30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue
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30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

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프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다, Thirty years have passed since the prologue
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis 30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

I became possessed by a game I’ve never seen before.

Thinking it was a classic RPG, I spent 30 years in it.

I retired as a war hero and was planning to spend the rest of my time leisurely.

But it turns out, it was an academy story?

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  1. IME says:

    this novel become more popular on novelpia and already has a official illustrations.

    i hope noble-sama still remember this one kewk

  2. Su 183 says:

    Pretty good novel

    I thought it’s your cliche academy but it’s not

    First the story is unique… why? Well too lazy to explain 50 chapters in one comment

    Interesting >> average >> good >> pretty good >> above average >> good….
    This is my feeling in 50 chapters

    Sooo ( You must ) give it a chance at least until ch.37

    1. Su 183 says:

      There is some good reviews down 👇 there

      But some of them is absolute dog****

      I didn’t say anything bad so don’t delete my comment Noble-sama 🙏🙇

  3. asf says:

    At first its quite fun. MC is stoik and badass when he kills enemies.
    But later on after getting into the academy it become very repetitive
    Yes it is an academy novel but not as a student. .
    Basically MC participate in some event either student outing or something
    And then MC activatr his imagination/delusion of how a cliche event will happen
    And then his delusion comes true and he is ready to solve the whatever terrorist attack with his gimmick guerilla attacks
    After saving a damsel or a student then theyre favourable toward him
    Rinse and repeat for many many times
    Also the female student saved fall for him for no reason despite him having full on beared looking like santa and without any delicacy toward the females nor flirt with them
    Interesting concept but fails to deliver
    It becomes mediocre

  4. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Very fun novel I already read at Novelpia. If you like Johnwick/spy style characters circumventing tropes of games/novels then this is for you. Mostly political intrigue and military stuff with a sprinkle of the Academy as a background. No romance so far, only romantic interests like the Hero’s daughter and the Princess. MC isn’t overpowered just strong because of his training and knowledge of novels/games. He doesn’t have any plot knowledge at all just guesses based on tropes. He doesn’t have a system or anything powerful like that compared to other characters either.

    9/10 for being interesting while playing with the tropes of the isekai genre.

  5. Suherman Joshua says:

    To be honest this story is very unique and different from other novels on this website, but still not my taste. As it says the previous review, you have to read per chapter deeply to understand, where it becomes a shortcomings for MTL novels. If you read comments in Novelupdafte about this novel, you will know that this novel is in the multi-possession and multi-genre category. The genre that particularly I like honestly. I found this genre mostly in Chinese novel than Korean and Japanese novel. MC is a veteran experienced in the story with age 34 and almost 35 years old. In his life, he had met other possessors before the story began, even some his comrade knew that he was the possesors. In the main story, he will meet other possesors who are mostly academic students. The part that I don’t like, well, mostly possession is South Korean lol. This novel will dig the possesors story in the academic and other important character, several past flashbacks of MC past during his life in another world, and how he find the purpose of life and motivation. MC feels his having no direction and doesn’t know what he wants. Some possessors he met in the past, between them disappeared and returned to earth, died in the MC world living or staying, continuing to live and family. MC still come back to earth but still stay in another world for long time. MC decide to stay single and you guess based on cover, has a long mustache and beard. He also build orphanage and spending time gardening, which is the reason he was sent as spies under guise of academic gardener. For romance, not strong one, like comment, MC basically eunuch. There’s misunderstanding comedy cliche too, funny I think.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      *The genre that particularly I don’t like, because something it become messy and it requires the author’s expertise in making it a good story

    2. Joko says:

      There are 2 candidates lover for MC, who clearly love him, petite/loli commander/princess, basically someone like Tanya in this story. The daughter of his friend from the heroes party, their age difference is quite big, around 15 years. I think we can guess the author’s fetish here.

  6. TheDiir says:

    Sh*t, This MC older than my mom

    1. Joko says:

      Combining the age of MC before and after the possession, his mentally age more than 60 years, but he still experienced an identity crisis. I even read a little, why he want to enter another world, because he loses the purpose of life on earth and wants a sensation, but now wants to go back to earth, for missing facilities to live in modern earth and food on earth. The main lesson is possible, always grateful for what you have and do everything with passion. Spend your life with people that care about you, MC have some people who really care about him, but rarely visit them for many years, of course author use this to create some misunderstanding cliche lol. Some aspect about him build orphanages and become their head and teacher, similar to people that I know, have identify crisis, decide to donate some of fortune to feel have meaning in his life

    2. Komaru s Komaru s says:

      He’s 34 years old in the novel…

  7. rob z rob z says:

    Definitely not your typical story, and as noted in an earlier review, you need to read at least through chapter 22 to really get a sense of it.

    Basic premise is MC wanted to become a possessor in a novel, and so wrote 5700 word reviews for dozens of different novels. Eventually, he becomes a possessor, but it’s in a novel world he doesn’t know. It’s also hard to describe the world, since its a mashup – the primary setting is late 19th century czarist Russia with guns, magic, elves, monsters, a hero party, a demon lord, etc.

    MC possesses a 4 year old boy in a peasant village, becomes a soldier, works his way up the ranks, and over the course of a 20 year career, eventually becomes part of an assassination unit that assists the hero party. The hero party kills the demon lord, and MC thinks he will be returned to his world. Only, he isn’t – the world keeps going. After the was is over, he is basically told to disappear by the princess (because people shouldn’t know he is still alive), and becomes the head of an orphanage, where he is the gruff bearded character that all the kids love.

    Eventually, though, one of his old fellow soldiers comes by with a missive from the princess instructing him to become a gardener at the famous local university to protect the children / proteges of the hero party. who are all starting that year. (As an aside, the princess is in a succession fight with her brother, and thinks the brother may be willing to harm the students for political reason I won’t go into). That is when MC thinks “crap, it’s an academy novel”.

    So the MC applies his general knowledge of how such novels work to (sort of) protect the hero party kids – he does some questionable stuff in the process, though (including not protecting one student and being willing to let them die just to figure out what kind of character the MC is in the novel). Starting in chapter 22 there are some big reveals I won’t spoil, but it is those reveals that will drive the novel moving forward.

    I don’t find the MC particularly likable. It’s clear that the original possessor (from Korea) essentially had his personality subsumed – it’s almost like the original personality (as he would have been shaped by 20 years of fighting) has taken over. He’s not a very pleasant person. The only time he shows any real humanity is with the orphans, reminiscing about his dead comrades, or one time he meets the princess. Oh, and he’s dense AF.

    So the novel overall is reasonably well written, with a somewhat original plot. There is no romance, and the “misunderstanding” tag (at least so far) would seem to have nothing to do with male-female relationships, but more understanding about the world. I’m probably going to drop it because it’s not my kind of story, but I could see other people liking this one.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Two quick clarifications: (1) When I say the MC is in a novel world he doesn’t know, it’s more accurate to say he doesn’t know what novel world it is – he keeps checking off ones that he knows it isn’t, but hasn’t been able to find out what novel, if any, it matched up to; and (2) just to be 100% clear in view of the below review, no R-19 or sex scenes – given his lack of interest in any romance, this MC might turn out to be a eunuch – the saintess even praised him for his “purity.”

  8. IME says:

    If you want to know the real plot of this story you have to read at least 20 chapters.

    This isn’t just the MC misunderstanding the story, there’s something different, so thats why this is popular in korea kewk

    MC finds out that he’s not the only transmigrant or anything in that world. and what is surprising is that there are more than 5 people who are the same as him. (more to come)

    the story is fresh for me, MC is a 34 years old virgin (he reject all womens because what he only thing is how to survive as character ) old man who only knows how to kill and wants to know what story he is in

    for 50 chapters, our MC gathers transmigrators to be used as tools lmao

    1. IME says:

      8/10 for me

  9. Luis says:

    Hasta el capítulo 15, después de el MC estaba dispuesto a dejar morir a una de las protagonistas sólo para afirmar que no es un NPS me dejó de agradar

  10. kkkkkk says:

    MC là một kẻ ảo tưởng điên loạn, anh ấy chỉ muốn trải nghiệm xuyên vô thế giới giả tưởng trong 2, 3 năm rồi quay về. Nhưng việc tồn tại trong 30 năm đó đã thay đổi nặng nề cho MC.

  11. Rader says:

    Basic Summary, I have not read many chapters, less than 10. But still it’s enough to give a basic summary:

    Story is about a maniac who wanted to go into other world. He played games and read a lot of novels, and gave long criticizing reviews to each of them with the hope that some Author is actually a God and send him to other world. Yeah he is crazy.

    So he was finally sent into another world. He was born as a farmer and made a whole plan as per possible genre. He didn’t have any help from system but he knew all the cliches anyways and that will help him. After living for many years he decides that he fell into a classic RPG game with Demon King/Hero story. He became a soldier and powered himself up enough to become a very famous veteran of war. He even became a reserve for Hero Party.

    Anyways MC thought that game is over with demon King dead and he was quite tired of fantasy world so he faked his death to most people and went into living a peaceful life as a form of Epilogue but he was not going back after a long time. And then he got an invitation to guard the children of Hero Party in a new Academy, then he realised that he was in an Academy game with different kids of Hero Party as different kinds of Character Archtypes.

    MC himself is a Maniac overall. He is powerful and use his knowledge of cliches to see through the real story of the game world he is currently in.

    1. IME says:

      no, you need to read at least 20 chapter for this novel.

      1. Rader says:

        This is just a basic summary for people who need to know more than the novel description which is quite vague here.

  12. IME says:

    this is one of the popular new novels on novelpia, got 1.5 M views with just 50ch.

    and @jahemanis wrote the wrong review

    im in.

  13. asf says:

    I like it. It has cliche plot destruction and MC is quite badass.
    So far the girls comes to like mc first but he dont really care about love.

  14. clown 🤡 says:

    i saw this in novelupdates and it has a bad review but we’ll see since we cant judge a book by its cover (technically book covers were made to judge a book)

    -clown 🤡 🎪

  15. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I didn’t expect to see this one around, I read the daily release in novelpia and stopped at 30 to accumulate chapters. It’s not a novel I dislike. I’d do a summary but I’m too lazy

  16. Luis says:

    Me gusta la historia hasta ahora, y el MC también. Imagínate que reencarnas en un mundo y que te adaptas a el, vives tú vida y luego te retiras cómo un héroe reconocido para luego darte cuenta de que era solo el prólogo de una novela que no leíste, si estuviera en el lugar del MC estaría frustrado por lo menos, pero él lo toma con calma y madurez.

    1. Luis says:

      Olviden lo que escribí

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        jajaja la madurez salio del chat

  17. Jahe Manis says:

    I didn’t expect this novel to be uploaded here. Even though R+19 doesn’t have much content, it is classified as an adult novel on Novelpia. Like the synopsis explain, MC is reincarnated as one of the extra characters in the game, 30 years before the story begins. MC survives as a monster hunter, even hitman hired by his kingdom and once joined the war. So MC is a veteran elite soldier. Due to a friend’s request, he becomes a teacher in academics, here he realizes that he lives in the world of academic games. He meets some heroines and ori ML as their teacher. The large age gap between the MCs and heroines may be a problem for some readers. MC is not dense but how he accepts his student’s confession of love so easily, then have sex, makes me uncomfortable too. Note this harem story, MC has many lovers. The cliché that I like here, similar to other novels, is making the original ML an annoying character even though he is supposed to be the hero, like the author is trying to convince the reader that the MC deserves all the heroines in the story. You can say that MC steal all heroines that suppose to fall in love with ori ML.

    1. Jahe Manis says:

      *The cliche that I don’t like

    2. Seastan says:

      Really? I read this a little while earlier on novelupdates and there werent any romance tags so I thought it was ok

    3. Zen says:

      Is his students(lovers)above 18 when they first met him as teacher ?

    4. Suherman Joshua says:

      You mistake this one with another novel bro

      1. Jahe Manis says:

        Sorry I mistake this one with ‘An adventurer in his 25th year of reincarnation became an academy instructor’ because story is similar, just minus R-19 scene

    5. KKKHHHU Ê 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 says:

      tôi có thấy nhãn dãn “R-18” hay “adult” nào đâu

    6. IME says:

      lmaooo why you didnt read the title properly before writing a review?

    7. Komaru s Komaru s says:

      He’s not a teacher at the Academy but a “Gardener.” It’s already explained in the novel why he can’t be a professor, he can’t have political allegiances nor be tied to money that can be traced.

  18. Hated Author KR says:

    Who Request this in discord?

    1. Cero says:

      Someone with money to spare.

  19. Pure Candy says:

    ı am entering wish for luck (please dont poison )

  20. Kyryuu says:

    Chapters? Demasiado rápido

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