How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain chapter 69

69 - Two Sides (8)

69 – Both Sides (8)

Patricia Austin. One of the main heroines of the original work and the protagonist Eugene’s assistant.

At first glance, she is a beauty who is overflowing with nobility, and it is difficult to distinguish between Iris and her superiors.

Her well-groomed pure white hair is cleaner than anything else, and her silver eyes reflect the world like a mirror.

Her family, Austin, is one of the five ducal families of the empire and is also the strongest supporter of the imperial family.

Austin has inherited the strictness of the samurai family for generations, and with such a background, Patricia grew up to be an outstanding daughter with both her culture and skills.

Even after her admission, Patricia faithfully followed the policies of the Empire and the Academy, and when she entered her second year, she took on a high-ranking position in the leadership club and worked hard to educate those who violated her school’s customs.

During her days at the academy, she meets her Eugene.

She is attracted to him, and soon she develops a close relationship with Eugene, and as they go through several events together, she eventually realizes her feelings for him.

And even when Eugene was selected as a hero and ordered to subdue evil, Patricia always stayed by his side and fought together.

Patricia, who was most similar to Eugene in her family’s prestige, her own power, her feelings for Eugene, and even her thoughts and way of thinking, was always by his side in her original work. He was the strongest and most reliable helper.

But to me now, she is just an annoying and difficult being.

“Ha… Isn’t this senior Austin? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“…It’s been a long time.”

When I give a soulless greeting, she reluctantly nods her head with an expression of reluctance.

“Are you here to see that commoner? Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be in the classroom.”

“I know. I didn’t come to see Eugene today. I came to see you.”

As soon as the word commoner came out of her mouth, Patricia narrowed her eyebrows and frowned. As if she heard something she couldn’t hear.

Then she looked at Ellie behind me, and at first glance her expression was filled with regret and pity.

When she felt Patricia’s gaze on her, Ellie avoided those gazes and completely hid her body behind her.

Then, Petricia’s expression instantly changed to a fierce one and she glared at me.

“Edwin Reed. Judging by the way he speaks, it seems as if he has not reflected on his mistakes at all. I must have told him that mentioning one’s identity directly is prohibited by school rules. Really, what on earth was Professor Erasmus thinking? …”

Her eyes looking at me are full of disgust. From what she said, I think she came to see me after talking with Professor Erasmus.

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It seems that her professor’s promise from earlier that she would try to persuade her ended up in vain.

“I won’t talk too much. Please release that child right now. And for what you did…”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s something you should interfere with. It’s something that members of the leadership team have already visited and confirmed several times.”

“Edwin Reed. Say that now…!”

Patricia is upset, but there is no way she can sanction me now. Even though it really looks like I was being dragged by force, there is no way to prove my guilt unless Eli testifies.

It was something that started out targeting that blind spot in the first place.

It’s not that Petri Sia doesn’t know that, but I think she came all this way to try something.

“Well, I’ll admit that the ‘commoner’ comment I just made was a slip of the tongue. Please forgive me, or give me penalty points with the authority of the head of the leadership, as you wish. I have some business to attend to, so I’ll have to go. Then.”

It’s not as much as Eugene, but it’s the same when I see Patricia. The more you mix her words with her, the more she becomes. The more she continues to tell parallel stories that seem out of reach, the more her anger grows.

She has already received confirmation from her professor, so there is nothing she can do about me. The only problem was that Patricia came too quickly before I could take action.

She gave her a cursory greeting and was about to exit the car behind her, when suddenly Patricia snatched her hand and attempted to bring Ellie to her.

“Wait! Let’s release that kid before we go…!”

“Don’t touch me!!”

But because I quickly pulled Ellie towards me, her attempt was in vain.


Ellie has come into my arms. Somehow, the situation seems similar to when she encountered Iris before.

“Senior Austin. Isn’t that too harsh for a daughter from a prestigious family? Don’t mess with other people’s things.”


She let go of Ellie right away, but she must have been startled by the sudden loud sound and Ellie hiccuped softly. And when she sees Ellie like that, she feels the anger that had risen for a moment subsides to some extent.

I wondered why I was so angry when I had nothing directly to do with Patricia, but when I think about it, there is no reason at all. Before she regained her memories, her relationship wasn’t very good, and she didn’t really like her because she had a personality similar to Eugene’s.

“She’s someone else’s! And what? Don’t touch her? Edwin Reed. She’s not something you can handle as you please! Free her now!!”

Perhaps stimulated by my mention of Ellie, Petricia continued to criticize me with her shocked expression.

And seeing that, I feel like the anger that I managed to control will explode again.

“Senior Austin, I’ll say it again. Don’t mess with other people’s things. I had some respect for you, who always emphasized courtesy and morality, but now I see that they don’t apply to you at all.”

-Ugh… !

“Edwin Reed. What are you saying…”

Patricia’s expression becomes colder after hearing what I said. She grits her teeth and glares at me, giving off a look as if she is going to overpower me at any moment.

“That’s enough, Austin.”

And at that moment, from the end of the passage, I hear the voice of a familiar woman I know well.

Bright purple hair, bright red eyes, and a way of speaking that is always confident and even arrogant at first glance.

With a noble gait befitting it all, my cousin Estelle appears from beyond.



At her unexpected appearance, Patricia turns her head and frowns.

“Austin, I clearly warned you. If you persecute my brother again for trivial reasons, I won’t just sit by and watch. But you ignore my words and do something like this again? You played around with a commoner on an empty day. , Has the head also degenerated to that level now?”

Estel comes in and takes a seat between me and Patricia. As if he was protecting me from Patricia. Estelle looks at me for a moment and smiles lightly, then turns her head towards Patricia and instantly has a grim expression on her face. It’s a face I’ve only seen a few times in my life, the one she shows when she’s truly angry.

“And is there something wrong with what my brother said? No matter how I look at it, it seems like he just recognized Edwin’s charm and is following him around? No matter how much he is the leader, isn’t it overstepping his authority to interfere with such things?”

“Sila. Are you saying that right now? Can you tell me that you’re attractive just by looking at that figure?”

The fight between the two is so bloody. The eyes that are glaring at each other give the illusion that flames are forming and flying. Petricia, who used to speak respectfully to me, openly shows her hostility to Estelle and speaks informally to her without hesitation.

The relationship between the two, which can never be mixed, like water and oil, is revealed without filtering.

“Why? It’s not like I said something I couldn’t say. I wonder if they have eyes for seeing things. Is there anything they can’t do? Among the people I know, there are people who usually pretend to be polite, but they spread their legs whenever they see a commoner. “Compared to that, isn’t this really worth seeing?”


“Austin. Why are you so angry? I wasn’t even talking about myself.”

Even as Estelle says her words, she continues to walk her steps. The distance between the two has become really close, and now their noses are almost touching.

“Take it easy. What you’re saying right now is an insult to my family that goes beyond me…”

“Ha, insult? Okay, if you say it’s an insult, what are you going to do then? Are you going to do to me what you did to Edwin? Do whatever you want. I’m really curious about what you’re going to do.”

“…Sila. How dare you…”

“Austin, I told you not to be mistaken. I told you not to keep trying to match us. Were you such a great family? How dare you even insult Sheila?”

Estelle twitches the corner of her mouth and mocks Petricia.

“The reason you were able to rise to your current position is because your ancestors faithfully served as dogs, and will continue to do so in the future. Why do you keep trying to stand with noble blood like dog dogs? Huh?”

“Ha, Shilla. Your self-love is really amazing. I think you are mistaken, right? Anyone who sees it will think that your family is the royal family. If you were that good, you would be emperors, but you would be stuck in a corner of the countryside right now. Uh?”

Patricia, who had been pushed aside by Estelle the whole time, counterattacks at the moment. What she is touching now is the worst of all evils that Estelle, and by extension, her family, has suffered from.

The conversation between the daughters of a prestigious family continues with an unbelievable back and forth.

Perhaps Patricia’s counterattack worked properly, Estelle, who was in good spirits, momentarily stops. And her anger erupts even colder and more fiercely.

“…I guess I need to get used to it. That’s good. At this point, your gang…”

Estelle muttered, trying to take off her white gloves on her own hands. And Patricia is swallowing her saliva, preparing to respond to her Estelle’s actions.

As it happens, there is also a witness named me, and Estelle appears to be challenging Petricia to a duel with her. But no matter how fair the duel is, this is a big deal that cannot be compared to what happened to Eugene and I.

If Scylla and Austin, who are the main pillars of each faction, clash, the fallout will be truly enormous, regardless of whether they win or lose.

Estelle knows that and has always been restrained, but now she seems to have lost a lot of her coolness for some reason.

While watching the battle between the two, it was fortunate that my mind at least calmed down.

Now, I am in a situation where I have to stop the fight.

“Senior Austin, please stop. You too.”

Just before Estelle took off her gloves and threw them away, I stepped in between them. Estelle, who was glaring at Patricia, looked embarrassed.

“Edwin, what are you doing now…!”

“Sister. Calm down. You are not like your usual sister. How can you be so angry about something like this?”

“This is happening! You’re doing it now…!”

Estelle gets teary-eyed at my words and starts to argue, but pauses for a moment. Then she takes a couple of deep breaths and soon regains her senses. Estelle’s expression has returned to her usual expression and she smiles lightly as she looks at me.

“…Yes. You’re right. There’s no need to waste your mental energy on something like this. That’s enough. Okay, so just come out.”

I was worried about whether the persuasion would work, but fortunately, Estelle seemed to still have some spirit left. I sighed in relief and stepped aside as she requested.

“Austin, be thankful. You only pack a few thousand things, but my younger brother even saves your face. This is what a nobleman should be.”

Estelle even uses my actions of intervening in the fight to attack Patricia.

Patricia muttered softly as she glared at me and Estelle in turn with an expression of exasperation.

“…Sila. I will never forget today’s insult.”

“Whether you forget or not, that’s up to you. Give me penalty points or not. Edwin. Originally, I was going to meet you and have a chat, but I wasted my time on something so useless. Follow me. There’s still some time.”

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Estelle responds indifferently to Patricia’s words. Estelle beckoned me to pass by Patricia, and I looked behind her and gave Ellie a quick glance.

Ellie, who sensed my signal, nodded her head slightly and stepped behind her, and I followed Estelle towards the stairs of the stone tower.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Behind me, I could faintly hear Patricia approaching Ellie and asking about her condition.

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