit, but I think I handled this pretty well.

“As the purpose is not cleaning but punishment, never use magic and just wipe each person with a cloth. You can start right away without dragging it for a long time. The key is hanging next to the door, so take it with you when you leave. I will personally determine the results. “I’m going to check, so don’t even think about telling me any tricks. Then, go out. I had a hard time listening to your nagging.”

“Thank you for your hard work. Then…”

“Okay, go ahead and go.”

Erasmus waved his hand in this direction as if to tell me to leave quickly. Through the closing door, I catch a glimpse of him putting his hand on his forehead and lamenting.

“Ugh, why did you have to get involved with that kid… It’s a pain, it’s a real pain…”


The Student Council’s records room was located just above Erasmus’s office. As soon as you go up the stone stairs, you see a shabby wooden door on the left side of the hallway. After opening the lock with the key and entering, the items contained in the narrow room can be seen at a glance.

Piles of documents with traces of moth-eaten here and there, various rusty plaques, and even portraits of past student council officers covered in dust and unrecognizable. I immediately started cleaning and thought again about the conversation I had just had with Erasmus.

Like I said to him, it’s not that I didn’t feel those problems either. Not only did the notoriety spread faster than I initially thought, but I also got caught up in summoning demons.

Should I say that it feels like those factors are working in a negative way, creating more negative feelings than necessary?

I was rejected by Ellie once, but now I have to tie the knot. As Estelle said the other day, I think the time has come to really take care of ourselves.

As I was lost in thought and playing with my hands, the cleaning was almost finished. All that remains is a portrait covered in dust stuck in the far corner. As I wipe the dust off the portrait with a cloth, I see two people who look somewhat familiar.


One is a man and one is a woman.

A male student who looks exactly like me but has a slightly softer look. And a proud female student with impressive semi-curly black hair.

The male student is smiling brightly, and the female student tries to maintain a blank expression, but there is a faint smile that she cannot hide at the corner of her mouth.

I looked down and checked their names written in cursive below.

-A time between Albert Reed, vice president of the 63rd Student Council, and Grace Brigan, secretary.


‘My father and mother were students at the same academy… ?’

On the way back to the classroom after cleaning. The portrait of my parents that I saw earlier keeps flashing before my eyes.

I have no memories of my mother since childhood, and stories related to her are taboo in our family, so I don’t remember ever asking about them.

Likewise, I didn’t know anything about the reason he died. All I know now is that my father loved her mother very much. So, even after ten years have passed, I still live alone like that.

I didn’t pay much attention until now, but seeing the two of them like this suddenly made me curious.

‘Should I ask him something when I go home during vacation…’ ‘

I opened the classroom door thinking no one would be there, but I saw Ellie sitting there waiting for me.

Ellie, who was sprawled out on her desk playing with her hands as if bored, turns her head as soon as she hears the sound and comes in to check it out.

And when she realizes it’s me, a bright smile appears on her face. Ellie speaks with her mouth open.

‘Ed, are you okay? ‘Aren’t you scolded?’

When she responded with a smile, Ellie let out a deep sigh as if she was relieved. Then she lowered her head, walked behind me, and lightly grabbed my collar.

The moment I left the classroom with Ellie to at least have a late lunch.

“Edwin Reed. Are you still planning on doing such ridiculous things?”

Unfortunately, isn’t today the right day?

Her clear voice, like a rolling marble, echoes in the quiet hallway, and her long pure white hair shines dazzlingly, reflecting the sun.

2Nd year leader, Patricia Austin.

She blocks our path, revealing her own burning hostility without filter.

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