Acquired the Supernatural Ability to Recover Like Crazy
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Acquired the Supernatural Ability to Recover Like Crazy

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미친듯이 회복하는 초능력을 얻었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Acquired the Supernatural Ability to Recover Like Crazy

A world where heroes exist.

Of all things, I ended up obtaining a ‘healing factor.’

Since my body will recover anyway, let’s push myself hard.

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  1. Ninja says:

    Im dissapointed

  2. Moonlit Walker says:

    I just read 1 peculiar doujin and the girl in cover looks like the nt* heroine 😔

  3. FirstDaoist says:

    I realize that I have no talent for criticism because at no time did it seem heavy or boring and I ended up liking some parts of it, thank goodness I read it because I am sure that based on the opinions they gave it I would not have read it.

    moral: the future of art is in furry porn

  4. Hazery says:

    Man, all of the reviewer here is actually right, i have never myself dislike about childhood arc, i usually try to enjoy it if i can but hell, the first 15 chapter is extremely rough and i just dropped it right at chapter 8 while forcing to speedread chapter 9-15 until i just said enough…

    One of the novel with the worst childhood arc, it literally ruin my immersion so bad i just can’t be bothered to continue reading it. If this is author first time on making a novel then i can probably forgive the author but damn.

  5. [Last read: Chapter 19]
    Rating: 6/10

    It’s a genric novel. Although translation is kinda bad but not that much and if you are a regular reader on this site then you must have already been experienced enough to understand the lines without any problem. Anyways, the character are mostly women’s, making the mc walk a flower Path but I don’t like it much. This novel can be read for time pass but you will get bored of it most likely from chapter 5 onwards. I read till chapter 15 first cuz I saw a review that said it get better after childhood arc ends but nah. It’s just same things. You might think it gets better after childhood arc but it’s just same normal stuff here on the site. If you remove the childhood chapters. All other chapters are same as other novels. And also mc is kinda getting misunderstood during start.

    Worst part. I wanted to drop it around chapter 5. The mc and other girls are 10 years old but they are doing inhuman stuff and thinking too calculatedly as if they are adults and also they are already in love(one is at least and the other is almost) with mc at 10 yrs old. Seems pedo stuff. But i endured to see what happens later just out of curiosity but nope it’s the same generic cringe stuff.

    I am dropping it.

  6. rob z rob z says:

    @Insufferable – I feel your pain. I despise stories with long childhood arcs. Sorry, I get no joy in reading about 6 year olds. And its even creepier when the 6 year old is a possessor / reincarnator interacting with a bunch of little kids.

  7. Q D Q D says:

    The opinions here seem to be conflicting, but honestly I quite like the girl on the cover. Twintails brown hair is my favorite. Maybe I’ll bookmark this story for another time

  8. Dagonsuznyx says:

    It’s total crap. Battle scenes are boring and the MC doesn’t even get his powers for a looooong time. The FMC is one of the most unrealistic characters. That’s not a how a kid, any kid behaves. None. The background is suffocating and doesn’t make any sense. The power system is boring and the stakes are always seem to be high without it ever been actually high.

  9. Poison Tester says:

    It became better and more readable after 10+ chapters.

    7,5/10 because I like mc personality and I enjoy the novel.

    Last reading: chapters 24

  10. Nightune says:

    Ch. 41

    It’s an entertaining read, in my opinion the pacing is a bit slow but not enough to bored me. The plot is a bit generic but It doesn’t give a predictable copy-&-paste from another novel feeling

    If there’s any features that’s make It entertaining for me It’s that:

    -the MC is chad
    -He needs to have a heroic sacrifice to return
    -The background setting of the novel MC
    possessed is interesting
    -So far there wasn’t any unreasonable power
    Upgardes (as of now, in my opinion)

    Though you all have to suffer reading the childhood arc getting iritated when he will awaken ( I experienced It too….)

  11. Poison Tester says:

    The prologue took my interest but first arc give me too much monologue and info dump. The mtl is bad so some time I can’t really understand.

    In my opinion, This have similar premise with ‘the hero obsessed villain’ but worse because lower writing skill and plot.


  12. Insufferable says:

    First few chapters are huge fuc*in hurdles. It’s hard to get through.

    -Info dumps
    -Childhood arc
    -Slow power reveal or discovery

    All the boring first arc tropes are present. I’m sure it gets better but I can’t get through this hurdle. I failed.

    I really just hate childhood arcs with a passion. Maybe because I hate children in rl but I can’t get through a teacher novel or a novel with a childhood arc that well. Or maybe because I just don’t like a child mc to do adult actions that make him seem mature it just feels unnatural and it takes away my immersion and ruins my mood. Anyway that was just a rant.

    If you don’t like slow, boring first arcs then you most likely won’t want to read this.

  13. I like it the mc is very similar to the mc in “I’m not your dad, I’m a villain”(also in noble mtl)

  14. Arlos says:

    The sheer amount of time it take for him to get his healing factor is immensely frustrating as a readers, it feel like he wasted his entire childhood.

  15. Blanc says:

    Can someone tell me what happened in starting chapters it was so confusing and a lot of info dump

  16. Zero says:


  17. probably the first synopsis that was short yet it was enough

  18. Poison Tester says:

    My intuition feel this will be diamond!

  19. Azeizel says:

    I am gonna go in try to be a poison tester wish me luck guys

  20. Nightune says:


    Agreed, the title seems reasonable enough to catch my attention. I’m gonna read It too…

  21. Wikka says:

    Did Deadpool got reincarnated?

  22. Staz says:

    Need someone to conduct reconnaissance

  23. Buckget22 says:

    Wish me luck guys I’m going in 👍

  24. ali dd ali dd says:

    Obsession 1F914

  25. RealEason says:

    anyone willing to test this?

  26. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    sounds good, I’ll read it in a while

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