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Grow With In-App Purchases

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과금으로 키운다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Grow With In-App Purchases

I found out later that I was reincarnated into a mobile game I used to play in my previous life.
To survive, you must develop a character who will protect this world.
…start with the summons.

PS: the reply fixed

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  1. Hehe says:

    Is MC 30 years old?

  2. Des • Des • says:

    Read up to ch101 (the +18 is ch112 refers to ch101)

    It’s a okay read. Good for passing time.
    If they wrote the system skills and gacha better it’d be a great read.

    Thing is: character does not exist in the world unless MC pulls them from gacha. When he gets them they just spawn and “blend” into the world like they were there since the beginning.

    Sorry but this practically ruin the immersion? Like it gives that the world seems fake? This is my opinion.

  3. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I have read 98 chapters and I liked it very much. I’ll stop here and let it accumulate more chapters.

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      well… it doesn’t seem to accumulate

  4. kk77 says:

    okay so, basically, mc is the shopkeeper for a general store that sells potions and scrolls to hero party, and also the armoury that sells them their signature weapons… and also the smithy that does the reinforcements on said weapons… and also the shrine where you prestige the party members, and also who knows what else to come. he’s also the helper NPC that assists and follows on the characters’ ascension quests, and, oh i almost forgot, as a uniquely critical duty of note, he’s also the guy that has to SPAWN every single party member INTO EXISTENCE. What.

    anyway s’good, i enjoyed it.
    …not a lot else to add. there was sadly nothing particularly controversial or divisive that i’d normally have a breakdown on at this point here. just read it, no poison.

    >> r18 [+]

    1. kk77 says:

      oh and the retroactively CREATION of fully grown humans with complete lives, families, genealogies and history is actually completely reasonable. Just Don’t. Think. About it. AT. ALL.

    2. Zzz says:

      Also it sounds like low budget games where they use the same npc everywhere lmfao
      Reminds me how a game i played used same blacksmith everywhere with different names and they even had a line saying “my cousin is a darn good blacksmith too, like me!”

      1. kk77 says:

        oh whoops i didnt mean for it to come out like that, it’s just a one-stop-for-all shop sorry! mc is a normal person in the world!

    3. That sounds interesting. I didnt expect that so i skipped

  5. Banana with salt says:

    I had forgotten that I came here to read, what is the novel about?

  6. Banana with salt says:

    I can’t believe I can answer right now, we’re in the future AAAAAAAAAAAA!

  7. Naga Bonar Naga Bonar says:

    Waiting for poison tester.

  8. TheDiir says:

    No Yandere? Skip

  9. Truck says:

    Reviews where?

  10. puta madre says:

    where’s the reviews yooooo

  11. So… where are the reviews?!
    You look like kids who found a new game, the admin must feel guilty for leaving you without a reply feature all this time

  12. Hmm. It’s a weird enough premise that viewership relies a lot on audience preferences.

    He has a in app purchase system that can pull characters and items. Weird thing is that the characters he pulls don’t exist but the moment they are pulled their existence, i.e. their family, friends and history magically appear. The mc seems to be able to share some stats or money from their exploits idk but the utems he pulls are character exclusive so he cannot use many of them apart from a selct few.

    Plus mtl is pretty jarring even for a long time mtl reader like me.

  13. New genre guys. Isekai p2w

  14. Wait, just noticed I can check some people’s profiles, idk why I can’t check @insufferable’s profile though?

    1. I never bothered to make an account since comment section didn’t require me. But now that you can access someones account I made one now. Which is this one. Teehee~

    2. Arcus101 says:

      Most likely because Insufferable doesn’t reply using an account here, like this.

      1. Nope, there are some other users with replies and comment who I can’t check the profiles of.

        1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

          What I meant was that they aren’t using a NobleMTL account, either they didn’t create it or just didn’t use it. Even without an account you can still send one with your email and a username. See, if you try to click my previous reply to your comment you won’t be able to enter my profile but if you click this one, you can. The previous reply was me without login into my account, this one is with me logged in. You can even view Insufferable’s profile from their reply to your comment now that they made a NobleMTL account.

  15. Lmao, just why do I feel so happy that now people can reply to comments here more than other sites even tho it’s such a normal things? Haha

  16. Insufferable says:

    I’m late to the party but let me just say that bo*bs are overrated.

    1. I got to agree. Armpit is way better. You know look at how smooth the armpit is. With hair or without hair I love them all. They also can be tickled. Also it might smell great. Also I love how you can see a glimpse of armpits with hair with they wear a t shirt. Also sometimes you can see the shadow which hides some part of the armpits makes you wonder what it looks like. Its like fresh virgin 21 year old girl with bashfulness trying to hide her parts from her significant other when its their first time making a baby. Also the armpit should smell the most pleasant if they have pleasant natural smell. If they sweat their armpits looks shiny as heck sometimes. Which makes it look like it got halo. The creases makes them more sexier. I ain’t homo but I like all armpits. Hairy or not. I would like to lick armpit all day long if I can and also if its from a girl.

      1. Username checks out. However, the best part is the s*xy back. The way the muscles make curves and the way it’s shaped when the lady archs her back is exquisitely elegant and ero*ic.

        1. Here’s someone with taste

        2. Moonlit Walker says:

          Hair is much better.

  17. All jokes aside i won’t read this if the mc is a weak pushover

    1. Well he seems weak (i’ve read the 1st few chaps ) .Somebody please let me know if he got better or story good .

  18. Jack says:

    TF….. I’m slow as f<vktard … come they're as fast as f<ckboy

    1. Big Blackclock says:


    2. They thirst for good novel like we do but more than we do.

      1. You got it wrong, we got life, while they got Time, because they live no life.

        1. Cero says:

          Auch, that hurt

  19. Moonlit Walker says:

    Tsk… I was too slow

  20. Eshya says:

    9 stars ? Without chapter. Am i too fast

  21. victor manuel santander gonzalez says:


  22. Aab says:

    Interesting, but where is the chapters?

  23. Big Blackclock says:

    Oh fek somone commented abt 1 sec faster than me 🥲

    1. Yorghuul says:

      Looks like the replies are fixed like said in the novel comment, that aside it’s nice having a daily dose of adrenaline by commenting like that.

      1. kk77 says:

        is this for real??? i feel like ive travelled 10,000 years into the future, i dont think im ready for this level of power…

        1. Reii i Reii i says:

          We need to make the longest reply thread ever

          1. Luckyzero says:

            Yeah, Yeah, Agree, Let’s test how many reply do we need to make it one word every space

          2. Luckyzero says:

            Oh…. End of experiment probably we can only make 3 lines of reply…. Is it just me I can’t reply to my previous comment

          3. Luckyzero says:

            Correction : The limit is 4 line reply

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          5. Big Blackclock says:

            Fr let’s make it long

          6. Big Blackclock says:

            Why can’t I reply to @Luckyzero?

          7. So others can’t see the name of the person I am replying to?

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          9. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

            Test…1…2….3, does this work?

          10. lordofreplies says:

            replies finally public

          11. Su 183 says:

            Test test

          12. Su 183 says:

            Noble you are the best

          13. RealEason says:

            damn finally, took forever

          14. Luminus says:

            Just for the sake of reply

          15. unknown unknown says:

            ohh replies are enabled now…

    2. milky violet says:

      Hehehe now I can’t wait for people to reply to my delusional comments

      1. Cero says:

        Your comments are an enigma 😶

        1. Bisounours says:

          Like it

    3. Ferrum says:

      Suele pasar

  24. Big Blackclock says:


  25. Yorghuul says:


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