Surprising Even Breathing
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Surprising Even Breathing

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숨만 쉬어도 놀람
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surprising Even Breathing

Everyone is so afraid of me.

I just want to get along well with others.

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  1. Redom Redom says:

    Rly good novel, tbh I hope it could be updated but I already know that it is just a mere wish

  2. Q D Q D says:

    @Bronya’s armpits liker:
    I can see you have a nice name

  3. I see, if it’s good then, i guess i gotta give it a try.

  4. Shengs Shengs says:

    Alright. I’ve read until chapter 50.

    Summary: MC is a dragon prince of 8 years old that was feared by everybody. One day, the dragon progenitor came and visited. Everyone was afraid except for MC, who found Joy because he found someone who was not scared of him. Impressed, the progenitor gave him a heart that made him overpowered. But it’s so strong that MC was in a coma for a decade.

    THIS IS A SLICE OF LIFE FIRST. The fantasy genre comes second. Chapter 1-30 gives insight on how MC acts and thinks. And the chapters that come after that is the real fun. Because he was in a coma for a decade, MC’s main weakness is that he’s extremely socially incapable. His main goal is to meet people but everybody is afraid of him.

    HE’S OVERPOWERED. Kings fear him. Beasts run away. But he’s so isolated it’s just sad. He’s socially and emotionally stunted. He then finds artifacts that gives him mana control so he becomes less intimidating. Before he had artifacts, enemies literally pee themselves and vomit.

    Story is good. I thought it was gonna be something edgy. MC just doesn’t claim girls left and right. But he does make them look away. I’ll follow this story since I’m interested in his character development and the heroine’s too. So far, he made one friend. Pog.

  5. So…whats this novel about? Anyone?

  6. Poison says:

    Well, I’m ready to test it.

  7. aiden pendragon says:

    cool novel every body fear the mc so i really don’t feel any harem but after 20 chap i feel it kinda boring because every body fear him wew i think i understand the mc in some level . still gona read to see who brave enough to have a romance relationship with mc

  8. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    “I look at people sometimes and think…. really? That’s the sperm that won?”

    …. Some random dude

  9. TheDiir says:

    I hope it Yandere next time

  10. the title and synopsis is so cringe I almost flipped
    the only thing I could think of that is related with those two
    is that his breath stinks so much that they stay away from him

  11. Reii i Reii i says:

    Noble is cooking something, 1-4 chapters are clearly not mtl

  12. Bronya's armpits licker says:

    Its a fun read so far

  13. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    Buddy, poison tester is a duty for first person who come first. So, yeah. I hope you doing well. Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten.

  14. Zero says:

    Woohoo, I’m so lucky. This is the second time I got here first! Anyway is there Poison Tester here? And surprise, no obsessive or yandere tag.

  15. Easytell says:


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