I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 295

295. East, Yue Kingdom (22)

295. East, Yue Kingdom (22)

Inside the palace of Yue State, flashes of light flashed from time to time, and the sound of clashing cold weapons was heard one after another.


Eisel, who withdrew her tingling left arm, clicked her tongue in disappointment and distanced herself from her enemies.

“Amon, just hold on a little longer.”

Behind her, Amon can be seen carrying four of her friends. He looked dangerous, like a cup full of water, as if he might fall at any moment.

Waking them up would be one way.

However, there is no guarantee that the other person will be watching quietly while you are slapping the cheeks of those who are drunk and unconscious.

‘After all, something like a colleague…’

It doesn’t help.

After briefly glancing behind her, Eisel closed her eyes and shook her head.

She was always comfortable alone.

No, rather than that, I was always alone.

In her long life of regression, the only friend she could call was the ‘Spear of the Thunder Emperor’, which she was holding in her hand.

This was my first time fighting while desperately protecting someone.

When you receive an escort mission to make quick money, it resets if the escort target dies.

After a certain point, it was transformed into a simple yet profitable job that only needed to deal with assassins who would come to kill the escort target in advance.

For reference, the mercenary level of Aizel’s fake identity registered in the mercenary guild is platinum level, just below the highest level, black level.

For a returnee, there was no other means of earning better than mercenary work.

Since it was such an Aizel, she should have been able to easily defeat about 15 of her dark men, but her opponents were not so easy.

Their beautiful technique, which was passed down from generation to generation in the Wolyeonghoe, was called Muyeong (舞影) because it was like a dancing shadow.

With Muyeong was Raijin, who was recognized for his abilities at a young age of fifteen and was appointed to the position of left head of the Wolyeonghoe.

However, due to the circumstances, Aizel was unable to do her best for fear of getting those around her involved, and the same was true on her other side.

The martial arts skills of the martial arts fighters, who had been honing their swords to kill their opponents throughout their lives, were sealed, and Raijin, who had the advantage of mobility, was on par with Azel, who used lightning magic, in speed, so the end of the match was hardly in sight.


Izel was showing signs of being slightly tired, but Muyeong also collapsed and turned thirteen.

‘Somehow I avoided fatal injuries.’

After checking the condition of the two fallen Mooyoung, Rai Jin bent her knees and stood up.

‘Not only does it not even pass by Muyoung’s repeated attacks, but it even counterattacks right away. However, if you keep the distance between her and her, she’ll spray out her lightning, and if you approach her, you’ll get nothing… She’s not picky at all.’

There was no need to waste any more time.

Eisel must have realized from the beginning that time was on her side, and because she took a completely defensive stance, it was not easy to get her attention.

‘I have no choice but to use that.’

5 Seconds.

There was only one way to surpass her speed for exactly 5 seconds.

Intentionally releasing the limitations of muscles.

There is a side effect of crushing muscles all over the body, but it would be good if it could be recovered before the aftereffects come.

“Everyone, step back.”

Raijin decided that it would be a thousand times better than meeting Seo Cho-ryang’s men in the current situation, and soon the Muyoungs who were surrounding Aisel retreated.

To overcome the limitations of the muscles, a little preparation was needed.

“What are you planning…?”

Eisel narrowed her eyes and tried to understand Rai Jin’s intentions.

“I know you are great. Just as I heard, you have far surpassed the level of a cadet. It makes me wonder why you are attending the academy.”

“Well, I’ve heard this a lot here and there.”

“Why are you attending the academy?”

“……I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make friends…?”

In response to Raijin’s question about buying time, Aizel, who was worried about her, blurted out something she had once heard from Blanc.

‘What? ‘You don’t have any friends at that age?’

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‘Is it that strange?’

‘It’s strange. Then why don’t you go to Innocence Academy and make friends? I don’t think you’d be good at making friends with your personality, but…’

‘Ha, I have a request too.’

‘Still, it would be nice to have at least one friend.’

‘Friends are useless.’



‘No. Nothing.’

Eisel still did not understand Blanc’s intention when he smiled at her that day.

Eisel, recalling her old memories, glanced behind her.



“Week… Weak…”

Each of them was riding on Amon’s back, talking in their sleep or retching.

There is a reason why Crank was nauseous.

“Whoop… Whoop…”

Even though Amon was on the verge of rolling his eyes, he was exercising by bending and straightening his knees and using them as a tool.

Two crazy b*tches who have their eyes set on Zeto.

A simpleton wizard who knows nothing but muscles.

A round guy who eats bread every day.

A coward who attacks his allies in panic.

And even though I’m not here, I like the quietness of Orfell.

Friends still seemed useless to Aisel. They were of no help in anything and were full of baggage that got in the way of his love.

‘Can I call this a friend?’

We are classmates and we are close friends with Zeto, so we ended up hanging out together a few times. Eisel and they had a truly ambiguous relationship.

At least Aisel thought so.

Nevertheless, Izel was desperate because he did not want to let Kaen be taken away as he pleased.

‘I thought I could see the city at a glance from here.’

‘Wow, it’s pretty! Mr. Kaen!’

‘…Cadet Lucia, where did Cadet Yuri go?’

‘Uh, uh, where did it go…? And then…’

‘I made sure to hold your hand…’

‘But Yuri’s hands are so hot… They keep sweating…’

Jeto’s request was a favor, but the trip to the East with ‘that shady stalker whose true intentions are unknown’ wasn’t all that bad.

It was a truly stupid reason.

But on the other hand, I thought it would be okay to live foolishly sometimes.

Is it because of the alcohol?

She was Eisel, who always thought things she would not have done otherwise.

Soon, Aizel aimed her Thunder Emperor’s Spear at Raijin, who was approaching her with great strides.

“Why don’t you quit now?”

“Unfortunately, I think it will be difficult to do that because I am in a position to be subordinated to a superior.”

“Then don’t just say things that are hard to understand, explain it properly. You and I can’t stand by and watch the blatant crimes committed against cadets.”

“It’s a crime… We just judged that it would be more dangerous for you to be by our side because you don’t know the seriousness of the current situation.”

Whatever it was, there was no information worth telling to Eisel, who was only an outsider.

Raijin soon finished preparing and took a deep breath.


At the same time, his feet draw an arc on the floor.

‘A swordsman who uses a quick sword with the same speed as lightning magic. But you can’t get ahead of me. Nevertheless, his men were pushed back. Is there something different this time…’

Raijin, who had been in the background earlier, came to the front. Aizel, who noticed that the air current had changed, fired a bolt of electricity at the Thunder Emperor’s spear that was pointing at him. This was for checks.


Soon, a flash of light erupts from the tip of the golden spear.


Raizin, who finished concentrating in a split second, slightly tilted his head and Aizel’s lightning magic passed through his black hair.

A tingling feeling in the cheek.

In his field of vision, he could see drops of blood bouncing in the air and slowly falling.

This is his maximum output and ultimate speed.

I can’t use the sword freely at this speed yet, but it was a possible decision because defeating the opponent was not the premise right now.

2 Seconds.

This is the time it took for Raijin to pass by Aizel, who was blocking Amon.

After that, another second passed before Amon, who was carrying Kaen.

‘Now if only I could retrieve Lord Hoe…’

At that moment, a question crossed Raijin’s mind as he was trapped in this short but long time.

To be exact, it was a feeling of discomfort.

The cause of the feeling of discomfort was the sudden eerie feeling that made goosebumps appear all over my body.

Sensation of hair standing on end all over the body.

There was something different about a muscle reaching its limit making a screaming sound.

‘What am I missing…?’

Rai Jin quickly rolled his eyes.

First, I looked at the condition of the large man who was carrying Hoeju.

Even though he was on the verge of losing his mind, he used his strength to support four drunk people.

Incredible mental strength.

But I didn’t feel any discomfort.

‘Use your head, Raijin.’

He was able to realize in time that his body sensed a threat.

However, no matter how much I looked, there was no sign of a threat.

‘…Whatever it is, there is no time.’

That was when Raijin, putting aside his sense of discomfort, forced himself to take his next step.


Raijin’s head turned of its own accord at the strange sound of the air being torn apart.

There, a red blade that had not been visible until a moment ago suddenly appeared and was aiming at his neck.

‘Where on earth…?’

The person holding the sword was a blind man with black hair whose eyes were covered with white bandages.

It was only then that Raijin realized the true nature of the sense of discomfort.

‘Yes, I missed it. This guy…’

I knew well who this blind man was, as I had already explained it to Howell.

He who returned from paradise.

Jeto, a blind swordsman, called Paradise Exile or Paradise Returner in the East.

A genius who is said to have attracted the attention of those who are considered to be the best on the continent through open classes at the academy.

His power is equal to or higher than that of Eisel Ludwig.

When he encountered bandits in the outskirts of Yue Country, his relaxed smile as he returned after cutting off the leader’s head in a matter of seconds still remained clearly in Raijin’s mind.

‘Howol, I guess your calculation was wrong… That speed right now… Is easily over my limit…’

His ultimate speed was so easily caught up by that ‘monster’.

Anyone who uses a quick sword can recognize this.

This was like the difference between a baboon and a stork.

A stork can never catch up with a stork’s steps.

A flash of light passes through Raijin’s vision as he soon senses death.

‘Ah, I was wondering if our generation would be lucky enough to meet Lord Hoe.’

At that moment, something strange happens.


Suddenly, Zeto twisted the sword’s trajectory.

As a result, Zeto’s sword barely grazed the skin of his neck, and Raijin, who had escaped fatal wounds thanks to this, took advantage of this opportunity and carried out his planned movements without any hindrance.


I approached Amon and struck his abdomen.

Amon, who lost his balance, vomited out what was inside him and at the same time, the people he was carrying slowly fell towards the floor.

Among them, Raijin carefully grabbed the girl with pink hair in pigtails and immediately leaped far away.

The time from recovery to leaping was exactly 5 seconds.


Soon, the flow of time returns to normal.


The three people he was carrying fell on top of Amon, who fell down while vomiting.

“What, how… Zeto…?”

Aisel, who was dumbfounded by the sudden situation, looked alternately at Raijin, who had taken Kaen, and Zeto, who appeared momentarily.


Raijin wiped away the blood that flowed from his neck and glared at Zeto who was on the other side of him.

‘Why did you save me…?’

Did he save her life on purpose?

Did he miss it because he was blind?

Whether it was whim or calculation, the mission could be accomplished. He was able to survive.


Immediately, Aizel aimed her Thunder Emperor’s Spear at him once again, but her arm stopped at the voice of Rai Jin, who held his sword to Kaen’s neck.

“It would be better not to follow you any further.”


“Wow, it was pretty fast. It was shallow.”

I sent Raijin away and said, looking at their backs as they slowly disappeared into the darkness on the other side.

“I’m sorry, Zeto… I couldn’t protect you.”

Izel, who was soon in my arms, muttered softly in a gloomy voice. She seemed to be upset that she had done her best.

“It’s okay. They won’t try to kill Miss Kaen. They probably have their own goals too.”

I patted her on the back and looked around.

The three who fell along with Amon seem to have finally come to their senses.

[Why were you sent back alive? ]

Then Sierra’s soft voice rings in her head. Of course, it was difficult to answer her question because there were many ears listening right now.

It is true that he was sent alive.

Even though he could have cut down Raijin, he deliberately withheld his sword.

That’s because they are Wolyeonghoe.

I could sense a familiar energy from the masked shadows that were standing around Raijin just now.

The same shadowy figures that appeared with the short-haired girl presumed to be Wolyeonghoe, their presence was so faint that one doubted whether they were actually living humans.

Until I got closer, I thought they were simply Seo Cho-ryang’s subordinates, but fortunately, I was able to turn the corner before it was too late.

Although we don’t know the purpose of the Wolyeonghoe, at least it won’t harm Kaen.

There could be any number of organizations trying to harm my master who returned after hundreds of years, but judging from the attitude of the short-haired girl I met before, it seemed like they had no intention of doing so.

‘Probably to protect Kaen.’

Isn’t Seo Cho-ryang targeting Kaen?

So I decided it would be safer to hand it over to them until they got rid of it.

However, it was still unclear what kind of repercussions this incident would cause.

‘I hope nothing bad happens…’

Nothing else, Wolyeonghoe was related to her past life.

Now that things are like this, it would be better to quickly eliminate Seo Cho-ryang and retrieve Kaen before the situation escalates further.

“Miss Aisel…”


While I was organizing her thoughts, Izel’s body, which was being held by me, began to droop.

[ It looks like he passed out. I don’t know what kind of magic she used, but it seems like it put quite a strain on her body. ]

“…You must have had a hard time.”

Do I need to use acupuncture for recovery?

Anyway, I never imagined that Aizel would be this desperate.

It’s a bit hard for the person who asked for her to say this, but it’s hard to say that she and Kaen had a very good relationship.

Is this really Eisel, who was hitting and fighting with her glasses and underwear on?


Harmony may not be that far away…?

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