How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel
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How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel

Read full chapter How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel, Light Novel How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel english, LN How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel, How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel Online, read How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel at Noble Machine translations.
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How to Survive as a Villain in a Novel

I have become a villain who must commit evil deeds.

As a result, the heroines are trying to kill me.

‘…Let’s not reveal that I practically raised them.’

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  1. rob z rob z says:

    Done by chapter 3. “Hide my powers” because “reasons” bullsh!t – and the reasons given here are even more stupid than is typical.

  2. Minh Quan Minh Quan says:

    Pretty sure this has the same concept of the “Main heroines are trying to kill me”, the false evil thing and so on. But until now for me, this is somewhat readable, its always fun to read false evil with regret tag in it also im just interested in the “blind” and “evil” MC

  3. Zero X says:

    Complete waste of time

  4. amogustimestwo says:

    Dang I thought it was gonna be like Story of the Ancient Demon King or Eminence in Shadow… But based on the reviews doesn’t seem that great…

  5. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    ahora que tengo tiempo, me sumergiré en esta, veo opiniones diversas así que debo confiar en mi propio paladar

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        now that I have time, I will dive into this one, I see diverse opinions so I must trust my own palate

        1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

          I’ve read 21 chapters and it’s not bad, as long as it entertains me I approve it

  6. Memomo says:

    up to ch 17
    I don’t get all the hate this novel is getting
    welp our mc criticised the author of the og novel that the character he made isn’t a Villain as he said… he possess with a Villain system that gives him a penalty if he does something good.. stuff happens and he’s forced to act good and loses his eyesight as a penalty… he also gets hate from all the academy as he was set up as a suspect in an incident… he doesn’t try to mend his picture as he continues to get free “malice” points… the mc isn’t evil and doesn’t like to act evil so he does good deeds while tricking the system that it’s for evil purposes while also face-slapping the characters who set him up
    overall it’s pretty average and full of clichés… but that’s like 90% of the content here so I still don’t understand the hate

    1. The thing is, being “good” has ceased to be completely acceptable. I try not to give preference to good or evil (okay, let’s be honest, I really like well-written evil characters), but objectively speaking, the fact that a character is good does not make them unquestionably… How to put it… Worthy of readers’ love. This goodness must be understood, have reasons and a reasonable explanation. In this same book, the main character remains good despite everything, even though the situation pushes him to be evil. This could have been somewhat interesting if the author had made the main character a person who is willing to go against the tide and always stand for good and selflessly sacrifice himself for the sake of others, but… Is our main character such a person? No, he himself wrote a comment about how a character destined to be a villain must be evil. And he himself does the same thing that he criticized the author for. I hope I have expressed clearly enough why most people dislike this work so much.

      1. Memomo says:

        the thing about what’s stopping the mc from self sacrifice and stuff…in case you missed.. there’s a whole freaking system that’s preventing him from doing so.. and while he can sometimes trick the system his actions are still restricted..
        and the other thing about him criticising the author… fiction and reality are way too different from each other… you may tell yourself a ton of stuff if you fall into a hypothetical situation but when that becomes real you may take a totally different action.. also one doesn’t need a reason to to be good even if the whole world is against him.
        overall I’m not saying this novel is good or anything special but it clearly doesn’t deserve all the hate

        1. By self-sacrifice, I mean the willingness to accept penalties from the system for doing good deeds. Are you doing good? Great, nobody is against it. Then honestly accept the consequences of your actions. It is precisely the main character’s desire to sit on two chairs at once that irritates. I tried to roughly explain that all the hatred towards the book is justified, however, it seems we have some problems with understanding each other. I will assume that they are related to me using a translator to turn my text into English…

          1. Memomo says:

            him being a good person doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice his body or life.. especially if the reason isn’t even worth it… imagine him helping an old man cross the street.. then the system sees that action as a good action.. then the mc loses his sense of hearing as a penalty. is it really worth it? I see the mc as someone who strives to be good not as “pure good” and that’s the case with a lot of humans

  7. Hash2O says:

    The tags get me scared, the synopsis get me terrifiedn when it comes to the reviews I’ve already peed myself, how the h4ll does this kind of dogsh1t get here? Either the admins need to update the few good novels of this website or they just need to stop updating korean sh1t, it’s been almost a year i’ve seen nothing new in there, apart from the few good ones that are currently on going there’s nothing, the koreans are stagnating af with their pseudo drama self staged by their melodramatic MC, we’re TIRED, anyway i’m reading less and less on this website, chineses are also tiring with their face slapp but at least they move on and the plots are changing unlike koreans who does the same sh1t again again and again, we’ve seen it with the bullsh1t sss grade gate and all that have been going on non stop since solo leveling and even now there’s still boring guys that keep writing this with nothing new, now we’re tired of the “oh i’m the villain of a game, i need to be the villain so the heroines want to kill me but i’m strong and mysterious so there will be some drama and they don’t know that in fact i’m a good guy that have kept them going on with low key sponso, but of course they’re gonna discover it and i’m gonna act like i don’t like it there will be some drama and after all i’m gonna be a good guy and pretend + face slap korean way” well anyway i’m done here, soon gonna delete this website from my fav and quit dis if it’s not gonna move on

    1. Walker says:

      Yo man admin don’t decide which new novel to add in website and update get’s to novel is more popular. He don’t care it is good or bad novel he only see which one is more popular of I want good novel then u can go to his discord server and request novel while paying or it

  8. willianpk1 says:

    a realmente eu estou esperando até hoje a atualização de narrow eyes villain of the demon academy pelo menos esse prota não finge ser mau quando e bom ele só quer ajudar o villao original a realizar seu desejo de vemcer o protagonista original do livro que ele o autor fez e ver o final a e ajudar os demônios contra os humanos numa academia de demônios não para heróis e humanos como sempre e ele não almeja salvar o mundo como todos mais ver o final e derrotar o herói com os demônios a quase todos colegas e possíveis heroínas são demonio o meio demônios o prota possui o corpo do pior villao adele um meio demonio e assasino natural(habilidas perfeita para matar)que quase destroiu os humanos por vingança mais perdeu no fim e invocou o autor(mc) para vencer no lugar dele que para sobreviver vai ao mundo dos demonios na academia de la a tem o tropé de sete pecados capitais que no original morrem antes de crescer para vencer original mc seus companheiros herois(munchkins) do lado dos demonios e bom veja tem aqui no noble mais achou que abandonou esse a mais de um ano não atualiza parou acho que no 125 ou 129 acho já a mais 210 capítulos e terminou a parte 1 a parte 2 vem em janeiro alguém posta pedindo no discord quem sabe noble atualiza e bom se não acho que ele não lembrar desculpe erros da escrita amigo tchau

    1. I’ll just leave this comment here in support of waiting for an update on the novel “Narrow-eyed Villain of the Academy”. However, I don’t want to make a post on Discord and I want someone else to do it. I hope someone will be willing to do this.

  9. I liked it at first because Mc had a personality unlike most web novels but…. the plot got kinda boring fast. I’ve dropped in around ch 20

  10. LuxX says:

    I’m waiting for “How to possess in a novel” to appear…

  11. D1Grandmaster says:

    Noblemtl needs to stop uploading all of these new dogshlt novels that they aren’t even going to update and start to focus on updating the older 9-star ratings.

    1. Cu_sujo says:

      I just wish they would update the jrpg😭

      1. Cero says:

        The MC of that novel is a tough hahaha 😂

  12. D1Grandmaster says:

    This is definitely one of the worst novels that I have read on this website. Very cliche, Mc is unlikable and the author tries to make him the comedian type and absolutely fails at it. I already dropped at 2 chapters but let me summarize to you what happened in them. First chapter: Mc is reading a novel about the villain Mc doing kind things and is not even doing evil things at all so Mc decides to criticize the author about it. They get into an argument and the author of that novel eventually puts Mc inside the novel and puts the destiny of a villain on him and also a system that practically forces him to do evil. That system consists of his progress of doing evil things and a penalty if he does kind things. Now, this very shltty Mc who decided to criticize the author about the villain Mc doing kind things also becomes that same Mc doing kind things even when he’s supposed to be the villain. The reason why I hate this so much is because he’s doing all these kind things for absolutely nothing at all because everyone still hates him because he has the destiny of a villain that the author put on him. Now the Mc is suffering due to the penalties of doing kind things when he could’ve just become stronger by doing evil things and possibly even return once he’s reached 100% evil. Note: Mc’s evil progress is at 5%. Chapter 2: This novel just went full dumb*ss and already decided to time-skip where Mc reached 95% evil. Can you guess how this “kind” Mc accumulated so much evil? BY DOING KIND THINGS AND THEN “TRICKING” THE SYSTEM TO TURN IT INTO EVIL WHICH IS SO FXCKING CLICHE. I can easily guess how this dogshlt cliche novel is going to go and it’s definitely going into the direction where the heroines hate the Mc because he’s a villain but once they notice him doing kind things, the heroines will become obsessed with him for absolutely no reason. Worst shlt I’ve ever read 2/10, I’m glad I didn’t waste time reading this and I’m glad I made this comment so the author can then put me in the novel where I can commit actual evil. (I regret wasting my time writing this comment but I might as well finish it so fxck you author of this novel)

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      dude, you are 4827 words short of transmigrating, try harder next time or ask chatgpt to write you a 7k word one

    2. Darksoldier says:

      Dude, aren’t you afraid of one of the three great terrors of a novel reader, the great transmigration???
      Btw the other two are toxic author and permanent drop of a novel.

    3. Seastan says:

      Bro’s REALLY trying to get reincarnated huh

      1. Cero says:

        Friend, stop It, you are crying out for possesion!😵.

  13. milky violet says:

    I became the blind man in red dead redemption 2 and the story is that he’s just the character we see as Arthur when we play so he’s fake but he thinks he’s real

  14. Zen says:

    I think the author is taking us for dumb or actually there are people who like this kind of dumbness and cheap ‘comedy’. I had to stop at chapter 4. Chapter 4 ruined it. The reincarnated individual in his past life had to be a mental patient for this kind of view of villian. It’s not normal maybe the author is not normal?
    Why are author’s trying hard to stick to a certain narrative ?

  15. Jack says:

    As a cliche reader……I can prophecised this wbn… lmao 😂

  16. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Most of the experience reader here, can already predict this novel without even trying

  17. Insufferable says:

    It’s finally arrived… after so many years. A blind mc that is ACTUALLY blind. Now, I rest.

    1. Stop, what? Really? It seems like I’ll have to take a break from the book I’m currently reading. I have to see this.

    2. Poison Tester says:

      We knew where this going haha

  18. Yin Vito Yin Vito says:

    I have a theory that this novel and Invisible Dragon Share the same author, and they simply grew up and create a new novel

  19. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    I actually went to check if this is the same author as that sponsor one, but no they were different authors, is that sticker a trend this days?

    1. SenatorArmstrong says:

      Definitely some kind of a korean novelpia meme or something, who knows.

  20. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Dall-E 3 cover.
    And this already looks like a repeat of the other “villain must do bad is actually secretly good” novels just from the sypnosis.

  21. Cero says:

    The melon-covering troll doll appared again 😫

  22. Hated Author KR says:

    I hate this cover…! Pls delete cover

  23. Title: ‘How to survive as a Villain in a novel’

    Me: Why does it feel like a dejavu?

  24. Hehe says:

    I hope , not Korean name

  25. Prettyboy099 says:

    What is that thing in the middle of the girl’s melons?

  26. Artem says:

    I am the first

  27. Yorghuul says:

    First, spooky survival hotel horror HYPE

    1. Yorghuul says:

      Nevermind I misread hotel and novel.

      1. Cero says:

        It can’t be, the troll doll covering melons appeared again 😫.

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