How To Live As An Academy Extra Villain chapter 70

70 - Wings (1)

70 – Wings (1)

“Sister, why did you treat senior Austin like that… I almost got into big trouble. If only a duel had been established…”

“You don’t even have to call her senior. With that bastard of a Kanias barking at me like that, how can I stand by and watch?”

“Sister! Why would you say something like that if anyone hears it!”

As I listen to Estelle’s words, I feel like I’m going crazy.

Canias is the castle of the imperial family. And being called an asshole was a classic insult to Austin, who had become a loyal supporter of the Huang family.

Since you openly used the word ‘dog’ in front of Patricia earlier, she must have turned her head and provoked you like that.

“If you want to hear, tell them to listen. How can they do that to me? The moment they put even a finger on my body, the peace they love so much will be gone.”


As I continued to dissuade Estelle, she raised her hand as if she couldn’t win.

“Okay, okay. I was a little excited earlier too. Watching that b*tch persecute you like that was too hard for me to bear. And when she even brought up my family name, I couldn’t hold back my anger. “How dare this b*tch who hangs around with something without foundation…”

“But thanks to you, I survived. In fact, if you hadn’t come, I think I would have been in quite a bit of trouble… As expected, I would have had a hard time without you, hahahaha.”

“It’s done. It’s my brother’s business, so what can’t I do? But Edwin, didn’t I make it clear? It’s better to do everything in moderation. Did you just ignore my warning? Huh? ?”


Estelle, who was listening to my joke, suddenly glares at me slightly. Then he came in front of me and started pulling my cheeks.

“…I was just about to quit, but things got a little messy and that’s what happened…I really have to say something about that…Ugh…”

“And I said I would see you often. It’s been several weeks and you haven’t seen a single hair. Where on earth are you losing your mind? If you keep doing this, I guess I’ll have no choice but to tie you up with a rope and take you with me.”

“Ugh…What kind of scary joke are you telling…”

“Do I sound like a joke right now?”


Estelle pulled my cheek for a long time before releasing me as if she was satisfied.

“Phew…And your sister put in a chimney for your father too…? Thank you. I forgot, but thanks to you, I was able to avoid getting scolded by my father.”

“I thought you were doing that, so I told my uncle instead. Sure enough, he didn’t know anything. Anyway, you know how to get into trouble…”


Estelle lightly hits me again.

What I am talking about is what happened during the last time Walter was framed. At that time, Estelle relayed the truth about the incident to Maidhead on my behalf, and my father, who was shocked by the news, wrote a long letter to me.

“By the way, sister, is everything okay? Vanderlok is quite close to the cult’s old base, isn’t it?”

“I’ve already checked, and there doesn’t seem to be any major problems, so don’t worry too much. What can a few lowly people do to Scylla? All the people who caused trouble were rounded up and all were crucified. “My father told me this.”

Estel’s family, Scylla, is a family that settled in Vanderlok, an area quite close to the east.

And since the eastern part was where the devil worshipers ran wild the most during the descent of the Great Devil, the area has now been reduced to nothing but ruins.

So I asked just in case, and looking at Estelle’s reaction, it seemed like luckily it passed without any damage.

“Then I’m glad…”

“A guy who can’t even think about himself cares about our territory? He’s kind, too. How can he be so cute?”


As we exchange a few more trivial words, time passes by in an instant.

Estelle makes a sad expression, raises her hand and strokes her head.

“I guess I should go now. I was thinking of having a leisurely chat after a long time…Anyway, that b*tch…”

“I won’t mind seeing you again next time…”

“What’s next? It’s obvious that I’ll just keep talking and forget about it. That’s it. There’s not much left in the semester, so finish it off well. I’ll probably stop by your estate sometime during vacation, so I’ll see you then.”

Estelle stood up from her seat as if she really had to go, and then she turned to me and spread her arms wide. She wants something and keeps looking at me with her eyes.

“Oh really… Sister… No matter what, this is a bit…”

“Come on.”

She euphemistically refused, but Estelle did not give in and instead put pressure on me.

“What do you think? No one sees me now. Didn’t she do a lot when she was young? She said she would marry me when she grows up.”

“Isn’t that what you said when you were young? Why are you talking about your immature days now?”

“Edwin. This sister even tried to fight a duel with that b*tch for you, but you won’t even give me a single hug? I’m so sad…”

The moment when Estelle looked truly sad. This has already become a fight I cannot win. Even though her childhood has already passed a long time ago, when she looks at me, her head is always filled with thoughts of mischief.

“Really… I understand. I’ll do it for you, right?”

Yes. I’m embarrassed for a moment. I closed and opened my eyes and approached Estelle. Before she started puberty, I was much shorter than her, but now Estelle’s height only reaches around my chest.

When I hesitantly stand in front of her, Estelle jumps into me as if she were jumping into me. The scent of lavender, which is exactly the same color as her hair, wafts out.

“Okay… Wouldn’t it be better if we did this a long time ago? Anyway, I really don’t listen…”

Like a cicada clinging to her old tree, Estelle was held by me for a long time before falling away.


“I don’t like it…I told you before…”

“Ellie…Could you please do me a favor this time…?”

Ellie, who always smiled brightly, is no longer there today. She doesn’t even puff out her cheeks half playfully like she usually does. Her mouth was sticking out, and I was holding her head inside her as I watched.

“…I don’t like it…Why…Why do I have to do that…”


Ellie’s voice was now half wet.

“Oh, really…”

I think I have to admit it. That I spoke too hastily. I should have explained the reason step by step instead of saying it right away. Of course, Ellie deserves to hear the reason.

“Ellie. You saw that guy’s gaze earlier. Those eyes full of hostility.”

“…That blonde…? He’s that Eugene, right…?”

As I slowly let her speak out, Ellie’s stubborn spirit begins to loosen little by little.

“That’s right. That blonde is the guy I was talking about just before. He’s full of a sense of justice, so if I keep dragging you around, he’ll keep clinging to me… But things aren’t that good between me and him…”

“… Even the professors don’t say anything, so why does he care about that…”

“…I don’t know about the professors, but he will never just sit back and watch. I can be sure. And strictly speaking, it’s not a big mistake…”

“So now you’re abandoning me because of him…”

“I’m not throwing you away, right? Let’s just hang out separately for a little while, okay? If he goes to a different class later, we can hang out together again. We’ll keep seeing each other outside anyway.”

Ellie is lost in thought in silence as I continue to make earnest requests. She knows she knows. Because she sometimes told me stories about her and Eugene.

Although she complained for a while, Ellie is basically a bright child. Once she calms down her emotions soon, she will be able to make sound decisions.

After a long silence, Ellie finally opened her mouth.

“Okay…I’ll just have to wait a little longer…”


Upon hearing Ellie’s answer, she sighed in relief.

“I’m really angry… It doesn’t matter anymore…”

Ellie’s expression still looked dissatisfied, but that will resolve over time. What’s important is that she ultimately lived up to my expectations.

“By the way, Ellie, were you okay with your conversation with Austin earlier? Can I ask what you discussed?”

When Ellie heard my question, her pretty face suddenly frowned.

“…I didn’t say anything…But you kept bugging me, so I was thinking of telling you out loud that I’m just following you around because I like you, but I held back. If it wasn’t for Austin, I really…”

As if Ellie was tired, she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I’m hungry…I can’t even eat, what is this…”

“…After we’re done, let’s go eat something together…”



When Ellie and I entered, the once noisy classroom suddenly became quiet. Everyone in there is watching us closely. But when Ellie went to sit in the front row of the classroom instead of next to me, most of her looks turned into confusion.

I glanced in the direction where Eugene was, and saw that she had a confused expression on her face, as if she had not expected the current situation at all.

The silenced students were about to open their mouths again, but when the front door opened and the professor came in, their mouths fell shut again.

“What happened? Class starts in two minutes. Everyone, please go to your seats.”

After Professor Claretta spoke, the students returned to their seats and sat down.

She was a visiting professor invited to the academy for a specific subject in liberal arts, and had a mature beauty that exuded the charm of an adult, with a teardrop under her right eye.

Claretta’s subjects and her appearance had a strange synergistic effect, and she never fell from the top of the rankings of professors chosen by male students.

“Everyone, please turn to page 207 of the textbook and pay attention to the blackboard. This is the topic of today’s lecture.”

The chalk danced in accordance with Claretta’s hand gestures, and after a while, what appeared were the words, ‘The correct way to interact with men and women and appropriate behavior.’ And as soon as all the letters were written, small exclamations began to erupt from all over the classroom.

Some students were whistling, and people everywhere were asking, ‘What should I do…? ‘ Or ‘I don’t know… ‘You can hear small whispers like this.

Even the noble ladies who always try to maintain their dignity blush bright red at this moment, waiting for the professor to open his mouth.

Both Eli and Eugenia fix their gaze straight ahead and do not move at all.

What had just happened between me and Ellie was instantly erased from everyone’s minds.

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  1. Wikka says:

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  2. Raelvondeor says:

    I think the lecture material was brought up because the professors felt frustrated seeing Edwin who was so innocent about the normal boundaries of male and female relationships.

  3. Manchester Black says:

    I also thought that the solution was to go arm in arm together, as Ellie wants, and not separate because some idiots say so.

  4. Extra Extra says:

    Really good. TY for the update.

    Edwin will probably drop the villain act eventually. But until then, I’ll continue to be annoyed by it.

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    1. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

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      1. Dagonsuznyx says:

        Who tf cares if the people believe or not? Lol Seriously, why does it matter if people couldn’t believe? Why?????????? Their belief doesn’t effect his life in the slightest. He just needs to act however he wishes. Patricia and Eugene can go f themselves. Separating from your friend due to mere gossip is simply ridiculous. It’s so stupid I genuinely cannot comprehend how someone can possibly think it makes sense for them to act.

  6. Let me guess Eugene will try to get close to Ellie as well and Edwin will not give in this time and will clash with Eugene, Iris who sees that this time Edwin instead of giving up on Ellie like he did for herself chose to confront Eugene, she will get jealous and curious and confront him and Ellie?

    1. Vamshi says:

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      1. Warrior! says:

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