Academy Student With 999 Speed
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Academy Student With 999 Speed

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속도 999의 아카데미생
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Student With 999 Speed

I was possessed by an entertainment personality with a maximum numerical speed of 999 that I had created.

But… Maybe it’s because of me, the characters around me behave differently from the original.

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  1. Anyways now that I have completed it here is my actual review:

    It’s average? The story consists mostly of school tournaments and training instead of a major story event happening; it’s a bit like slice of life.

    There’s really nothing I got out from this besides a decent obsession read, seriously all I remember is that MC trains and has snippets of moments with his yandere gang.

    So overall my rating would be 6-7/10. I mean it didn’t set the tone for anything huge and threatening to come so the slice of life aspects of this novel didn’t real bother me because there was no need to be bothered about it since there is nothing to be worried about.

  2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    A lot of the chapter is Mc thinking in his head, thoughts, reasoning, excuses. It’s not to my taste that’s for sure. Mc just rambles and it’s annoying. I’d rather see the story move on than Mc just ramble in his head.

  3. Wait no that comment wasn’t a review, I should’ve said “take my comment with a grain of salt”

  4. Well it certainly is realistic to a point.

    For one, MC isn’t some cool suave chill protagonist but he is a coward to an extent, which is realistic because you’re in an entirely different environment. I seriously hope his personality changes subtly throughout the chapters though

    And another is that his speed hurts him, which realistically if you were to move at any speed faster than a human- you’d probably turn into meat paste. Of course his speed doesn’t hurt him that much but it still hurts him which is kinda nice to see.

    Anyways take my review with a grain of salt, I’m on like chapter 7 rn.

  5. I usually never made it till ch 100 anyways, so I’m going to dive in

  6. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Oh no, this novel is abandoned, which completely discourages the desire to read

  7. Zero says:

    @Insufferable : I wish you luck on your trip

  8. Insufferable says:

    I have read many faloo novels that didn’t make the monthly cut so I’m used to reading incomplete novels…

    Time to dive into this then

  9. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Why ‘Bullied But Popular’ is not updated, but instead this one which has been cut off

  10. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I read the official announcement, it has been abandoned for more than 10 months and the author said that it is difficult for him to serialize the novel again, he lost all his will to write and cannot continue because of an internal problem with his team, they all quit

  11. Primordial noir says:

    I won’t recommend it because it’s been discontinued. So, it’s incomplete. Beware!!!

  12. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I am a simple man, I read misunderstanding and I read

  13. Loki says:

    I am speed

  14. Salty1 says:

    Anyways diving in wish me luck

  15. Jajaja says:

    99 chapters and 999 speed?
    Coincidence? I think not

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