I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 294

294. East, Yue Kingdom (21)

294. East, Yue Kingdom (21)

“Ugh… Ugh…”

Anyway, four people would have been too much.

Amon, who suddenly had to carry all four drunk people, was maintaining his balance in a strange posture and was barely able to hold back his nausea.

“So what are you guys?”

Leaving behind Amon, Aizel stepped forward, twirling a golden rod.



It’s good because it hurts your mouth less.


The scent of alcohol comes out with your breath.

It was the first time she had fought while intoxicated since she had fought back-to-back battles after being seriously injured once and gulping down her drink to numb her pain.

For your information, she did eventually die at that time.

It was inevitable that my judgment would become clouded. She was the type of person who didn’t get drunk very often, but the Ilsongju she drank was strong enough to make top experts drunk in just a few glasses.

“Okay, let’s not talk.”

In any case, the opponent’s goal was not ‘elimination’.

In other words, there is no need to die.

In that case, wouldn’t it be possible to run wild with a more relaxed mind?

After catching her breath, Aizel poured her mana into the spear of the Thunder Emperor held in her hand, and her stick made a clanking sound and took the form of a long spear.

“You wield a unique spear. Close the distance carefully. You never know what tactics your opponent might try.”

Raijin, who was standing on the roof watching her with his back to her, muttered this.

‘It doesn’t seem like even the masked guys are Manwoldae… Then that means that guy wasn’t solely a member of Manwoldae, but was also involved in other organizations….’

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No matter what, he is a member of the royal guard, so how was he able to do something like that?

Izel’s question was answered in the fact that the organization Raijin belonged to was the Wolyeonghoe.

Wolyeonghoe was not a simple meeting-level group. Since he possessed the power to shake up the Yue Kingdom in case of emergency, it would have been laughable to plant people in his bodyguard.

Due to her lack of information, various speculations were going through Eisel’s mind, but in any case, it seemed like he should put aside the doubts for a moment and focus on dealing with the masks in front of him for now.

They were so faint that it was difficult to clearly distinguish their individual movements. As if the shadows were coming to life.


The sound of the shadows’ footsteps, which had been closing the distance while drawing a circle based on the eye gel, began to gradually decrease.

In her suffocating confrontation, Eisel constantly shook her head.

‘I can tell that it’s not normal just by looking at the strides taken to narrow the distance.’

In her opinion, at least they weren’t thieves who looked like idiots.

The best option for a wizard in a one-versus-many battle is firepower fighting.

‘I have enough mana, but…’

However, casting a high-level magic with maximum firepower was difficult for many reasons.

Not only was he unable to concentrate due to the alcohol, but there was a high possibility that Amon would also get involved if he did something like that.

“Ha… I can’t help it… I don’t like this because it hurts…”

Eisel let out a deep sigh and grabbed the back of her neck.

However, this was not simply an annoyed gesture.


Immediately, the tips of her fingers, sparks flying, touch the back of her neck.


Aizel let out a brief moan from the tingling electric shock.

Soon, the electric shock flows down her neck and into her body, and soon sparks begin to spread throughout her body.

There are tens of thousands of types of magic in this world.

And among them, there is also magic that strengthens the abilities of a specific target.

Originally, the reinforcing magic in the game used to prioritize sacred magic, but among elements excluding divine power, lightning magic also had good reinforcing magic performance and was evaluated well by users.

Among the many strengthening magics, the magic that Aizel cast was a high-ranking magic called ‘Rain God Wisdom’, and it was not a skill that received much attention in the game.

‘The god of thunder dwells in the body.’

This short and stylish sentence was the entire description of the skill, but users who were actually playing the game did not pay much attention to this skill.

The reason was simple.

The only effect of the magic was to drastically increase the evasion ability, but it also had a debuff that lowered the accuracy. Moreover, it was an ambiguous magic to consider as a good buff skill as it consumed the caster’s stamina.

If I had to be honest, it was a survival-oriented skill specialized in the defensive aspect with a strong feeling of being used in times of emergency.

What kind of people are the wizards?

If you think you will be hit by an attack, just cast a barrier in advance. If your opponent’s magic takes a long time, just cast a dispel or a magic with a crowd control effect that can disrupt your mental concentration.

If it is an attack that is difficult to block no matter what you do, you can avoid it by using ‘Teleportation’, which is the same high-level magic as ‘Thunder God Body’.

Moreover, the advantage of wizards was that they were not greatly restricted by their weapons. Most players preferred ‘orthodox’ wizards who could bombard their enemies with high-level magic.

Literally, the enemy dies with a single click, so there is no reason to learn magic such as Thunder God Wisdom and engage in close combat that requires considerable control.

Zeto, one of the users of the game, would have made this assessment if she had known that she could handle this magic by having Aizel as her companion in the game.

‘Izel… That was a mess.’

What a mess. An abbreviation for a failed character, a game term that refers to players who have incorrectly recorded skills or abilities, or fellow NPCs whose skills or abilities have been incorrectly recorded.

This was something he could say since it was Zeto who had played a lightning-type wizard.

Of course, this is only an evaluation that can be made when looking at this world from a game perspective.

If it were Jeto today, wouldn’t he be curious first?

This is because I know better than anyone else that the ‘skills’ I knew from game knowledge and the magic and techniques actually used in this world are quite different.

This could be known through skills such as ‘Detect Weakness’, which was his eternal companion, and ‘Excellent Sense’, which has now disappeared from his status window.

Then what about this ‘brain body’?

The explanation is only a metaphor.

There really is no Thunder God dwelling in the body.

Izel thought that this magic was difficult to handle as it was a high-level magic, so he did not usually use it.

ㅡShuuk!! Sigh!!

Soon, their blades flew at Eisel, who obediently allowed the masked undercover to approach.

A fierce attack that makes you wonder if you are fighting a person with many arms.

Their blades were coated with a paralyzing poison that could easily neutralize Aizel.

The moment you allow even just one brush, Eisel’s body will freeze and you will not be able to move for a while.

Aizel moved just before their blades touched her skin.

Eisel, who had not taken any preparation stance, leaned her body and bent her waist in half, making an acrobatic move that looked difficult even at first glance, so easily dodged her repeated attacks.


In the end, the blades they brought in clashed with each other, not with Aizel.

At the same time, Aizel, who had tumbled backwards, struck back by throwing out the Thunder Emperor’s Spear she was holding in her right hand.

ㅡPow! Phew!!

The dark women also jumped straight back.

Nevertheless, some who did not expect her counterattack ended up getting stabbed by her spear.

However, Aizel’s spear was not accurate and could not inflict her fatal wound.


I couldn’t hear any voices, but I could clearly feel the embarrassment of the undercover workers in their halting movements.

This is so agile that one wonders if this is truly a movement possible for humans.

She clearly thought that the attack was so nimble that it was barely visible to the eye, and that there were no gaps in the attack.


Raijin, who was watching this, narrowed her eyes in disbelief.

“…It hurts as expected.”

Eisel stood up from the floor and immediately squeezed her eyes shut as the pain surged through her.

Well, it wasn’t like she could have seen their fight just now.

This was all thanks to the ‘brain body’.

The principle of the brain body was to stimulate the nervous system by sending electric shocks directly to the spine and maximize reflexes.

In other words, it was not that Aisel reacted to the attack on her own, but rather that her body and nerves reacted on their own to avoid her opponent’s attack.

She is able to deflect her opponent’s attacks with the speed of a lightning bolt, but no matter how resistant she is to lightning magic, a bolt of lightning straight into her spine would not have been a blow.

Moreover, since her nervous system was forcibly touched and her body could not move freely, her counterattack was not accurate.

In fact, the tremors felt in Aizel’s body were not going away at all.

But she didn’t look like she had much chance of winning.

In fact, Wolyeonghoe was also having difficulties with Aizel’s counterattack, which exceeded expectations.

‘I heard that there are people around you who are beyond the standard of a cadet…’

I never thought it would be like this.

Rai Jin knew that there would be no good for her if she wasted any more time here.

When Seo Cho-ryang came forward earlier than expected, they could not delay contact with Kaen, who was the reincarnation of Baek Do-hwa, the head of the Wolyeonghoe.

In her opinion, it was Wolyeonghoe’s side that was at a disadvantage because it was not possible to protect her even by harming her friends.

Soon, Aizel took off her cloak, which was holding her back, and opened her mouth as she looked at Raijin.

“What are you doing?”


“I’m not feeling well and I feel like I’m going to throw up, so let’s finish this quickly.”

Raijin swallowed his saliva as he looked at her murderous look in her eyes.

‘Han O’clock is urgent. After getting her attention, she somehow manages to take Lord Hoe with her and leaves. If the vice-president were here, he would definitely have made that decision.’

Avoiding combat using his mobility.

For now, it seemed like the best move.

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