The Woman Found the Will I Wrote
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The Woman Found the Will I Wrote

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내가 쓴 유서를 여주가 발견했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Woman Found the Will I Wrote

If I return to Earth, what will become of my existence?

Having considered that my existence as ‘I’ will disappear, I had written a farewell letter in advance.

But she,the female protagonist with whom I didn’t get along well,

secretly broke into my room and found it.

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  1. Gonna pass on this one.
    I hate when MC get hated for the thing he didn’t do and i hate it even more when the MC have speech filter that spew the rudest thing every time he speak.

  2. Enter says:

    157 + many bonus chapters it’s finished at ch157

  3. I read just the first few chapters but I already dislike it. There is literally 0 world building, there is no logical thinking shown and the communication between the characters feels weird. To learn magic he simply opens a book and says something along the line of “what!? It was so easy, I don’t understand why but I understand everything!”.

  4. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I thought this one would never be updated, reading the title of the last chapter I can continue my reading without problems. PS:the cover in novelpia is juicy

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      damn it, it wasn’t enough chapters, she still hasn’t read the will, she just found out

  5. hmmm, after I read it, it turns out that this is very interesting, different from what’s in the comments column, and I think it’s better for you not to read the comments before reading the novel because maybe you’ll regret missing out on a precious pearl, because different people’s tastes are different, don’t compare yourself to others. Otherwise, just because he says it’s ugly doesn’t mean you think it’s ugly.

  6. At what chapter was the will found? I ain’t reading all 50 chapters. Looking at the ch titles it doesn’t seem to be there either

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      I read 46 and it hasn’t happened yet

    2. PolarBearPunch says:

      As of chapter 50 the will has not been found yet, it hasn’t even been written yet. its only in the later chapters that he even starts to show any worry about going home although there is nothing to suggest that there’s even a way back to Earth yet.

  7. Dagonsuznyz says:

    The MC doesn’t explain anything, speaks in the rudest way possible, yet expects people to fully understand him. Hiding things, covering stuff up and not resolving misunderstandings the moment you noticed them are the actions of elementary school children with no emotional maturity. Although the MC has a backbone and treats his enemies as they deserve, this novel is still a dumpster fire.

  8. Zzz says:

    It is readable but character interactions are miserable to say the least
    Nobody in this novel is capable of basic communication.

  9. Finally, we have a main character who genuinely loves exploring magic, rather than just another fan of sword training. Aside from that, the book felt quite pleasant to me, as if someone had scratched an itch I couldn’t reach before, presenting a relatively familiar concept in an enjoyable format and eliminating most of the unnecessary elements that usually cause irritation. I wouldn’t necessarily call this book great, but reading it was definitely enjoyable and even quite fun.

  10. Padre damaso says:

    Ah I finished reading it all, I wish there were more, the dog content was fine, I quite like it

    A studious mc who discovered his genius In magic after being transferred in another world schemes to get slaves for experiments but get hit with a “dog” prank and becomes a famous dog tamer, watch as he manages his disguise(which he fails) to rid the world evil by throwing Cash, authority, power, maces and alot of ‘Big Bang’ inspired explosion at his cult enemies

    Personal opinion: 10/10 would read again

    1. tian says:

      Has Rumi seen the testament, or not yet?

  11. XAY XAY says:

    Raising dog simulator novel

  12. Deathly says:

    I seriously feel like dropping this series, the first chapter got me interested, but after reading 10 chapters I’m losing a bit of interest, I was hoping the premise to occur after the prologue, but the premise occurs before said prologue which I kinda dislike, will probably wait until the series is finished to skip until the part where the MC writes his will.

  13. Padre damaso says:

    This truly is a novel huh? You have Mc’s love interests wanting to be a bish barking left and right XD

  14. Insufferable says:

    The novel is fine, but its a little… jittery. There’s some aspects to the novel that is just ignored, swept under and it falls flat on gaining momentum and tension. During the character interactions, it feels too perfunctory, the expected emotional scenes fell short and left me unsatisfied.

    The plot is really fine but the pacing just seems too quick as if the author is rushing towards the parts that he wants to write. Leaving some stuff left uncovered.

  15. Don’t you guys also hate like “Here’s an interesting preview. Now let us rewind the plot 50 chapters ago.”

    I was interested in ch 0 and i thought for once it would start from the interesting point but no it just went back to the posession point. Sigh… What did I expect

    1. Cero says:

      Yes friend, the worst thing is knowing that we will probably never get to that point because It will not be update 😶.

  16. Padre damaso says:

    Man, don’t you just hate being transferred during an attempted r*p* scene. Like if your the mc how tf do you recover from that

    1. milky violet says:

      Well I would say accept the consequences of my actions but I didn’t do that, it was the sucker before me. So I’d just run away with a new identity.

      1. milky violet says:

        Nah jk, I don’t like living as a rapist or pedophile. I’d rather die than live as one.

        1. Bluebro says:

          You made me like you a whole lot by saying that.

  17. numb digger says:

    man these 60 chapter uploads are killin me i need more ToT thanks for uploading all of these tho

  18. milky violet says:

    Female protagonist better not have white hair, because if so, I hate the MC already for hating her

    1. Insufferable says:

      She has white hair, but protag doesn’t hate her. But there’s a church/cult out there with the sole purpose of literally making her miserable so you’ll hate those religious basta*ds.

      1. milky violet says:

        This novel is automatic s tier, mwah I love white hair so much

  19. milky violet says:

    Reminds me of a Chinese novel I read which had the same premise

    1. Yep. I also read the similar Chinese novel before. “Despite being pursued as villain, all the heroines are on my side?” or something like that

  20. Let me guess. Mc, given a quest to act as a villain, successfully completed his mission and decided to write a letter on which he writes how he was focred to act as a villain or something.

    1. Cero says:

      Surely It Will be like that 😒

    2. I don’t think so. It’s a misunderstanding novel so it will surely be like:

      Mc’s will: If you guys read this, it means I’m not around anymore

      Female Lead: He is planning to kill himself?!

  21. Zzz says:

    Ima poison test this for ya lads

  22. Eshya says:

    I came too fast again . No chap

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