I Was Given a Political Marriage
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I Was Given a Political Marriage

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정략혼을 당했다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Given a Political Marriage

For some reason, the engagement, which was expected to break, is being pursued.

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  1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I am poisoned to death. But I liked it.

  2. Sorry I am straight person the moment I see those gender bender / transgender gay/lesbian tags I quit right away and blacklist that story along with its author
    mc is too beta and weak ok this one, such mc deserves to be cucked by the villains.

  3. Shadow says:

    Seemed toxic to me, not fun

  4. Ning'er says:

    A novel for masochists 💀💀

  5. Saad . Saad . says:

    Ayo This is some hot shit if your mentally ill like yours truly
    If your into Reverse Rpe Femdom and maschist
    This is shit is a fking gold mine
    Peak shit
    Ending went from a good 6/10? to a 1000000000/10 with the epilogue
    Wholesome shit begone epilogue was that toxic femdom shit we Like

  6. As cyra said… this novel is just a feamle oriented romance novel with overbearing yabdere fiance…only the genders have been reversed… everything else is same… even the stockhilm syndrome, reactions,.. training, first love… e.t.c.
    I was personally disgusted by the story..
    The mc is a reincarnated person.. but all his behaviour shows that he is simply like one of those CN jade beauties whose role is a vase…….

    I read half of the story and then the ending…

    The mc is disgusting and this story is for those who like masochism or femdom

    Mc chooses fiance for child… and does not run away with first love…in epilogue, first love meets mc after few years and drugs mc to sleep and later becomes pregnant…no mention of whether mc is kidnapped or what the wife did..only rumors of first love’s pregnancy..

  7. Sebastian says:

    I don’t really recommend it

  8. Cyra says:

    Idk about you guys
    You could try it if ya want
    And if you liked it, good for you

  9. Cyra says:

    Not my tea
    Way too toxic

    Since this is a reverse gender roles
    You know those typical obsessive paranoid ML in manhwas where they’re way too toxic to FL and they still somewhat the true ML?

    Idk about her winning since the tags says it’s harem and chapter 4 is my limit, but Imma end there
    Gender reverse or not, this is just toxic too me

  10. TheBoredOne says:

    Well this one weirds me out quite a bit …
    The world is set where the gender roles are reversed just like the tag and the protagonists fiancee is a yandere but the thing is she’s currently dominating the protagonist… In just 3 chapters. Well that’s about it.

    Well it might be good for you guys so check it out ig

  11. So how is it ,the usual poison or a hidden gem

  12. Sebastian says:

    Wait for me, I’m coming too

  13. TheBoredOne says:

    I’ll test it out for ya guys

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