I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 293

293. East, Yue Dynasty (20)

293. East, Yue Dynasty (20)

Seocho-ryang is also a really wild bastard.

It wasn’t that late at night, but for some reason there wasn’t a single guard in sight inside the palace.

From what I heard, it is said that three of the five brilliant stars of the Yue Kingdom are no longer in Muran. The 2nd, 4th, and 5th Divisions are said to be busy with various troubles in the border area, and the 1st Division captain recently collapsed due to poor health due to aging.

It seems that he had no choice because of his age in the 1st Division.

Then the one who remained was Yasui.

The Five Saints of the Yue Kingdom are known as those who only follow the orders of the King of the Yue Kingdom.

They had no need for wealth.

The nature of the nobles who were crazy about money was very different from the traitors who wanted to hold high government positions at all costs.

My guess is that, except for Yasui, the other five-star generals had difficulty recruiting.

So, I guess they sent him into exile, not exile. It is probably clear that Seocho-ryang is behind the troubles in the border area.

From what I heard, except for the 1st division captain and Yasui, they didn’t have any family.

It is known that in the first place, the standard for becoming a Wusheng of Wolguk was not having a family.

There is a rule that they must follow, not my family, but only the king of Wolguk, or something like that.

However, the 1st division captain already had a family when he took up the position, and in the case of Yasui’s daughter Shuri… Well, I think there must have been some kind of accident.

Anyway, Yasui was the only one of the Five Stars other than the 1st Division captain who could be said to have a weakness, so his daughter Shuri became the target.

Is it possible to barge into a general’s funeral and give her daughter a bomb necklace, claiming it was her mother’s keepsake?

Just by hearing the explanation, it was a complicated plan that seemed like it would take a lot of work.

‘Well, what can Seo Cho-ryang, the secret power of the Yue Dynasty, not do…’

Looking at the current situation, it appears that he was openly playing a powerful role within the palace.

In this way, Seo Cho-ryang was secretive, cunning, and deliberate.

It means that he is agile compared to his size.

He hides behind Seo Yi-san and blames Seo Yi-san, the king of Wolguk, when things go wrong, and when things happen to go well, he steals the credit and spreads rumors that it is his.

I think they probably laid the foundation for it with the hope that they would one day obtain Wolguk.

Agitator types like Seo Cho-ryang are quite picky.

This is because these guys always create a hole for themselves to escape from.

‘Then the question is, where on earth is this guy’s mouse hole…’

Neither Ma-deok, who was scratching his head, nor Geum-jeok and Eun-jeok, the brothers who were now kneeling and praying in front of us, could answer this.

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“Ha, please save me just once… I’ll be fine…”

Eunjeok, who was raising his arms with his chain scythe, cried out.

“Hey, you idiot…! This person has the sword necklace that saved us alive, so how can he survive…?”

Geum-jeok seemed to be able to understand the situation better than his twin brother Eun-jeok.

They thought I had defeated Yasui, one of the five stars of the Yue Kingdom.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely wrong to think that way. Considering the situation, it could have been a mistake.

But still.

I didn’t know you wouldn’t even think about fighting.

‘Aren’t these guys smarter than we think?’

Well, it was a good thing for me because I didn’t have to waste time.

“But why is that guy over there?”

“Hey, take down your mask! Traitor!”

Soon, the guys recognized the outfit of Maduk, who was standing next to them, and started yelling at him.


Maduk lowers his mask and sighs.

“Why are you there…?”

“Damn it, Maduk… Have you forgotten that there’s a necklace around your neck too? We remember that too…!”

Hearing their angry voices, Maduk shakes his head, takes out the necklace in his arms, and takes it off in front of their eyes.

“It’s hot.”

Then he threw the necklace to those who were holding up their arms as if showing off.

“…What is it?”

“Could it be that we too…?”

They looked at the bloodstone necklace that was soon removed without resistance, made eye contact, tilted their heads, and finally took out the necklace from their arms.

“…Please bear with me. That’s a bloodstone necklace that lost its power a long time ago.”

I patted their shoulders and stopped them.

When I heard that these people had good abilities but were kicked out of the military because they couldn’t understand simple tactics, I thought it was impossible, but it seems like they really deserved it.

More than anything, they were still ‘virgins’.

Based on my current life, I had to see myself in the same situation, so I couldn’t let them take off the necklace on their own.

“I lost my strength…? What are you talking about…?”

“More than that, was this a bloodstone…? Eunjeok! Let’s take it and sell it right away! I just found another one…!”

Anyway, he talks nonsense non-stop.

I opened my mouth, looking down at Eun-jeok, who was frowning, and Geum-jeok, who had a bright face while holding Maduk’s necklace.

“I would like to remove the necklace right away, but since the hour is urgent, it seems difficult. Instead, there is only one way for you to buy it.”



I answered their questions with a smile.

“It’s simple. Just pass out.”


The twins spoke at the same time and let out a question-filled voice.

“To put it simply, it puts you in a state where you can’t listen to orders. If you treat it as failure rather than disobedience, you will be able to buy time.”

You can survive if you faint.

This was a loophole in the bloodstone necklace that was noticed when Maduk was captured. As soon as his identity was revealed to me, the surveillance mission was a failure, but he didn’t immediately strangle Maduk.

“Of course, if I control my strength incorrectly, I could break my neck and die, but don’t worry. I’m confident in my strength control.”

I smiled and approached Geum-jeok and Eun-jeok, whose eyes widened when they heard that their neck bones were broken.

Then he lifted the sword with a reverse blade and brought it to the side of Geumjeok’s head.

“Let me see. Was the neck like this?”

Geumjeok swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth.

“Eunjeok, I’m going first…”

“hahahaha, it’s fun.”

These two were the ones who caused Kaen’s hardships in his room, so I tried to do something about it in my own way.

Well, I couldn’t take any more time than that, so I knocked him out by lightly hitting his neck as they wanted.

‘Since Seo Cho-ryang’s subordinates can be considered eliminated, is the remaining force the Wolyeonghoe?’

I have to quickly chase after my companions.



Kaen is a horse.

It is heavy.

When I lifted Zeto, who was heavier than her, it felt light, but why does this b*tch feel so heavy?


Also, calling Zeto’s name from earlier was very annoying.

I thought a thousand times about whether I should throw this b*tch on the floor and go.

However, it didn’t seem like she had a very good relationship with Zeto, as he poured alcohol down her throat without saying a word.

“Ugh, flirt. Flirt.”

I opened my mouth and it smelled like alcohol.

She was somehow able to hold on to her body, but she had been drinking.

So she had no choice but to leave Zeto behind.

Because I know better than anyone else that it won’t help in this state.

Anyway, what are the identities of the people I met earlier?

They were targeting one of us.

‘It’s too late to find out the information.’

Even when I looked back on the events that had happened so far, I couldn’t figure it out and my mind became confused.

“Amon, isn’t it hard?”

“Caligus is unstoppable.”

“Then will Kaen listen too?”

“…Caligus is unstoppable.”

Amon avoids my gaze.

That guy has been in that state since before.

It was surprising that even though his face was red and he was drunk, he seemed to be able to discern between right and wrong.

Even if Amon dies soon, ‘For the honor of the Caligus family!’ Wouldn’t I die shouting out sentences like that?

Once again, I can clearly feel that I survived.

If I hadn’t survived back then.

No, if I hadn’t met Zeto.

I would never be able to face this scene now.

Is it because I drank alcohol?

Even though I was in an urgent situation where I was being chased by unknown undercover men, I kept thinking about other things.

I felt really strange.

I was happy even being chased.

I was happy that I could still be protected by Zeto.


‘Don’t worry. ‘There’s no way I’m going to die.’

…It was pretty cool.

Maybe Zeto won’t die.

Because I received his promise, not anyone else.

‘I guess finding the instructors comes first. I haven’t seen it for a while, so I have no idea where I can find it…’

It was a time when I was running down the road, thinking about how to get out of this situation.


When I stopped with my legs raised, my feet dragged on the ground.

“Amon, stop.”

“…Going to Caligus…”

Amon, who had been running towards me at the sound of my lowered voice, stopped and soon swallowed his words as he glanced at the roof around him as if he had sensed the presence around him.

Not long after, they appeared.

They were covering their faces with masks, similar to the undercover women we met earlier, but the atmosphere was strangely different.

‘That face…’

Among them, I saw a familiar face.

He was one of the members of Manwoldae who escorted him on his way to Muran.

Did you say his name was Raijin?

Amid the cold silence, Raijin was the first to speak.

“Attend Lord Hoe. Those who are with you are your friends, so treat them with care so as not to get hurt.”


With a silent answer, the masked shadows begin to move.

“Amon, please take Kaen with you for a moment.”

I left Kaen in the care of Amon and immediately took out the Emperor’s Spear from my bosom.

Even though I couldn’t figure out who Hoeju was or what he was saying, I could tell that their eyes were strangely focused on Kaen.

“Ha, are you really drunk?”

He grumbled softly in a brusque voice.

Has there ever been a saying like this?

Life is something to live long and see.

It was completely incomprehensible to me as a regressor who was nothing more than a mayfly, but now I feel like I can understand it.

I never thought I would live to protect this gloomy pink-haired b*tch.

It didn’t matter what happened to Kaen, but since Zeto had entrusted her to me, she couldn’t just let go of her hand.

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