Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game
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Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game

Read full chapter Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game, Light Novel Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game english, LN Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game, Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game Online, read Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game at Noble Machine translations.
미소녀 게임 속 검술 천재가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Swordsman Genius in a Pretty Girl Game

I reincarnated into a game where I raise beautiful girls to prevent the world’s destruction.

But what are the men doing while the beautiful girls are saving the world?

Here, it turns out that it’s a world where women are strong and men are weak.

In a world that disregards men, I have to survive as ‘a man who uses a sword’.

But, am I… incredibly strong?

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  1. Rereading the novel to read the new chapters and definitely, this novel here has the best mid-term abandonment island test of all the academy novels I’ve read. lol

    1. lol it took me a while to realize that the novel was rewritten from chapter 173 onwards, I don’t usually see the chapter titles. Here’s a warning for those who read everything before the update.

  2. Cero says:

    My god, he’s alive!!

    1. Zhen Wu. says:

      I feel the same, great that it’s back and thanks for updating Noble Nim

  3. It has been updated again and has 207 chapters, but its from a source that prohibited novels being posted here, so we can’t see it again. It’s a pity, I didn’t find it anywhere.

  4. Bob says:

    Love this one. The plot is okay, but honestly the girls are what pushes it ahead of others. They are all prety fun, but I really love the manager/wizard, shin sehee. She is made out to be a super tribalistic character that uses anyone she doesn’t care about, but is competelely on the side of those she considers her own. On top of having a nature that makes her a great ally and fearsome enemy, she has a cute side where she breaks down and cries about being lonely and her scheming to get closer to you not working if given a drop of alcohol. I don’t know how to describe it other than the author gave me yet another reason to appreciated 2d over 3d, and I still have fond memories of the girls in his work months after reading. If you can relate to absolutely anything I said give this one a go.

  5. The novel is good easily 8/10 in this mc tries to make the plot go as he likes not blindly follow the plot he solves the problem before it becomes worse and the heroines are good I like shin shee best and mc is in reverse world so there are many funny moments of that trope like mc usually wears cadet clothes but on beach he wears shorts so everyone female is shocked like how in many novels a girl wears loose clothes and in beach wear a swimsuit and it’s k cup like that

  6. I'mm old says:

    Bad new guy I just came back from novelpia and the author has discontinued this novel

    1. Su 183 says:


    2. Why spread misinformation bro I just checked and new chapters are coming

      1. At the time of this comment, the novel was marked as “discontinued” in the source, it seems that the author changed his mind.

  7. ACYNED says:

    Note for future me:
    Chapter 180

  8. Su 183 says:

    God bless you

    And thank you for the update really from the bottom of my heart

  9. I was waiting for this one, thanks for the update.

  10. [Last Read – Chapter 43]

  11. WillBeBlack says:

    Thanks my lord

  12. TheDiir says:

    What, Really? NobleMTL really? You update this but trow masterpiece like a junk. Wow. If i can pay money in novelpia i wouldnt to be here. But please update villainesses in romance fantasy BECOME obsessed

    1. GetF'ed says:

      Go to the discord and request for the novel to be updated you petulant child.

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        my friend lives or dies for that novel

      2. lmao says:

        For real. Whats with people acting like they pay for the sh*t here. Least you can do is request and not be a subhuman.

      3. Apops says:

        I joined the discord one time and requested a novel then got labelled a request spammer and blocked from requesting LMAO. I looked for the rules regarding it beforehand and couldn’t find anything so I assumed there was no cool down or waiting period until another request. It’s just a stupid situation overall

        1. ThighLover says:

          Then you prob acted like you feed noble. Just stop spamming ig

        2. I do agree noble dont have a good request system, but you do realize he doing this for money right? If your requested novel dont have enough reader, its just waste of time, compare to more popular one.
          Just pay him if you desperated enough, its cheaper than novelpia plus.

          1. rob z rob z says:

            How? There are novels I wanted to pay to have updated, but could not find any rules on the discord site on how to do so. I even followed up with a post below another person’s update request asking how to pay for it and they just deleted the post and never responded.

        3. @rob z if you want to pay for update, you can click on buy me a coffe in this site. Its on the menu.

          1. rob z rob z says:

            Thanks for the follow up, but I have done that in the past – probably donated over $100 over time. Never got an option to pick something to update.

          2. Wow, that just sad honestly. If you donate over 100$ but not update. But its probably because the requested novel isnt from novelpia or there is copyright issue. Why not buy premium at that point

    2. victor manuel santander gonzalez says:

      tienes razon

    3. IME says:

      but this novel is more popular than that sht lmao

    4. Cero says:

      Bro, that novel is so bad and if you ask for It 😐.

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        That novel Mc just 🚮🗑

  13. Hated Author KR says:

    I don’t like this… Skip

  14. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    If you wanna see an example of the so called bonsai game or pretty girl game the closest I got would be “Evertale”

  15. Daver55 says:

    -gender reversal
    -heroine named Yu-ri

    Yeah, already seeing the lesbo moments inc and I’m not into that.

    1. SenatorArmstrong says:

      Nigga theres no Yurish*t or TS in this novel. Its not “Gender Switch”, its Gender Role Reversal, a.k.a Patriarchy becomes Matriarchy. And its not even that bad. MC is proactive and is not a pushover cuck. And theres no drama (at least not yet knowing Koreans).

    2. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

      1. Gender Reversal isn’t yuri, to put it simply, if in our world, one man and many girls type of novel is called a harem novel, in that world it is called a reverse harem novel. A world that have a stereotype of woman being strong and provide for the family while man do the housework, that sort of stuff.

      2. There’s actually no yuri going on with any of the cast as far as I can remember and no, Lee Yuri isn’t called Yuri because she likes woman romantically.

    3. CouchPotato says:

      This is what happens when people don’t know the language go ahead and make assumptions based on cheap MTL. Yuri is Girls love in Japanese, but its not a Japanese novel, it’s Korean. Yuri or 유리 is a common girl’s name in Korea, and the name itself can also mean ‘glass.’ This in no shape or form has anything to do with Lesbians.

  16. Manchester Black says:

    Lots of enthusiastic comments and some negative ones. You don’t know whether to read or not. The usual here.

    1. WillBeBlack says:

      Just read ok …. trust me

  17. Kirill Popov says:

    Nothing new. Feces with a different name.

  18. Wikka says:

    oh nice, finally updated.
    been long waiting this one as well

    1. I was waiting as well, but not many people request it so intervals become longer

      1. Wikka says:

        it’s not “not many people request it”, rule……

  19. WillBeBlack says:

    Please update bro …

  20. WillBeBlack says:

    Please update bro

  21. Dragon reader says:

    Next update when?

  22. Apops says:

    @M-EA Art you could always shift-arrow up to highlight and ctl+c ur comments

  23. dunno why this was given priority to get updated when it was brand new like a week ago

  24. Willbeblack says:

    Need moar !!!!!!!

  25. SenatorArmstrong says:


  26. Sephir says:

    Indeed there are always Mc’s who says they need a party when they can solo the world?? Give it a decent reason like nerf him to make the plot reasonable

  27. Arsenex says:

    Please can you add becoming professor moriarty’s probability

  28. I read until 40 chaps… Was way to generic and too many troops… Until now I couldn’t properly figure out the exact purpose of MC… He is too adamant on creating a party… Well it’s well and good, but atleast a little reasoning should be given…

  29. I like obsession but what I don’t like about it is when the feeling roll out of nowhere, like they just met and two chapters later or even that same chapter she’s already asking/acting obsessive when seeing other fml’s. I like something that comes with a reason or cos even if it was lazy writing like traits or stuff. Example, the novel about killing the academy player was good with romance progress but ruined for me by how brick dense the MC was and how uncaring his dense brain made him be but at least the romance were labeled and reasonable

  30. Sephir says:

    Why is ketchup in China spicy

  31. Su 183 says:

    The comments section is always nuts

  32. anon says:

    I’ve been enjoying this one so far

  33. david h david h says:

    -online game (with PVP mode) suddenly have item that increase permanent stats ?
    -MC suddenly getting rare item easily. 1 :V

    suddenly my interest to this LN was drop sharply…

  34. The duchess received tons of updates says:

    I actually couldn’t put the novel down after 50 chapters, this is going on the top rankings for sure. Will recommend.

  35. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 50.

    It’s a good story, there is mostly intro and information weaved into the story. The characters are introduced and there is steady character development. The characters have their own personality. It’s nothing special and a tiny bit generic but good enough for a harem type webnovel. The story and world are well made and the story is fun. It’s a good read as far as I’m concerned.

  36. Salty1 says:

    Yeah its your usual academy and hunter novel but its good the characters are interesting and the story nice the author really knows how to write compared to others novels where we couldn’t understand half the chapters and there are some misundanstering but there are honestly pretty normal and well build
    Thats why if you want to try a academy novel i would recomend this one

  37. Read up until Chapter 49.

    Great story with engaging characters.

    It’s a bit slow paced compared to most stories I read, but the author does a brilliant job writing it, so it’s still a very enjoyable story, despite the slower pace.

    This story has my seal of approval! Check it out!

    (no spoilers – but it’s an action, adventure, fantasy book with hunter elements in the modern world – MC is transmigrated into this world, a game world made into reality)

    8.5/10 rating so far.

    Maybe even a 9.

  38. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    Confío en ti @Amunmu

  39. rob z rob z says:

    @simplethrone – “regret” (後悔) and “zamaa” (ざまあ) are different concepts and different tags on syosetu and kakuyomu. Regret is what you think of it as in English. Zamaa is more like “karma’s a b!tch” or less colorfully “serves you right” – appears a lot in cheating / NTR novels where cheater has a downfall, regarless of whether they regret what they did or not.

  40. Zzz says:

    Another gender reversal novel? I f with it

  41. Amunmu says:

    Absolutamente mi novela favorita, acyualización todos los días porfavor, señor administrador 😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Kaniya says:

    It was pretty interesting at fast but Mc suddenly gone E to S in half chapter.
    Also the drama to clear an E ranked gate , dungeons whatever..
    The other female party also quite annoying
    (Sorry for my english and Grammer)

  43. Apops says:

    Comments this time are nuts

  44. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    For some reason i don’t like the Mc 🚮🚮

  45. Damn this is damging my last 2 braincells
    Couldn’t get past 6 chapters

  46. Oh I was curious about this. Lets go!

  47. simplethrone says:

    It’s not that Koreans like to “imagine” themselves like this. It’s just the place where noble is getting these stories are the place where teen power fantasy is popular. It’s a place dealing with specific subgenres. You ain’t complaining about furry stories in furaffinity or sonic fanfic in archive of our own right?

    The reason why it’s always “regret” is also because it’s the one that’s currently popular, or as you called it the “zamaa” in Japanese. And just like isekai, school battle, or club before, you people better get ready for this genre to dominate the entire scene for at least a decade. Though I think we’re almost 5 years already. After all, works like “Tate Yuusha” who are somewhat of a same genre is already popular, although it ain’t from Korea.

    Treat this like fast food, don’t eat 20 at once.

  48. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Lol i type the full review but my internet betray me and my comment got canceled fu*k not gonna type again

  49. Xjaksoxa Xjaksoxa says:

    @CP Got pretty high standards

  50. Sephir says:

    30 mins and there’s already so much comments i’ve been a silent reader for a while but the fact that so much people started commenting made me insecure so I started commenting
    Times are changing please respect this old me RESPECT THIS OLDER AND BOW OR I SHALL ***** WITH A STICK

  51. Yuki says:

    @Q D Well, they like to imagine themselves becoming geniuses, rich, and good-looking. Almost all Korean novels always describe the protagonist as a handsome man and genius, compared to Japanese novels, which describe the protagonist as having an average look or being your average high school boy or salaryman.

  52. mamito0996 says:

    @Key BirdAndTree
    I think for the Korean guys the definition of obsession is more to be deeply in love with someone than a proper obsession.

  53. mamito0996 says:

    What about weak to strong? Why has to be a genius? All Koreans are geniuses? Really this is what makes a difference.

  54. I don’t care anymore whether it’s another academy or whether the main character will be another idiot smothered in gifts from the author and not putting in any real effort (and not facing any serious challenges) to achieve their goal, and even if all serious conflicts will be resolved by the silly power of friendship.
    But I see the tag “obsession.” All I want is to see a girl truly “obsessed” with her lover. Am I asking for too much?

  55. CP says:

    Change cover pls …this cover is the most ugly from all beautiful women….

  56. This has over a million views on novelpia even though it’s only 50 chapters..
    I’m gonna drive🗿

  57. Q D Q D says:

    I don’t know guys, seems like Korean authors are crazy about the word “genius”
    They put it in almost every title even when it’s irrelevant :/

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