The Savior of the Villainess in a Romance Novel
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The Savior of the Villainess in a Romance Novel

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로판 속 악녀님의 구원자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Savior of the Villainess in a Romance Novel

One day, I found myself inside a crappy discontinued romance novel series.

As an extra, no less.

Well, I think it turned out fine. Since I’m into villainesses.

The villainess in this story is now mine.

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  1. Prettyboy099 says:

    MC is a stupid character. He said about harem but after seducing first fmc he suddenly became simp. After that he acts like beta, dumb, jp protagonists. Even after openly seducing he acts like total simp and laughs off… Also the characters are kind of one dimensional…

  2. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    It might have been abrupt but the ending was a lil nice, like a lil cherry on top of a cupcake nice

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 110. The novel is complete by the way.

    The author had some short comings, the main character was dumb at times and make annoying mistakes. Still it wasn’t bad overall. For a story with 110 chapters the story moved at a fast pace. The villains were a bit ridiculous and Mc always stomped them haha. 🙄. Still it wasn’t to bad. I’d rate it maybe a 4/5 for novels on this site. It’s not a masterpiece at all but it had a good ending. Sometimes authors are a story or completely screw up the ending but this one was well written.

  4. Bronya's armpits licker says:

    The writing is bland, i dont feel any emotion throughout the novel even when mc supposed to be angry or heroine in danger its just feel cringe. pacing is also horible.

  5. Velcon says:

    @Warrior ! I mean, I have problems with this novel too(Don’t like Harem-seekers) but that is still something to ask. While yes he did prove that the tea was poisoned it just does not prove it was from culprit. Hell some people can think it was MC who planned all that in hopes of getting a better view from the princess(That does not happen but I am just stating a trick). But still this novel is a chore to read plus there where cringe moments that come with harem-seekers, 5/10 story there was something there but I feel it was handled poorly.

    Made this as a reply but ended as a semi-review.

  6. Warrior ! says:

    Man! This is just so childish. If you know there is poison in the cup why don’t you just tell the princess about it. But I guess telling her was useless as well because the princess herself is an idiot.

    Even after drinking the poison by himself and proving that he was on her side. What do you think she said to mc when told her about the culprit? “I won’t believe you until you give solid evidence!”

    What the!!!!! …Sorry this novel isn’t for my palette.

  7. amogustimestwo says:

    @Key BirdAndTree the metaphorical dishes are actually the number of reviews that can be made. After 1 or 2 of both good and bad reviews no one else makes any.

  8. Uh, the new league in PoE and BG3 have been eating up too much of my reading time, so I seem to be coming to books after everyone else has already tried them out. I feel like that guy at the party who’s late and sees all the most delicious dishes already eaten. Good thing it’s only metaphorical, because books never run out. Anyway, I hope it will be interesting, because it’s rare to meet a protagonist who is so fixated on a female character – usually relationship development is more evenly distributed, I guess?

  9. Read up to 19 ch, at first its intresting but its become boring
    Op protag that everything goes the way he want
    And the “villainess” In the novel, belive his word too easy despite being commoner

  10. RealEason says:

    male yandere is just called a stalker lmao

  11. simplethrone says:

    Alright people, I’ve tested the poison and thank god this is a normal isekai harem op academy stuff, not your recent poisonous drama filled regret yandere stories. It’s not good, although it’s normal. The plot goes too fast since this ends in about a 100 chapter. Happy ending too, thrice no less. The only difference here is that the story goes a bit meta, like he fought “god” and that decided the title of this novel.

    It’s normal isekai op harem academy with a gimmick. Could be better if it was given more time to develop, but we’re pressing the pedal all the way through.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Drama filled yandere regret stories are NOT poison, and in fact are some of the best novels on this site. Japanese style isekai harem op academy novels ARE poison – better fit for kakuyomu or syosetu.

  12. mr joster mr joster says:

    i wish we could have some murim novels

  13. Memomo says:

    obsession+harem+catfight=hell nauw I’m out

  14. Heidelberg says:

    Nah thas novel is weird asf can’t even had a normal plot anymore

  15. Man I miss those good old academy novels all these new stuff are poisonous 😭💀

  16. rob z rob z says:

    A male yandere MC? Is noble actively trying to find new methods of poison?

  17. TheDiir says:

    Male Yandere?? Sounds boring

  18. milky violet says:

    damn I put MC twice, one of those should be hero instead lmao

  19. milky violet says:

    Idk bro male yanderes fr be weird. I would rather a male protag and a male hero with female romance options but the MC flirts with the MC though because it’s funny and the hero is some guy who gets flustered easily. Of course there will be no boys love since it’s the homies bro, we straighter than water.

  20. Cero says:

    I Don’t recommend It, it’s boring

  21. Harem seeking protagonist. Just be aware guys

  22. Insufferable says:

    @Osiris, well, I am inherently very lazy by nature to the point I am also lazy to eat and the only reason I’m alive is because my parents tolerate me. So my lazy nature has made me dependent on someone to take care of me so a dominant woman is the most attractive to me. What a scummy reason I know lol.

    Anyways this novel is good.

    MC is a huge hunk of muscle that likes josei novels and especially villainesses. He transmigrates as a extra commoner and enroll in the academy.

    Dudes balls must be the reason his muscles are big cuz I’m sure it’s the weight of those massive members that allow him to challenge a duke son that divorced (engagement) his favorite villainess and proceed to beat him up and declare that he will marry hwr in 3 years with straightforwardness as straight as an arrow.

  23. @insufferable to think I would find someone who is into being dominated….and that did be you. D*mn.

    Anyways, I just want a good academy harem story. I am tired of poisons. Even if not academy, at least harem should be there. It’s my fav genre. And the story too should be good. But d*mn, it’s so hard to find one now.

  24. Sephir says:

    read 2 chaps, it’s not that bad but just boring, i feel nothing while reading

  25. Insufferable says:

    A… Yandere mc doesn’t sound so bad.

    Anyways I also love me some femme fatale villainess. I want them to kill my enemies while wearing a dress and get splattered in blood, after that will be her pulling my tie and dominating the hell oit of me. Yes please.

    Ehem, sorry about that. This sites comment section can just make people reveal their fetishes.

  26. Big Blackclock says:

    “The villainess in this story in now mine. ” Looks like a yandere mc. At least, I hope he is not a dense beta character. Time to dive in.

  27. Sephir says:

    can’t be first for once bruh

  28. Big Blackclock says:

    Woahh. A synopsis longer than 10 letters?!?!

  29. Yorghuul says:

    First, let’s hope today’s novel gacha pull is SSR

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